Wondershare Video Editor lets you edit and create videos, adding effects, sound and transitions. It's ideal for beginners, as the layout mirrors professional apps like Adobe Premier, but is much simpler. With Wondershare Video Editor, you simply import video and sound files into the Media window, and then drag them onto the time-line below.
After performing OCR with PDF Editor Pro for Mac, you can also convert scanned PDF to the editable formats you need.Full PDF Editing Features Insert and correct text within editable text blocks in PDF files Drag and drop blocks of text to change the text layouts Insert images and graphics into PDF files (JPEG, PNG, TIF, and BMP) Crop, resize, move, and remove images in PDF files Edit PDF bookmarks and propertiesConvert PDF to Multiple Formats Convert PDF files to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, EPUB, HTML and Text Preserve text, images, Tables, columns, etc. Here you can edit your files, adding sound, effects, trasitions between scenes and credit sequences. The basic editing and transition tools are good in Wondershare Video Editor, allowing you to quickly and easily stitch together a video from clips.

They don't allow for much creativity, and they give you pretty cheap looking results. If you're looking for an easy way to edit videos, but aren't ready for Premier, Wondershare Video Editor is a good place to start.
It may lack subtle features, but its essential editing tools work well and can give you good looking results. You will be taken to a short YouTube video, watch the video and answer the simple question displayed towards the end of the video. You will shortly receive an e-mail with registration code and the download link for Wondershare Vivideo.

Wondershare PDF Editor for Mac 3.1 Edit, Annotate, Merge, Convert, Create and Fill PDF documents.
You will need to enter the registration code from step 5 and the valid e-mail ID which you used in step 4 to unlock the full version.7.

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