Pixlr is a free online photo editor with a lot of features found on professional photo softwares. If you need a downloaded version of the free artistic effects & photo borders software, click here to download it.
The free O-matic photo effects tool lets you take a snap with your webcam to edit or open up any picture saved on your computer.
Once you have the photos in the editor, you can choose from the preset effects & change the color, saturation or hue according to your wish to get the desired artistic effect.

This free online photo editor is extremely convenient to edit photos & add artistic effects to photos on the fly. The software menu helps you step by step to add all the photo & border effects to your photos before you save or print them. Now these essential photo effects tools are all available free on Pixlr websites including this collection of artistic effects, overlays & borders effects to help you make a professional photo for print or a digital photo copy. Join thousands of subscribers & get the best Free Photo Video software for your personal use.

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You have a free online version as well as a free version that you can download on your computer for offline use.

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