In years past, as an incentive to purchase, home builders would give out free books of home plans. These house plans were remodeled both by the plan creator and by me.The company added two bedrooms to the back of this previously-boxy house. According to the GVHBA approximately $4.37 billion is expected to be spent on home renovation and improvement in the Lower Mainland this year – with that kind of money at stake, it is essential that homeowners do their homework before hiring a contractor or starting a renovation. The Greater Vancouver Home Builders’ Association – in partnership with BC Hydro, Canada Mortgage & Housing Corporation and FortisBC – is holding its Annual Spring Home Renovation Seminar providing you with FREE expert advice for your next reno!
The seminar will  to guide homeowners through the various stages of the renovation process, including design and planning, legal and contracts, selecting a RenoMark renovator, municipal permits, and living through a renovation. Klondike has award winning designers and contractors ready to help you with your next renovation project. Subscribe To Our Blog!Join our mailing list to receive the latest news and updates from our team.
About Klondike ContractingKlondike brings together an innovative team of professionals that specialize in general contracting, renovations and interior design services for commercial and residential properties in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.
As a matter of safety, take into account the resale value of the house with the exterior design that you have selected.
Traditional designs include the Ranch, Saltbox, Federal, Colonial, Georgian and Cape Cod style. Victorian homes are customary; however have solid historical backgrounds with complex rooflines using turrets, eyebrows, bays, and towers as well as formers windows. Even though the five home designs are the most popular, there are a lot of other designs to select from.
Just choose the right kind of home design that best fits in your environment as well as with your taste. Bathroom Design And RemodelingLone Star Remodeling And Renovations is adept at creating environments in the bathroom that stimulate the senses while providing an invigorating start in the morning and a relaxing retreat as the day draws to an end. Creating a custom bathroom is a great way to not only enhance the livability of your home and also create lasting value.
As a San Antonio remodeler we are often asked what are some average cost for a given remodeling project.

It dates to 1950, but it looks like it could have been from the mid 1960s.One downside is the small, single bathroom shared by all three bedrooms. Presenters include award-winning renovators, a construction lawyer and municipal building official.
To browse through the services we provide visit our Services page.  For more information about our professionals visit our Team page and see if there is a designer or project manager that suits you.
Since 1998, Klondike Contracting has built a solid reputation on providing reliable services and delivering exceptional results. Despite the fact that the design fits in with other houses in the neighborhood, you can still redesign it to suit your taste.
This may be an imperative worth concern if at any point you come to a decision to sell the house.
The features of this design include a wrap-around veranda or large front, which is generally enclosed. This style is generally found with gallant geometric shapes, shuttered windows, and ornamental trims, rooflines that vary from flat to extremely vertical and large quantities of glass. Just mention a few, these designs include French or French Country, Craftsman, Tudor, Italianate, European, among others. Lone Star has the knowledge and experience to work with you to match your style and personal preference to create a bathroom retreat that is functional, energy efficient and is an added value added upgrade to your home. A remodeled bathroom will surely provide increased enjoyment of your home, and it is among the home improvements with the highest return on investment. The cost of any remodeling project will vary depending on the type of materials used and the overall complexity of the project. For those readers who are blissfully too young to remember, homes before the 1970s would usually have a nicer room for entertaining occasional guests (the living room) and a more down-and-dirty place with TV and family (the family room).
For some local Vancouver Renovation and Design inspiration visit our Residential Portfolio gallery. The five common home designs in the market at this time include Country, Contemporary, Victorian, Traditional as well as Mediterranean.
The roofline runs laterally with a vertical pitch and frequently dormer panes and gabled wings.

Stucco, courtyards, roofs with tiles, low-pitched rooflines, enclosed balconies or lanais, open-air porches, and extensive overhangs are the major characteristics of these houses. Lone Star is dedicated to partnering with our clients to match their budgets, desires, and goals as closely as possible. Adding a new bathroom will often recoup at least 90% of your investment when you sell your house, while remodeling an existing bathroom will usually pay back around 80-90%.
The design of the project can also determine the resale value of the project along with the recouped cost estimates. Such kind of localities would be beaches, vacation quarters, mountain ranges and narrow lots. It doesn’t matter if you want to simply update fixtures and repaint, or create an exquisite spa like retreat.
But as good as these returns are, think about the pleasures you’ll get from your remodeled bathroom until the time comes to sell. The following numbers are averages based on remodeling projects completed in the past year.
It seems though that the one of the most popular reasons is people want a functional yet more inviting bathroom, where they relax after a long day’s hard work.
Since a bathroom is a place where so much time is spent, it makes sense to have one that has a soothing, almost spa-like atmosphere. If your current bathroom looks better with the door closed, it might be time for an update. Call Lone Star today to discuss all the exciting options for your San Antonio bathroom remodeling project.

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