Keylogger for Mac OS X free download of Apple Mac Computer Monitor key logger software program for Parental Control Monitoring. Mac Log Manager is used to know various activities performed by your Kids, Spouse, Partners when using Apple mac machines. Software is capable to record chat room activities of your employees, kids using ever popular service providers including Gmail, Yahoo mail, Bing, MSN, Facebook, Orkut and more. Simply install mac os x keylogger and track various activities of your Kids, Spouse, Friends and other users when working on Apple Macintosh machines.
No special guidance or technical assistance required to use Mac spy software as provides user-friendly interface to monitor mac computer machine activities in hidden mode.
Parents no longer have to worry about if their teens are doing their homework or messaging friends.

Spouses can stop wondering if their husband or wife is enjoying pornographic web pages or talking with members of the opposite sex online. Instead, they can install this keylogger for Mac on the system without anyone else in the Family knowing it exists.
The keylogger application records all of the user's keystrokes and provides a detailed report so concerned individuals know how the computer is being used at all Times. Even web savvy family members cannot outsmart the Refog Keylogger for Mac because it can run hidden in stealth mode or users can opt for password Protection that keeps others from trying to delete the evidence. In addition to keystroke logging, the application also keeps a web History and an application history so users can see what pages are being visited and what application is being used without their knowledge. The user-friendly interface makes the application easy for any parent, spouse, or employer to install and operate.

Plus, if users know what they are planning to find, they can do an event search and see the hard evidence immediately. Parental controls on the Mac may be able to keep your loved ones safe from some pages but not all of them. And parental controls are easy to override by tech-savvy teens and have no effect at all on suspicious acting spouses.

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