Uninstalling software under Mac OS X is generally a straightforward procedure – just delete the program from the Applications folder. Cult of Mac has a good article about how to completely uninstall software under Mac OS X, but the process is a bit tedious. The downloadable utility is available exclusively for Mac to completely remove the Flashback malware.
The standalone program is meant to be used by Mac users who don't have Java may need to restart your computer in order to completely remove the Flashback malware. No, not with a rag, but wipe out the data, completely To wipe a Mac, use WipeDrive or the OS X Disk Utility.
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What sold me was that Sophos has been widely recommended by some pretty knowledgeable folks.  These sources include CNET, Forbes, and Macworld to name a few. If you own a Mac, it’s a good idea to make sure you’re totally protected.  Sophos is a great anti-virus program that can help you sleep easier each and every night.
Have you ever used Sophos or any other anti-virus program?  What’d you think?  Let us know in the comments below. David Hartstein is the storyteller and measurement guy at Wired Impact where he routinely reads and writes about nonprofits and web geekery. Some computer users are quite wary when they download anything for free- especially when it comes to an antivirus software. The AVG Antivirus free edition is meant to help users protect their systems and give them an idea of what AVG has to offer.
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The application’s light-gray interface is straightforward and self-explanatory, featuring a navigational pane on the left that consists of five primary buttons and a real-time graph that aggregates shield activity and allows users to quickly check the overall stats of their computer.
The free version also offers to install two other programs during installation: Avast Online Security ($40 per year) and Avast SecureLine VPN ($60 per year). Windows users have long turned to Malwarebytes’ free version as a solid one-time-scan, and a great second option to an always-running scanner.
The program is the creation of Thomas Reed, who blogged about Mac spyware and security for years at The Safe Mac. Despite the notable feature set, Sophos manages to fit each facet of the software within a compact interface. Bitdefender Virus Scanner does not live up to its premium brethren, Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac, in terms of scope or functionality.

Unlike most of the software on our roundup, Avira is coupled with a moderately-lengthy installation and an update process that goes hand-in-hand with the software’s heavy use of system resources.
Avira’s interface is also rather bulky, though easily understandable, lined with red-and-gray highlights and a left-hand navigational bar for viewing the status of your system, scheduling tasks, and viewing past quarantine history among other options. In this feature we cover every aspect of Time Machine backups: how to set up Time Machine on your Mac, how to set up automated backups and much more. With the grave security concerns about Java these days, you may be thinking about how to remove or disable both of those Java systems completely and secure using the OS X Software Update function. The final choice under the Share pop you capture video of your Mac’s screen—useful for showing a family member how to do something in OS X, for example. Sometimes, harmful programs disguise themselves as an antivirus that users can download on any website and these usually appears on ad banner and pop-ups. It is acclaimed for its high virus detection rates and users can also get frequent updates. Although the software automatically updates and enables subtle, pop-up notifications by default, users can easily turn off either feature if they prefer greater manual control or wish to subdue the alerts entirely. Neither are necessary for detecting and removing viruses, so pay attention during installation if you don’t want them. The Mac offering isn’t a port of that program, however, but an entirely different piece of software with a focus on quick scanning and Mac-specific adware. While running that site, Reed made a simple tool — Adware Medic — to remove the adware he so often wrote about. Just launch it, hit scan, and the software will quickly let you know if you’re infected with any Mac-specific malware.
Straddling the line somewhere between necessity and excess, Sophos offers all the basic utilities you’ve come to expect from quality antivirus software. Initiating a full-system scan can be done directly from the top of main interface, and you can configure exemptions quickly and disable features in the section below. However, the lightweight app remains a capable piece of software for those seeking basic protection against Mac-based malware and its Windows counterpart. If you grant it access, the streamlined program even provides an option for scanning critical locations — such as your Mac’s launch agents and the entirety of your system library — thus allowing you to bypass lengthier scans when pressed for time. German security firm Avira took its sweet time regarding a Mac incarnation of its beloved antivirus for Windows, and built a Mac version that remains completely free for all users — whether being utilized by private consumers, professionals, or even multinational corporations. Virus definitions are also periodically updated in a timely fashion, regardless of how long the initial updates might take to finish. If in any case you lose your important data due to virus attack then, i would like to recommend iPhone data recovery software for mac.
Might be time to rethink that Office whether from a recovery partition (like OS X Recovery), a backup drive, or original installation discs. When downloading and antivirus program, make sure to go get one from a reputable company and only download the software from its official website. Updates are very important so that the program can keep up with the newest trojans and virus and keep them out of your computer system. It acts as a blocker utility to avoid identity theft and secure your personal data from spyware.

To get the best out of your antivirus software and to keep your computer guarded, getting the paid version is always the next best option. The software is relatively lightweight, hovering around a paltry 750MB in size, and tailored for Mac-specific malware. It was a simple spyware removal tool, but one also renowned for quickly detecting and deleting common Mac malware.
This is not an always-on solution, or a particularly complete one — after all, it specializes in 160 of the most common types of adware.
The utility offers custom, on-demand, and scheduled scans for specified files, folders and drives, along with additional tools for deleting and quarantining any software Sophos deems as a potential threat. Additionally, the malware definitions are constantly being updated, ensuring the program is never without the latest knowledge of potential threats.
Moreover, it automatically updates with Bitdefender’s hourly malware definitions prior to scanning, while providing a quick means for blacklisting specific locations from system scans.
Said functionality is housed within a sleek window that showcases the three scanning modes in addition to a sole Update button, the latter of which can be used in lieu of automatic updates. The software strikes a nice balance between ease of use and quick access to advance utilities, ultimately rendering basic system scans just as simple to execute as those that are scheduled and file-specific. It’s ideal for the less tech-savvy bunch, but capable enough for those looking for automation, scan history, and other advanced features. It can be downloaded for free but it takes some time to download it, as the application is quite massive.
The program is loaded with a breadth of exclusive features that have yet to find their way into most other antivirus software. A built-in firewall or parental controls would be nice, but it’s tough to argue with more than 25 years of service and a sprawling user base.
Last year, Malwarebytes brought Reed onto the team, and re-branded Adware Medic as Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for Mac.
It’s one of the most hands-off antivirus programs on the market, and as such, sits among the best. It’s not the most thorough, nor is its accompanying progress bar particularly accurate, but sometimes simplicity is enticing.
The software is equipped with standard spyware and adware protection, along with the ability to intercept harmful websites and block tracking, and comes bundled with 5GB of online storage in addition to one-click deletion of malicious files. The program, free for non-commercial use, is quick and effective, providing on-demand tools designed for full-system malware scans as well as sifting through specific email threads, attachments, and various Web activities (i.e. The tool is just as fast as before, and still free, but it’s got a new name and a bigger team behind it. It has great Mac support, which makes it one of the recommended free antivirus software for Mac. Furthermore, the software touts drag-and-drop scanning for individual files and phishing protection, along with the ability to scan external drives and attached volumes for potential infections.

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