Discover ways to get all the potential customers inside the salon as well as have these folks finding their way back again? Marketing and advertising strategies are required to enhance together with the changes if you want to be effective. Why this nigga tryna sell t-shirts with a promotion flyer for a reggae party on it at the nail salon. It was funny, when I sat down to do this year’s version, I realized that so much had changed in just one year. Once you click the button, filling out your name and email in and click submit, you will immediately be able to download the PDF version of the marketing ideas that have been updated for this year! I am pleased to help small business owners with my TOTALLY FREE, 100 Free Marketing Ideas Handout to help grown your business! If you are here, you visited my Marketing Artfully website or attended a networking event or heard me as a marketing speaker somewhere! I offer these 100 Free Marketing Ideas to anyone who wants them, with full rights to share them or send this link on to someone else who you thing could benefit from them! Tara’s “tell it like it is” personality combined with her 100 miles per hour presentations have earned her the title “The Queen of Marketing Ahhh’s” from her raving fans. So you are just getting into real estate or your are thinking about changing your real estate database over to something new.
So what is so wrong with using a realtor database instead of a “real”, internet marketing database like InfusionSoft, iContact, Office Auto Pilot or any of the others out there on the market? Some examples for sellers include… tips for home staging, honest talk about pricing, a checklist of what to get fixed BEFORE you list your house, etc. The main element in marketing any hair salon or day spa is to always make sure your promotion reach out to as many people that you can as fast as possible. Marketing and advertising methods will have to transform with the times if you wish to always be valuable.
Supply your new clients a promo code with a couple of products and services your hair salon offer.

Having the right approach in salon promotion as well as campaign, everyone can achieve just exactly that. These beauty salon advertising plans are ideal techniques to increase your company in addition to increase the recurring client base.
You could also give your customers a promo code for a trim whenever they purchase a body therapeutic massage or maybe create an additional day psa promotion point which includes any kind of three specialized services just for a single low total. This is actually a handout from a Free 15-30 minute speech that I give at networking events. Check out her marketing courses and products at the Marketing Artfully Shop or visit her Etsy Store, Paperly People.
You have heard at conferences and from your broker that the best two on the market for realtors are WiseAgent and Top Producer so you figure they will be good enough.
Having your listing process or closing tasks embedded in your real estate database might be a good idea, but most of the realtors I have talked to lately are using a third party closer or are using a system embedded in their broker site or MLS. Having a database that is a marketing database instead of a realtor database means that you will have actual tools for prospecting, building your website, collecting leads, sending autoresponders and generally doing real marketing instead of just tired old drip campaigns that annoy your prospects.
If you are primarily a listing agent, why the heck do you make the main focus of your website data capturing buyers likes and dislikes?
You need to have programs and campaigns specifically designed to prospect for people that you want to work with. I KNOW the first time you see this it seems like it is SO many steps but never fear, the first time you do anything it is hard, after that you do a system and then just start banging them out. Your website should be made to do just one thing, capture leads from people who want to work with YOU (not just buy houses). Having these kinds of hair salon marketing and advertising ideas will turn to become of tremendous profit to your hair salon in the efforts to improve your hair salon business. When developing your salon your focus ought to be on getting in brand new clientele, as well as developing a solid connection with your current returning consumers. The greater your hair salon have to offer a visitor the greater likelihood there is they’ll revisit again, and that’s the result you want isn’t it?

If you have a networking event in the Denver, Boulder, Clearwater or Tampa area that you would like to have a speaker for, give me a jingle at 727-415-9165!
They like marketing tools specifically made for realtors without looking around at their fellow realtors.
The last thing you want is to have all your closing tasks in your marketing database (in my opinion). If you are working with buyers, you need to make sure that you marketing is geared to fulfilling their needs, sellers need something different and you want to make sure to satisfy that too! The FSBO signs up to get tips and tricks on how to be a better seller and Deb gets the chance to start a relationship with them without having to lift a finger!!!
You need a database that has internet marketing capabilities (I recommend InfusionSoft because of the ease of use and that handy dandy campaign builder), then you need to do some follow up emails, ensuring you stay top of mind when they are looking for a real estate agent to hire! While growing your spa your goal has to be about getting in more customers, and also establishing a positive connection with your current recurring consumers. These tools are made for the lowest common denominator, the agent who can barely work her cell phone and who is using the company website. Your marketing database is bring in leads, lots of them, and then nurture them until they become real prospects. Some of these dears are AMAZINGLY successful, but they are not exactly cutting edge on the technology front!
Trying to build a newsletter template or send out a bunch of eails, I found it so difficult to follow their instructions.
We’ve got great salon promotion tools like coupon card, spa postcard, salon flyer and a host of additional spa or salon business promotion resources you can employ in order to improve your customer base and instantly maximize profits.
I love that with Infusionsoft I can do anything in a matter of minutes, directions are so clear and steps are so easy to follow I can do ANYTHING!

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