At the bottom of the pyramid, rolling six-month marketing plans (step 9) form the base of the pyramid. A business needs the right marketing for it to succeed and for the right marketing, the first and the foremost thing we need is to make a great marketing plan.
There are three things that should majorly be a part of your marketing plan and they are – who you want your target customers to be, how you plan on reaching out to them and then how you are going to make sure that they stay with you.
We have a great collection of marketing plan templates that are sure to change your Business Plan dramatically.
Free brain PowerPoint template is a nice PPT template for Problem Solving presentations but also useful for other presentation needs. Free brain PowerPoint template contains a nice brain illustration created with PowerPoint shapes and lump head and marker style. You can also use this template for PowerPoint presentations in presentations for University courses, including product innovation as well as MOOC courses or lectures on Singularity University PPT presentations.
PowerPoint® is registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation and this site do not have any relationship with Microsoft Corp. It collects and organizes information for use in decision making but does not have any specific formulas or models of the decision process. These six-month forecasts flow from the budget (step 8); the budget, in turn, flows from the strategic plan (step 7).

Our marketing plan templates that you can download for free are meant to do just that – help you chalk out that perfect marketing plan that can help your business grow by leaps and bounds.
Summarize all the parts of your marketing plan on the first page of your plan and then get to the actual plan. Download one of them for free and let us help you come out with flying colours in your business. You can download free brain PowerPoint PPT template to make presentations on marketing, sales, idea, innovation as well as other presentations requiring a mind or brain illustration.
You can also use this free brain PowerPoint theme and background for Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 and 2013 presentations requiring a strategy theme or innovation slide design, great for product development, planning as well as smart presentations or decision making presentations in business or education sector.
The slide design template with brain illustration has a nice and original circular diagram that you can use also in your presentations or academic PowerPoint presentations.
We are an independent website offering free presentation solutions and free PowerPoint backgrounds for presentations. For those who want to make their own strategic decisions, this method provides a good vehicle for utilizing time and expertise in a helpful but nonintrusive manner. The first year of the three-year strategic plan becomes the budget, and the rolling forecast confirms that the budget will be achieved. A continuous forecast process can make a formal budgeting process unnecessary—one of the forecasts simply becomes the budget for the upcoming year.

The very first part of the plan should be a clear chalking out of your target customers, your pricing plan and distribution strategies. For example, you can free download brain PowerPoint template to prepare awesome brainstorm events and make creative presentations with original slide designs.
You can edit the internal slide to match any stage of this diagram so the editable template can also be used for multiple purposes. Other organizations forgo a continuous forecasting process altogether, relying instead on pulling together a revised outlook on an exception basis. How you use the media, how you plan on promoting and all the offers that you’d like to include in the strategy are all going to be a part of this.
The last part includes details on the partnerships you intend to make for your marketing and the retention strategy – on how you keep your customers stuck to you.

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