OverviewReggie is a turkey who has long known of the grim fate that awaits his kind when Thanksgiving draws near. Divergent is expected to release in 2014 and like its previous sequel the 2014 release has started gossiping in the industry about its story and new animations. However, his expectations of execution are not met when he is selected as the lucky bird to receive the Presidential pardon.
The resolutions are much higher than they appear on preview, the image is scaled to fit the browser window.

The lead character is playing of Beatrice Prior, a youngster with an extraordinary mind, when she finds her life in danger when a severe leader seeks to eradicate her kind in her effort to seize control of their divided society.
It is during this process that he meets up with Jake, a kooky turkey with a half-baked plan: to go back in time and convince the pilgrims to make something else the official Thanksgiving meal.
Amazingly, Reggie and Jake wind up doing just that, but getting to the 1600s is just part of the battle.
After all story is seems to be interesting and extraordinary, the viewers are waiting for the release so till the movie releases meanwhile we have to offer A very Amazing and exclusive collection HD wallpapers of divergent movie 2014.

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