Once you’ve createA aA folder, you can also enter a description of the contents or project. After shining some light on Bonobos (and their viral April Fools video) as an example of best-in-class branding and content marketing in the pages of Fast Company last month, I wanted to learn more about how exactly they achieved such standings.
The answer, according to Bonobos vice president of marketing Craig Elbert, has had much to do with the rolea€”and, subsequently, the expanded accessibilitya€”of video.
Subsequently, this explosion has paved the way for two primary objectives: using video as a medium to build social awareness A and brand affinity, and using video as an agent to support online customer research and discovery. The goal of creating such video content, suggests Elbert, a€?is to help the consumer make a more informed decision while exploring Bonobosa€™ offering.
A common barrier for companies just getting started in original content, by means of video or otherwise, is the challenge of generating continual ideas. This is the same winning strategy that supports FAQ sections as SEO and branding goldmines. Their name pronunciation video hit YouTube in June of 2012 and is still reaching customers dailya€”a return-on-investment thata€™s as close to perpetual motion as any marketer is going to get. I was also curious as to whether Bonobos produced their marketing videos in-house or chose to outsource talent via independent filmmakers and production gurus.
Rather than investing in the hardware and HR resources required to produce videos independently, they instead used their budget to engage established content providers with a history of success. Bonus: Check out the high-quality video content The Bindery created for Chobania€™s Soho Cafe, Chase Ink (by way of The Paper Cottage), and Anthropologie (by way of Louisiana artist Rebecca Rebouche). Matt Siegel writes about design, leadership, branding, and pop culture for Video Blocks and Graphic Stock. There’s more animation included in the 13 part series than in most animated feature films and approximately 1500 special effects, which is pretty epic! It took a team to create this re-vamped version A as twelve different visual effects A houses contributed to the stunning cinematography. Many of the clips and effects you see in the series are similar to the stock footage and media in the Video Blocks library, like the clips shown below.
Project Bins are a new Video Blocks feature that allows you to store favorites and share the media you’d like to use for a project securely with colleagues and friends. Adobe Premiere Pro is a timeline-based video editing software application that is a part of the Adobe Creative Suite. Once logged in, you can browse contents and search categories – there are over 115,000 clips to choose from in the library!
Cable and Internet networks might be evolving at slower rates (unless, of course, youa€™re living in an area unshackled by Google Fiber), but audiences are not.
Rather, as the technology of film and television continues to grow more and more sophisticated in approach of 4K and beyond, so too do audiences. While the above verse has potential to trigger nostalgia for viewers of the late TV show, ita€™s likely to also trigger a lot of grunts among todaya€™s audiences, aspiring filmmakers, and millennial critics.
They rely, instead, upon subtexta€”and the sophistication of this subtext has come a long, long way. The high water mark of sophisticated openings, True Detectivea€™s title sequence doesna€™t use a jingle to describe the plot and its characters. You dona€™t have to be a professor of religious iconography to come away from this with a suspicion things are going to get a tad darker than they were aboard the S.S. Notice the lighter top-right quadrant centered with dark text and the darker low-left quadrant centered with light text?
Herea€™s a hint: In the pilot episode, Matthew McConaugheya€™s character, Detective Rust Cohle, goes on a little rant about the fall of man. So the opening title sequence has so far told us the show is about good and evila€”and the need for good people (i.e., detectives) to balance out the actions of bad people, right?
In the world of detectives Cohle and Hart, everyone is a little greedy and a little flawed because these are traits that are inside all of us (just look inside our silhouettes; ita€™s there by design). So thata€™s what the show is abouta€”and thata€™s what we learn in the first ninety or so seconds of watching it, regardless of whether or not we consciously realize it. The teachers who told you television rots your brain might have been right when referring to its lowest offerings, but Ia€™d argue television can make us pretty darn smart if we pay attention to its design (even though, in this case, it might also depress us). Still, Ia€™m on the fence as to what the jellyfish (or closely-related aquatic creatures) symbolizea€”but I havena€™t made it past episode two yet, so dona€™t be too hard on me. Windows Movie Maker is a free video creating and editing software application from Microsoft designed for Windows Me, XP and Vista.

Our multimedia clips are royalty free, easy to use, and add production value and professionalism to all your creative projects. It is amazing how many people compose beautiful reels, but forget to incorporate their contact info! And while your here, go ahead and download a free production music track to try incorporating into your next demo reel or video editing project! With the expansion of the Internet and the ability to share music and media online, changes have been made within the realm of copyright. Creative Commons (also known as CC) is a non-profit organization that provides artists with specific licenses that are a popular alternative from the classic a€?all rights reserved.a€? A As an organization, Creative Commons hopes to create a more open market where artists are free to share their work without losing the right to own it. So when youa€™re using free production music, make sure to note which type of license it has. A music studio isn’t necessarily just for musicians who want to record instruments and put them together into a finished song. This is a unique cloud based social music studio where you can not only create your music and upload it but also listen to good compositions from other users. This is an audio tagging app for your Android device and is characterized by its easy to use feature. This app allows you to cut and and add effects to your sound file and turn in into your favorite ringtone. This is a fully fledged mixer with features like cross fading and twin visual mixing decks.
This is a free app for Android devices where you can create ringtones from your own music library or record new ones as well. They have production music, sound effects and audio loops, all of which are available for unlimited downloads! Sharing a Project Folder will allow anyone you like to see (but not edit) the content, whether they have a subscription to VideoBlocks or not.
Crafting a video advertising nonexistent too-tight jeans is a brilliant example of marketing, of course, but it likely took Bonobos months of planning and therefore represents something to aspire toward annuallya€”not weekly or monthly.
Ita€™s certainly good strategy for brands to audit customer concernsa€”but ita€™s far better strategy to leverage these audits to plot and dictate content that organically answers these concerns.
Whereas typical marketing campaigns have long focused on creating messaging that runs only for a short period of time before vanishing indefinitely, Bonobos has been calculated in creating videos that run without limited shelf lives. Elbert confessed, in response, that it didna€™t make sense to hire a full-time production team for video creation when their core source of income remains clothing.
In this case, they partnered with the award-winning visual storytellers behind The Bindery in New York City.
Whether youa€™re new to digital video editing or just new to Adobe Premiere Pro, this tutorial takes you through the basics for creating a project in Adobe Premiere Pro using Video Blocks. While networks struggle to accommodate the demands of 1080 HD downloads, filmmakers have already begun shooting in 4K UHDa€”capturing four times the pixel resolution in every graphic.
Minnowa€”and that the program youa€™re about to watch is going to feature a good bit of graphic suffering, evil, and perhaps some sin.
Sort of like the concept of two detectives trying to restore civility in a post-hurricane Louisiana, no . Whata€™s with all the smokestacks and sad-looking grass and silhouettes and upside-down stuff?
You know, the biblical loss of innocence at the hand of temptation A  la Adam and Eve and forbidden fruit and the like? So instead, the folks behind True Detective used industrialism as an allusion to mana€™s inherited greed and fall from grace. This isna€™t a simple show about good guys and bad guys, and therea€™s no white knight or evil sorcerer. Their world (or the world of their fathers-in-law if you caught the dialogue in episode two) used to be perfect and happy, but then man bit off too much and filled it with indecency and pollution and murder. The application also works with latest Windows 7 & Windows 8, enabling you to create home movies and slide shows on your computer. Whether youa€™re new to digital video editing or just new to Windows Movie Maker, this tutorial takes you through the basics for creating a project in Windows Movie Maker using Video Blocks. Instead of trying to squeeze all of your work into the reel, go through and pick out the top 25%. Remember, you demo reel is your first shot at making an impression and branding yourself, so your name (or company name) should be a predominate part of that equation.

It is not meant to be a compilation of all of your work, just a highlight reel of the best stuff.
The only difference is that Creative Commons has broken down its license into six different types to allow artists to have ultimate control on how they want their work distributed. But the resulting new work has to be licensed the same as the original and cannot be for profit.
In general, these licenses are designed to make it easier for you as a consumer to obtain and distribute the music, so be gracious of the opportunity and make sure to give credit where credit is due. For those who have never learned an instrument, you can still create your own music, using loop libraries and beat samples you can download from the Internet, and then assemble them into a complete song.
It helps you organize your music and also add custom album covers to all songs in your library. Some of the basic features are audio pitch set, BPM counter and efficient performance amongst other apps. Using the Editor Plus for Music Tapping app, you can create your own music thanks to its great features. A We felt the best way to do that was from the ground up, with tons of fresh new content and a redesigned site experience. If you’ve already given it a test drive and want to sign up for a subscription, this is the right link for you. Project Folders are a great way to organize future and current projects and collaborate among multiple editors. Ita€™s a classic and no doubt shaped the design of film and television (disclaimer: perhaps not all of it), but it was broadcast during televisiona€™s infancya€”and audiences and directors have since evolved alongside their medium, whether theya€™re watching in 4K UHD or not. That should help you narrow down what is really impressive and representative of your style, and what is just filler.
While most video editors seem to choose some type of fast paced techno beat, you can also make a splash with something simple and though provoking. Including your name in the beginning and the end of the video, as well as within the YouTube or Vimeo description, is a wise idea.
Your goal should be to capture their attention in the first 20 seconds and to impress them with your skill and style in the following 40 seconds.
This is a relatively new concept that has allowed artists to share their work online while still controlling the rights to their songs. It has a 12 channel mixer with effects, polyphonic synthesizer, drum machines, mastering toolbox and various other awesome and useful features. Best of all, AudioBlocks features an intuitive and user friendly search experience that makes finding the perfect song a breeze. What has changed is the reality that audiences no longer rely upon expository explanations to put a show into context. Below and to the left wea€™ve got a study of lightness and darkness, which translates again to good and evil, but whata€™s going on to the right?
It was probably more pristine and a€?garden-likea€? before we drove trucks through it and bordered it with smoke stacks, no?
To say that it is dire to pay utmost attention to detail when editing a reel may be an understatement. Either way, use the music to your advantage, but remember that not everyone will watch your reel with the audio on. Be original also means to avoid using tutorials or stealing ideas from other reels you’ve seen.
There is a huge range of applications to choose from which allows you to manage and edit music directly from your Android device.
We’ve put together a list of five tips and tricks to make sure your video editing demo reel is the best it can be. Chances are if you’ve seen it, your potential employer or client has seen it as well. Keep everything original and you’ll be sure to stand out from the crowd for all of the right reasons.

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