Nero WaveEditor is a free music editing software to edit music tracks, apply effects, enhance sound quality, and save them.
To name some effects that you can apply on the tracks include: Flanger, Delay, Reverb, Voice Modification, Stutter etc.
One good feature of this freeware to edit audio files, is you can use it as a sound recorder. Ableton Live Lite is a free music production software which let’s you write music and comes with a large number of features. Next to the free version, which is Ableton Live Lite, there is also a paid alternative available.
By default you should see the Session view where there’s no time present, only tracks, which are laid out from left to right. Basic editing is also possible, you can mark part of the track, right-click and delete part you don’t want.
It also supports sound recording feature to record and then edit, enhance, and save these recordings in your PC. And to improve the audio quality you can use: Equalizer, Noise Gate, Pitch Tuning, Time correction, Noise Reduction, DC Offset Correction, and Dehum etc. These includes: WAV, OGG, AAC, MP4, FLAC, WMA, MP3, AIF (Apple AIFF files), and Dolby Digital.

These includes: cut, copy, paste, undo, redo, zoom in, zoom out, zoom selection (to zoom selected part of the track), zoom out full, record, play selection, play all, looped playback, and stop. And then select the region of the track by click dragging, and then edit it by using the tool bar buttons, or using the Edit menu items.
Simply click on the Record button in the tool bar and click on record button of the next window that opens up. It comes with features like stackable waveform audio mixing, arrangement view, where you only focus on music.
You get the same functionality, the only limitation with free version is the number of audio tracks that can be added. This is a very powerful software having powerful sound editing options like, cut, copy, paste, insert, split track, reverse, crop etc. Simply select any part of the track that you want to edit, apply effects, or enhance, and then click on the desired button in the tool bar.
The same applies for cut, delete, crop, reverse actions, and also to all the effects and enhancements options.
Then add the effects and enhancements as required, by using the Tools, Effects, and Enhancement menu items. This is just the tip of iceberg because Ableton even offers sample loops, effects, and instruments that can be used for recording and producing music.

Once that the recording is done, you can use the built-in pack of samples, effects, and instruments in order to mix the audio track that you’ve recorded. And, it also has some really good set of effects to modify your track and enhance the audio quality by using good enhancement tools. However you can still open multiple instances of the freeware and edit them in different windows. However, you can still use the zoom-in, zoom-out, pause, stop buttons, even if you are in playing mode. Use the library browser, drag and drop the loops, samples, and effect on to the waveform editor.
The software provides different sliders for each of the effects and enhancements, for controlling their strength and other attributes. Left sidebar is a library browser where you can access bundled loops, instruments and all the other goodies that you get.
You may also try some similar software reviewed by us like: MP3 Editor, MC Audio Recorder, and ACID Xpress.

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