Ariana Grande - "Break Free" [Music Video]Ariana Grande goes futuristic and little Star Wars in the official music video for “Break Free”. Ariana is an intergalactic heroine in the Chris Marrs Piliero-directed music video for “Break Free”. The Zedd-produced EDM song is the second single from the petite chanteuse’s upcoming sophomore album "My Everything", arriving in stores on August 22nd on Republic Records.

She rescues hostages from a band of criminal at a deserted planet blasting them off with her laser pistol, defeats a giant robot by shooting rockets from a hidden compartment in her breast, and when she’s captured by an evil enemy, she breaks free from her chains and throws the bad guy into the fire. Other scenes see Ariana Grande spinning around gracefully floating in a no gravity atmosphere in her ship, and celebrating with the people she's rescued at a huge party in the main deck with DJ Zedd being the ship's musical entertainer.

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