If you enjoy all sorts of violence such as firing rocket launchers at people and shooting machine guns, then Phosphor is the game for you. If you prefer to keep all the mayhem between friends, the game does have a multi-player mode which allows you to play either over a LAN (like at the office) or via the Internet.
Now, I’m not really qualified to comment on the how this game compares to other first person simulations as I simply never play games on my computer. X-TECH Game Development Studio has created an educational 3D game which explains how to protect children from danger.
There have anticipated many barriers and difficulties so as to make the game much more interesting and attractive and by overcoming these trials the player obtains some kind of information, knowledge.

In a nutshell, this is a pure educational 3D game developed for certain purposes and good intentions: to avoid children, teens and adults from that terrible disease.
There are areas for separate levels and open areas where the player can get the information by overcoming the barriers and difficulties.
Features persistent rankings and four game modes -- including the stealth-action "Ghost Mode". Commonly they are not simple games which are played just to be satisfied but they have some internal meaning as well. This 3D game is also aimed at eliminating the stigma placed on infected people.Game activities are held at an isolated island.

Game can be played in two ways as a game direct participant and as a 3rd player controller.

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