Inspired by all of the twig pumpkins I have seen in stores lately I set out to see if I could make one. This article is mainly for web designers, chefs and everyone who enjoys cooking because it is a collection of free web templates which enable users to create recipe blogs and cooking websites.
One of the reasons why this article is the best and fastest way to find free web templates for recipe sites is that it offers templates from many designers and each template is unique and has its own structure, features and functionality. Of course, the free website templates are provided at no cost, but you should not remove the footer links.

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You are welcome (and encouraged) to use any photo marked with the Holiday-Haven watermark for the purpose of featuring this site, provided a clear refrence and link to HolidayHaven is given.
So, if you need a web page design for a recipe blog where you will share recipes, menus, meal ideas and cooking tips, there is no better place to visit.

This way you will not only thank those designers who created the following templates but will inspire them to create more freebies in the future. By the way, no matter how big you want your future cooking site to be, you can always build it by using a free template.

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