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Effective Business Advertising : What are all the popular methods of online advertising today in 2015? If your answer is a 'yes' to any of the above questions, then please read this post to add a new campaign in your advertising project. Well, advertising is an ever changing dynamic field and we have to keep ourselves updated with all the new trends and techniques in the business marketing field.
We were planning to publish an article for those who are anxious to know all the fruitful ways and methods of advertising.
Please don't hesitate to make a new addition in this list through comments if you know a different way of digital advertising which we have left uncovered here.

We all know how powerful Search engines and social media based marketing is, but have you tried SMS based marketing yet? This is a paid online advertising method that is associated with contextual advertising and search engines.
In this method, the advertiser sponsors a certain site, section of a site or a certain web page so that only his or her adverts may be displayed on these areas for a specified period. One of its advantages is that visitors to the site will only see adverts from the sponsor of the site and therefore there are no distractions.
Remember the popularity and effectiveness of an online advertising method largely depends on the advertiser needs and the nature of the audience. Email marketing is also a popular online advertising method that is used by most online marketers to advertise their businesses.
The solicited emailing option entails creating email lists from various sources and sending promotional emails to the contacts.
Social networking sites have really changed the way we communicate with our friends and relatives as well as revolutionizing advertising campaigns.
Facebook is one of the best places to advertise your business and ensure that people all over the world know about it. These microblogs allow the followers or fans of the advertisers profile to be updated on the latest information about the business. In the free method of SEM, you have to well optimize a website in order to rank it higher in SERP's (Search Engine Result Pages) .Your website or business may get organic visits through the various search engines.

The number of websites in the world increases by the minute, and with each one of them being indexed by search engines, it is difficult to get the cutting edge over and above the other sites. Don't you get the desired marketing results from your traditional methods of advertising and marketing?
If not, give it a thought and who knows it could become one of your favorite weapons of advertising !
Adverts in form of text, images or links are displayed in Search Engine Results Pages based on the site’s content. Banners ads are normally graphical advertisements that are usually displayed within a page, especially at the top or bottom of the site.
Pop-ups are also called interstitials and they normally occur when the visitor is waiting for web pages to load.
It is a very cheap method and various email advertising platforms are available for advertisers to choose from.

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