Fewer of us are downloading software to our computers these days as more cloud-based tools become available, or you have a Chromebook or other netbook that doesn’t allow you to install software. Millennials have grown up with devices, they are comfortable with them, and they demand that they deliver in lightning speed. There are interviews scheduled this week for a new position, and the HR specialist who will be conducting those interviews comes down with pneumonia. An employee has just been promoted, and there is a body of knowledge and skills that must be learned. Micro-learning is all about people digesting shorts chunks of learning in ways that are engaging and often interactive, if the modules are developed well. Students make flash cards for a reason: They allow them to absorb small bits of information at a time and the brain processes it better.
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If you want to try a different free video editor, you can download open source video editing software such as MovieMasher or Lightworks. You can edit and remix shared YouTube videos or upload your own videos and set them to private, then use the editing features. After beta, it might not be my favorite choice because videos you make will have a WeVideo watermark on them unless you pay for a premium plan.
Thanks, detailed enough to make me want to read but not too much that I just visit another site. If you get the paper off of the driveway every morning and read it with your coffee, you are in a small minority.

This new rapid demand and rapid delivery, many say, is the major cause of the human attention span decreasing by 4 seconds since 2000 – to an average of 8 seconds, according to a recent Microsoft study. More and more, however, they see long training sessions, workshops, and huge manuals to read as outdated and tedious.
Forcing them to sit through sessions during which manuals must be digested and that digestion monitored and proctored looks and sounds like elementary school. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). Many of these services allow multiple users to share and work on projects collaboratively from different locations. This is great for teachers showing classes a short clip or collection of short clips without having to skip to various sections of a video or visiting multiple YouTube pages or browser tabs. Pixorial’s editing platform is fairly simple and offers fewer features than WeVideo or Creaza. FORscene is sold into professional markets: it supports frame accurate logging and editing, real time transitions and effects, full HD output and many features required by professionals. Transitioning current institutions to newer learning will be slow, however, even with the revolution in eLearning options and technology in the classroom. What they crave is short spurts of learning in bite-sized chunks that they can engage in on their own time. With micro learning, each section of such a manual can be put into an engaging video, and employees can be provided just a deadline in which to complete all of the small modules. But business is not hampered by the bureaucracy of education, and it ought to jump on new technology and newer learning methodologies – specifically micro learning.

They are not opposed to training and new learning – they just want more control about how and when they do it. This empowers them – they can choose when they access the modules and where they are when the do so. They use their phones and gadgets and should have easy access to their learning with fast loads and 5-10 minute chunks. If you want to tap into a library of already made online videos, I prefer YouTube editor over Stroome.
Employers need to respond to the truth that technology can meet these employee needs and wants, and that micro-learning will be cheaper, more efficient, and, ultimately, more effective.
Many may be happier watching a module on a tablet while eating, or in bed before sleep, or during a train commute or on a plane. Faster and far more efficient; and any new employee who joins the team can train himself without taking the time of another employee. Tech users’ brains are trained to focus for short periods of time, absorb quickly, and move on to the next bit of information or entertainment. And if you want to ensure that modules have been consumed, you can always imbed a quiz in the piece.
No down-time while large numbers of employees sit in boring seminars, where they tune out rather quickly and move on to their devices.

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