YouTube is an accessible, easy-to-use, mobile-friendly, universal platform for video sharing. Video Manager: The page from which you'll need to upload new videos and access all the videos that you've already uploaded to your account.
If you are not near your computer, but you have your smartphone with you, then you can record your video and upload it to your YouTube account remotely. If the audio quality of your video is sufficient, then YouTube will show the option to turn on the machine-generated automated captions for your video. If the audio quality of your video is not sufficient for the automated machine-generated captions, then you'll need to upload a text transcript (a .txt file with the typed out audio) to YouTube. Amara (formally Universal Subtitles) asks for the URL of the video to which you are adding captions. In addition to captioning and caption editing, there are other basic editing options available for your videos in YouTube including trimming video clips, adding visual enhancements, adding music tracks, and adding annotations (graphical callouts) to your videos.
YouTube Analytics - Get demographic, location, and viewer retention data on your individual videos. Jing is a screencasting product that allows users to create short (5 minutes or less) recordings of the computer screen to share with students. Rediff is great social media website which is offer free video hosting services and also free video sharing on the internet via internet. Metacafe is best video submission site which is offering high quality link and unique Viewer. TweetScoop.itI still remember the time when we used postcards for sending seasonal greetings. There was a time when people with a creative bone in their body made cards with paper, glitter, crayons, oil paint and other items they could use to craft something special.
To start off, add a title to the opening slide and select an animation for it via the Animations tab. After a title has been added to the opening slide, add a nice wish in the following slide and pick another animation for it.
Once your card is complete, you can save it as a video file to upload it to YouTube, Facebook or some other social media website for easy sharing or upload the PPT file to a web service.

You can see a detailed video demonstration for the above mentioned process in the following video guide. Farshad is a Tech Blogger from Pakistan who has worked for numerous international Technology Blogs. Free download AVS video Converter from here for windows including windows 7, vista and xp and here for Mac.Install the video converter by double clicking the downloaded exe file. Turn on your phone and connect it to your computer via USB, Infrared or Blue-tooth.The AVS Mobile Uploader application will be launched to guide you through the upload process. How to convert avi to 3gp, convert youtube flv to 3gp with FREEWARE iWisoft FREE video converter!! It shows the account information as well as all the videos that the account owner has made public.
The text transcript gets automatically synced to the video, and it can be edited in YouTube if changes are needed later.
Since copyright law prevents us from altering videos that we do not own, we cannot legally caption videos that are not ours.
While there are several editing options available to you, we recommend a program like Camtasia Studio which will give you even more capability for your larger fullblown instructional media projects.
Students will be able to watch the YouTube video without ever leaving the page in Blackboard. Jing is a great tool for giving individual feedback to students because it allows the instructor to give audio comments on assignments that might be more visual in nature. You can easily submit your personal and commercial video on veoh and share in circle via social sites. This was later switched with e-cards which still seem to be in place but are perhaps used with less enthusiasm.
This has now been replaced by applications which work just is good, with means of delivery better than the post office. While making this card we picked the Float-In animation for the opening title and the Wheel animation for the title and body text of the second slide.
For example, we added a Smiley in one of the slides and gave it the Bounce effect (via Animations tab in PowerPoint).

He is a former systems engineer and has been associated with the IT industry for the past 8 years, rendering professional services related to desktop administration, networking, SEO and Blogging. 3GPP is defined by the 3rd Generation Partnership Project and are the worldwide standards for the creation, delivery and playback of multimedia over 3rd generation mobile devices.
YouTube not only lets you host your videos for free, but it also provides online recording, captioning, and editing functionality for your videos as well. If your video is set to Private or Unlisted on YouTube, then the Mashup tool will not find your video.
You can also link to an entire YouTube channel this way, so students have access to all the videos on the one YouTube page.
According to my experience rediff video is very important website which is easily promote product on search engine. This is high page rank website and offering high quality back link for your website to improve the ranking as well as traffic from search engine and veoh.
In the presence of services like SlideOnline and social media websites, there is no longer a need to use a readymade e-card, as you can make use of PowerPoint to create and upload a greeting card.
To use PowerPoint for this purpose, simply download an appropriate template to make your job easy. For example, to create a new Year card you can use New Year PowerPoint Templates.  For the purpose of this post, we will use the Free 2014 New Year PowerPoint Template. According to SEO point of view video sharing is the great method to increase the ranking easily in the Google search engine. User can easily use and host video and share your video via internet on social media website such as facebook, twitter, linkedin and google plus. The caption track is overlayed on top of the original video, and played along with it, so that captions get displayed but the original video is not altered.

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