Xlideit is a free image viewer that provides photo editor, batch processor, and an image converter, all in single set-up. Xlideit provides various editing and enhancing tools, like: crop, delete, flip horizontally, flip vertically, rotate, zoom.
This free image viewing software lets you sort images in various ways, like: you can sort by folder, file name, file size, width or height, aspect ratio, file date, etc. Another interesting feature of this software is that it also lets you do editing by using your default image editing software. Unlike similar software reviewed earlier, Xlideit is indeed an intuitive, stylish, and feature rich batch processing tool. For batch processing, you can opt to select image one by one or select all images in one go, depending on your requirement. Using the Sort list option, you can easily sort images by file name, file date, image date, aspect ratio, folder, image size, etc.
Using the “Settings” option, you can customize each and every aspect of this free image viewer. Xlideit is one of the most stylish and feature rich free image viewer that I have come across.
FotoEditor is a free Windows 8 Photo Editor app available under the ‘Photo’ category of Windows 8 Store. This Windows 8 photo editor app has an elegant use-friendly interface that lets even an unprofessional photographer to give beautiful effects to photos and improve the appearance of photos instantly. The interesting part is that if you have a web-cam, connect it, and take photos from within the FotoEditor Windows 8 app. FotoEditor has seven professional categories and each category brings you a number of filters and effects with it. Adjustments: As you click on ‘Adjustments’, you will find a few effects popped-up along with a slider to view more effects such as Brightness, Gamma, Contrast, RGB Balance, Tint Green, Tint Blue, and Tint Red. Artistic: Effects such as Classic, Gray Scale, Color Pencil, OilPaint, Posterize, and Sepia are included here in this category of Windows 8 photo editor app. Distort: Cylinder, Punch, Pinch, Tile, and Twirl filters are included in this ‘Distort’ category.
Morphology: This filter and effects category consists of Erode, Dilate, Equalizer, Jitter, Saturation, Normalize, Sharp, and Soften filters. Stylize: Filters such as Emboss, Night Vision, Negative, Tritone, and Solarize are included in this category.
Crop: This category is quite interesting as the crop has various proportions and you need to click on a desired preset ratios to crop photo in that proportion. As you open the Windows 8 photo editor app, you will see a beautiful column-based tiles interface. In addition, you can also share photos with your friends via Email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. The only thing that disappointed me in this photo editor app for Windows 8 is the fact that there is no ‘Preview’ button. Proceed with the installation instructions and soon the app will be yours in your system’s Start Screen. In short, FotoEditor is a nice Windows 8 photo editor app to give a unique appearance to your photos, instantly.

Photo editing made fun and easy to use Pho.to offers a number of online services for photo editing, photo fun and sharing. Panda Antivirus Pro 2016 Protect you from all types of malwares and in real time against all types of known and unknown ones!
Best free image editor helps you to easily edit your photos and pictures for free on Windows PC.
Aneesoft Free Image Editor, a simple yet useful free image-editing software, offers a user-friendly interface and one-click image editing feature for users. Aneesoft Free Image Editor enables you to load in image from your hard disk or create a new image with its built-in background colors for editing. Aneesoft Free Image Editor works with a very easy and user-friendly interface enables you to edit images freely without any complicated processes. Aneesoft Free Image Editor allows you to either add a text description of the picture or add some words to make your photos very interesting. There are 15+ artistic effects in Aneesoft Free Image Editor for you to chosen from to personalize your images, such as Gray, Invert, Brightness, Gamma, Sepia, Embossment, Flip, 3D Grid, Threshold, Solarization and more.
You can set the parameter of left, top, width and height for the images to get your ideal size with this Free Image Editor, or directly drag your mouse to select the crop area to crop the unwanted parts. Unlimited undo history helps you to reset your images with only a few clicks without restart to edit it.
You are allowed to zoom in or zoom out you images, photos and pictures to get the most suitable visual effects before editing. Photo Face Fun is one of the most popular add photo effects websites that lets you add various poster effects to your photo. Photo Editor is another popular add photo effects website that allows you edit photos online, thereby making beautiful photos. Tuxpi Photo Editor is yet another excellent add photo effects website that lets you add beautiful effects in your photo. Picnik is one more online photo editor that can make your photos extremely beautiful with just one click. TAAZ is a free online tool to try different makeup products, and various different hair styles. Some of these websites are really good but you still have to trust sending your pictures to them. This is the main define statement for the page for english when no template defined file exists.
Your source for 1977-96 oem GM B-Body Trim Parts 1991-1996 Caprice,1994 -1996 Impala SS, 1991-1992 Olds Custom Cruiser Wagon Parts, Cadillac Fleetwood. This free image viewer provides you an additional feature which can be used to view images in slideshows.
Although, it does not provide rich editing features like professional photo editors, but it does meets basic requirements of users. When you start the program, it offers you some options to setup and configure to add shortcuts, supports variety of file formats, etc.
Then you can perform any required action, like: Clone, flip, rotate, adjust brightness, contrast, hue, resize, etc.

The variety of tools, fully customizable features, and powerful combinations of various tools, make it different from other image viewers. Here, in this photo editor app for Windows 8, you can edit photos by using over 40 unique effects such as Artistic, Distort, Morphology, Stylize, Crop, and more. Else, you can directly upload photos from Pictures Library of your Windows 8 system and start adding effects in them. Here, on this screen you need to choose ‘Camera’ to capture live picture and edit or just pick a photo from your system’s picture library.
All of them use the best digital imaging technologies and are designed to make your digital photography experience even more convenient and fun!
Perform basic operations like crop, rotate and resize, correct pictures with a single click, apply artistic effects, enhance portraits, and much more!
Meanwhile, you are also allowed to set the font, color, size, style and opacity for the text. You're also allowed to re-add effects to the edited pictures with no need to reload in the pictures.
There are various categories under which you can create beautiful photos such as celebrities posters, Fashion posters, Frames, Gadgets, Holidays, Love, Media posters, Money, and many more. This free virtual makeover website lets you put virtual face makeup, virtual eye makeup, try different hair styles, accessories, and more. It is a stylish image viewing software as it offers you translucent (partially transparent) interface whose transparency and background can be customized according to your needs. Essentially, look at it as an image viewer which has lot of image editing functions as well.
Using ‘Operations’, you can rotate photos to 180 degrees, rotate left, rotate right, and play around with other available unique effects. These websites will help you with online image effects, funny photo face, posters photos, vintage photo effects, cool photo effects, virtual makeover, basically work like a photo editor to create beautiful photos. Once done, you can also share it with others through social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter. This free image viewer supports variety of graphic formats, like: JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, ANI, TIF, etc.
Towards the top of the interface, it provides you buttons to play slideshow, adjust zoom, Rotate Left, Rotate Right, Delete image, Crop & Resize, Select Tools, Open Image, Sort list, Hide Toolbars, Show settings, and Full screen. This also lets you convert all the images to any supporter format (JPG, PNG, BMP, TIF, or GIF), all in one go.
It lets you apply solid color, aero glass, desktop image or set any custom image as background. Virtual makeover website lets you put makeup, try different hair styles, accessories, and more.
Nonetheless, as long as you have ‘Undo’ button, you can work with applying as many photo filters as you want.

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