This edition of MacVoices is supported by Macstock Conference & Expo and the Midwest Mac BBQ, coming to Woodstock IL on July 16 and 17.
AtA NABA in Las Vegas, we found Rich Harrington taking a rare break from his busy schedule of teaching and appearances, and persuaded him to give us an update on his many activities. A certified instructor for Adobe, Apple, and Avid, Richard Harrington is a practiced expert in motion graphic design and digital video. Rich is a member of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals Instructor Dream Team, and a popular speaker on the digital video circuit.
A This edition of MacVoices is supported by Macstock Conference & Expo and the Midwest Mac BBQ, coming to Woodstock IL on July 16 and 17. A At NABin Las Vegas, Alex Grossman, the President and CEO of SymplyA explains why your storage needs are constantly increasing, and how their new storage solutions address those needs for both the individual creative as well as collaboration production environments. At NAB in Las Vegas, Uli Futschik, the Chief Operating Officer of Freedom360, shows us their Broadcaster 360A that delivers 360-degree video from only three GoPro cameras. Nick MattinglyA of Switcher StudioA had a very busy schedule at NAB and the associated events events.
At ShowStoppers in Las Vegas, Jeffrey Martin, founder and CEO of Sphericam, introduces their baseball-sized camera that can deliver 360-degree video in 4K at 60 frames per second. At ShowStoppers in Las Vegas, Mark Horton, Strategic Product Manager of Ericsson talks about their new technology that will enhance video, including live video, with HDR (high dynamic range) processing that delivers a superior picture. At ShowStoppers in Las Vegas, Dale Hylton, the Director of Events & Dealer Support for Autel RoboticsA demonstrates their prototype handheld 3-axis gimbal for smart phones.
Charles Edge has advancedA Take Control of OS X Server to the third edition, this time covering the revisions and changes in Server 5.
MacVoices Magazine, our free magazine on Flipboard that helps you do more with your Apple tech.
Mike Woodworth began 15 years ago as an editor and post production supervisor before launching divergent media, a post production tools company based in San Francisco CA.
A Josh CentersA is back with Take Control of Apple TV, Second Edition, the guide to your new 4th generation set-top device.
SmileA has released TextExpander 6, the latest update to their text expansion utility, adding features and changing the pricing model.
Maia Olson has worked with the software company, Smile, spreading the joys of quality productivity software for the last 7 years. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. This will change POV videos guys, It’s going to be a whole new level for certain sports. If you’re a sports guy and filming your sports actions is part of your personal enjoyment or fun, then you should understand that filming is generally half work done.
You can easily download this video processing and adjustment program from the official GoPro site by simply clicking the link. Instead of Windows Movie Maker, editing Gopro Hero4 Video on Windows with Gopro Hero4 Video Editor is your wise choice. Last but now least, Gopro Hero4 Video Editor also converts Gopro Hero4 video to flv, 3gp, mov, avi, mpg, wmm, keynote, imovie, fcpx, vob, dvd, avchd,mts, rmvb, amv, etc. If you want to load some more files to your current project use the Import, Capture or Screen Capture buttons of the Media Library. Step 3: Add your video to the Timeline To apply different effects to your video, place the movie to the Timeline area, first of all. Now all the preliminary actions are done and you can proceed to add transitions, apply different effects, lay text and other videos over the main ones, dub episodes and create DVDs with menus. Editing Tips for Underwater Videographers Using GoProDPG is a comprehensive underwater photography website and community for underwater photographers. Amazing Lumetri Color Tools that look and work like Adobe Lightroom, which many of us underwater photographers are very comfortable with. Color tools are limited for underwater use: no white balance color picker, no color temperature sliders, just their Color Board. In GoPro Studio, there’s a white balance picker as well as Temperature, Tint, Exposure, Contrast, Saturation and Sharpening controls.
A director’s cut can be cool sometimes, but most people only have an attention span of two or three minutes when watching a video online.
In case you missed it, start from the beginning of our GoPro series with our first article in the series, Which GoPro Hero4 Is Best for Me? About the Authors: Joel and Jennifer Penner are avid scuba divers and award-winning underwater image-makers. Sony HDR-CX130 is a great HD camera, but there is a bad news that its footage or the .mts file format is not COMPATIBLE with Windows Movie Maker or APPLE movie maker programs. MTS to Windows Movie Maker converter comes to help you convert Sony mts to WMV, AVI, MPG, MOV, H.264, MP4 to import MTS from Sony HDR-CX130 to Windows Movie Maker, the HD quality will be remained and you can download footage from Sony HDR-CX130 to Windows Movie Maker directly. After you have selected the video input file, you can select from WMV,  AVI, MPG in the pull-up list next to Profile field.

JB Lauzon talks about how their Ribcage kits can adapt your GoPro for professional lenses of all types.
Rich talks about the value proposition of NAB and Post Production World, his company, his newest web site, ThinkTAPLearn, and why he is so driven to share visual storytelling skills.
Starting his career out in the world of broadcast journalism, Rich has always had great interest in visual communications. His book, Photoshop for Video, was the first of its kind to focus on Photoshopa€™s application in the world of video. Division CEO Steve McIrvinA shows off the newest version of their X-Star Premium drone that can be equipped with Lume Cube lights to create a powerful search-and-rescue unit that can fly info dark, inhospitable areas, illuminate those areas, and send back video. Tim provides some examples of VR headset monitoring, the 360-degree plugins, and how the software solves some of the problems 3D editors have been facing. With features such as remote wireless control and rescue, customizable display, cue point recognition and easy script loading, ProPrompter Studio moves to the head of the pack. With remote management via iOS, storage monitoring via Apple Watch and expandability so that your needs are always met, Symply might be just what you are looking for. With a little retro-fitting and some special lenses, they deliver a more cost-effective way to get into the immersive video world. We caught him during a break to hear all about it, see his set-up, and find out whata€™s next for the iOS-based video production software.
Featuring a Watch folder, the ability to stitch clips together and much more, Proxymill simplifies your post production.
Not just 4K or UHD (ultra-high definition), HDR uses more of the information captured by modern cameras to provide a better, richer picture. EditReady is a fast, simple yet powerful transcoder for anyone who needs or wants more than just straight conversion of formats.
Josh looks at the best features, names some of his favorite apps, and discusses the issue of gameA controllers. Protect your Internet by Securing Your Connection, and get up to 50% off with the offer code "VOICES".
Over that time she has worn many hats, including those of customer support, technical writing, marketing and PR. You just put two GoPro HD HERO’s in the housing, one upside down and the other right side up.
Very often your recorded video or stills may need to be edited and processed in order to make them of the highest quality (perfect the resolution) or to highlight them with different video or photo effects to make them even more expressive and memorable.
After the download is finished, run the GoProVideo Editor.exefile and follow the installation wizard instructions.
If you import a new file to the program using the buttons from the Start Project page, this file will be added to the Timeline automatically. Learn underwater photography techniques for popular digital cameras and specialized professional underwater equipment (wide angle, macro, super macro, lighting and work flow). There are hours and hours of wide-angle, macro and topside footage all sitting on your hard drive.
For most people, it comes down to price and how serious you are about being a videographer.
Then, once you’ve made your selections, you can edit and export using GoPro Studio (included in the app download).
You have one Global ball and a ball for Shadows, Midtones and Highlights, which you can move left or right to pick your color, and then up or down to increase or decrease the amount of that hue. Sharing your underwater images with family and friends, especially those that are not yet ocean lovers, is the best way to communicate that our oceans and its inhabitants are fragile and need our care. Their images have been published in many magazines, such as Scuba Diving, Sport Diver, Underwater Journal and Scuba Diver. You don’t have to return the camera and can import video file from Sony HDR-CX130 to Windows (Live) Movie Maker or make Sony HDR-CX130 compatible with Windows Movie Maker. Can you recommend a program that has similar freedom and functionality with the timeline and similar features such as multi-cam? The kits can be installed by the end user, or Back-Bone will sell you a GoPro with the modifications already installed and ready to use.
His producing skills were also recognized by AV Video Multimedia Producer Magazine who named him as one of the Top Producers of 2004. He is also a contributing author for Applea€™s Aperture, iLife a€™08 and iWork a€™08, Final Cut Pro On the Spot, After Effects On the Spot, After Effects at Work, and Producing Video Podcasts.
With an impressive range and the strength of the Lume Cubes, the X-Star Premium is one more reason drones are an important part of emergency response, among other tasks. Dale discusses why they are looking for consumer input on the features of the device, and how you might even be able to name it. Charles talks about some of those changes, why you might not want to run your own server, and why you definitely shouldna€™t run your own mail server. With LUT (Lookup Table) support and the ability to convert frame rate, resolution and encoder, EditReady is something anyone at any level of video production can use.

AirPlay remains a killer feature, especially if you love music, and Josh explains how it can be an inexpensive alternative to the more expensive multi-room systems.
The new sharing feature across Smilea€™s new cloud service is quite a bit different that the old syncing across devices function. She spends her summers volunteering at App Camp For Girls, a summer camp geared to inspire girls to join the tech industry by having female role models teach them to make iPhone apps. Mike and Dan give us some ideas about who we will hear from on the stage, what we can expect from the visitors, and what attendees will get out of attending the SuperMeet. Just select one of the files and the editing program matches up the matching file from the other camera automatically! I did it with Final Cut Pro and now have my first video of the Telus Fest in 3D is on YouTube.
Simply speaking, it’s a special line of editing tools, which are used to make creating of professional quality clips from your GoPro content easy. For Mac OS X Mavericks, OS X 10.10 Syrah GoPro Hero4 Video Editor, please see Gopro Hero4 Video Editor for Mac. But the downside to this workflow is that older (slower) computers may have a difficult time playing back video previews in real time. You see a lot of people using music from their favorite artists and bands, but the reality is that without written permission, you legally shouldn’t use it. You might have a bunch of amazing footage from different angles, and even the same awesome subjects from different days. Well, sometimes you might have shot your video with the wrong filter on, or the GoPro poorly white balanced, or you were very close to your subject and your lights were too warm in the footage. Additionally, when you pick a music track, think about song selection that supports the pace, movement, and energy of the video clips you’ve selected. Joel and Jennifer are frequent presenters at scuba industry trade shows, and they are also staff at the annual Digital Shootout and Monterey Shootout events. If you do, though, Charles discusses automatic software updates, how and why to back up servers, and more. ScopeBox delivers in software what used to be available only in hardware - scopes to help you make the most of your footage. For those of us with legacy media libraries, Josh has a media conversion and management chapter, and he also shares some tricks that you didna€™t know Apple TV could do. Greg explains why, and how this will be the basis for the future, not just the present, of TextExpander.
To help make sure you are there, they also offer a special discount code to make the SuperMeet an even better value.
There are many great resources online where you can either download music tracks for free or for nominal licensing fees.
Do your best to objectively choose which clips are the most engaging and compelling, and cut it down to only the best of the best.
Setting each clip to transition to the beat will be more impactful and come across as a much more professional movie. When the ocean is not their office, they run a multimedia company called Newmediasoup, specializing in design and development for the Web. I've used it for years but it's out of development and I need something to handle modern formats better.
The conversation also touches on security, the goods and bads of corporate IT departments, and Charlesa€™ many other projects and books. With their new ScopeLink, you can feed video straight from your favorite NLE (including Final Cut X) straight to ScopeBox. Maia details why the subscription model will mean more updates delivered to users sooner, and both compare and contrast the pricing of the old, separate-purchases-for-different-platforms with the new all-inclusive pricing that even extends to a new Windows version. CineFrom Studio allows multiple editing options: from simple adjustments like clip trimming and slow motion control to more advanced 3D editing and color correction.
For those of us a bit older and less social media savvy, just pick one or two channels to start posting to.
Mike talks about the integration of the two, why LUTs can be a challenge to find, and the suprising reason compression of consumer formats are often faster to transcode than pro formats. Before you pass judgement on the changes, hear what Greg and Maia have to say about what the new platform will allow them to offer. Here are some editing tips that will help you make a video your family and friends will love.

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