When starting application, icon will appear on the notification area at task bar (right-bottom of Desktop), and when clicking, the menu will appear like above image.
Like above image, you can cut out a part of software (green rectangle area) without indicate an area.
There are functions that coordination to Picasa, Flickr etc… , and can set a particular application as will start after the capture for edit.
9.0 with additional capabilities intended for those who demand the greatest flexibility in green screen photography. It provides professional photographers, as well as photography enthusiasts, a simple way to do green screen removal and substitutes their choice of digital background. With the new Batch Capability and Gallery Mode, Green Screen Wizard Pro provides professional photographers a platform for doing business.

It provides professional photographers a green and BLUE screen solution inside of Photoshop.
It’s has functions needed as capture software, and the functions is great that part of window capturing, mouse pointer moving. Green Screen Wizard is a self-contained chroma key removal program that does not require Photoshop or other photo editing application to produce beautiful green screen photos. The Pro Version offers five layers to create amazing images and supports the new sandwich overlays. I will introduce the review of screen capture software has several feature that often needed. It has a full annotation capability that will let you put as much text as you like on your images.

In addition Photoshop can read and save many more file formats than Green Screen Wizard standalone.
Green Screen Wizard adds some new special effects that makes creating artistic images a breeze.

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