Added customizable transparency, thanks to Alexander Cohen's excellent Window Alpha plugin. Finally figured out a way to make the rulers shadowless, thanks to a nice fellow named Fritz who pointed out Tildesoft's excellent Carbon Declare library. Added lots of new features based on user feedback, including ruler alignment and 3 new units of measure. Unfortunately, floating windows don't receive events the same way regular windows do, at least in REALbasic.
Free barcode software for Mac OS X generates outstanding barcode tickets, ribbons from your computer machine in few easy steps.

Modified grouping behaviour so that clicking a ruler brings both rulers forward, if grouped. Making the rulers float would eliminate the ability for rulers to respond to keystrokes, which to me is more important than floating.
If you drag a ruler completely out of view (easy to do when rulers are grouped), try aligning the ruler origins to bring it back into view. The main problem with rulers not floating is that they can easily get obscured by other windows. To help address this problem, I've modififed the grouping behavior in Free Ruler 1.6 so that if rulers are grouped, clicking any visible portion of a ruler will bring both rulers forward.

I'm investigating the possibility of toggling the floating state of the rulers for a future version of Free Ruler. Implemented preference file so that Free Ruler remembers window locations and other settings.

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