The Free Subtitles Processor software also has a built in movie and DVD player for easy synchronization of subtitles with the movie.
The free Subtitles Translator Editor Software provides a complete set of tools for advanced video editors. The 5 software to edit subtitles mentioned here are Subtitles Synchronizer, Subtitle Edit, Subtitle Workshop, Jubler Subtitle Editor, and Aegisub. Jubler Subtitle Editor is the penultimate addition in this list of software to edit subtitle. Using  all these above mentioned software, you can easily and quickly edit, transform, or create subtitles. This free PDF editing software is a GUI to popular pdfgtk toolkit, but provides an easier way to manipulate PDF files.
Extract Pages: This option lets you extract pages from your PDF, and store them as a separate PDF file.
Burst: This is an interesting option that can separate out each page of PDF file into its own PDF. MegaEditor is an absolutely free XML editor which helps you to view and edit of course the XML, CSV, and INI files. Different file options that is between the XML, CSV, and INI can be chosen from the bottom left corner of the window. MegaEditor being an editor for editing XML file, CSV file, and INI file is very useful to view and edit these files. This free movie subtitles editor also has the tools to repair & fix errors in video subtitles files. This software is released under open source GPL and you can contribute to developing or enhancing this free subtitles translator tools. Join thousands of subscribers & get the best Free Photo Video software for your personal use.

These software allow you to make changes in the subtitles of movies, television shows, or any video that you watch.
This is quite a popular and interesting software and comes with handy features for its users. It supports multiple file formats and lets you create subtitles, edit subtitles, and also convert them in different subtitle formats.
PDFRider lets you merge PDF files, split pdf files, extract pages from pdf, insert pages in pdf, delete pages from pdf, rotate pdf pages, encrypt and decrypt pdf file.
Being very easy to use MegaEditor makes the job of editing the files so simple that it saves both time and energy.
Using MegaEditor even the not so professional users may easily view and edit XML, CSV, and INI files. Download the setup to your computer, once the setup is downloaded, you need to run it and follow the instructions visible on the installation wizard. The simple UI and code shown in the tree view makes the task of editing the code very simple and time-saving. It performs multiple functions of creating, adjusting, editing, and syncing the subtitles with your video. The software has a powerful inbuilt spell checker and you can preview your subtitles in the video, after editing them, on the interface itself. To put it shortly, it can be used as a tool to transform, convert, correct, and refine existing subtitles or create new subtitles.
But, the software also has the feature of editing subtitles and provides some helpful tools for that very purpose.
Once MegaEditor is installed to your computer, you can easily view and edit XML, CSV, and INI files. Using Megaeditor one can save his time and energy, as MegaEditor makes the work of editing the code a much simpler task.

Such a software comes in handy in situations like when you have to add subtitles to your own videos, editing the dialogues appearing in the subtitles (if there is a mistake), and more. First is that, you can easily edit the subtitles and add whatever you wish to, in place of the existing subtitles. You can adjust the timings of the subtitles and sync them with the dialogues with the help of its Sound wave feature. It has features like style editing and you can also preview the preview the subtitles in the video. Once you select the ‘Formatted’ option, the content within the selected file will be shown. In addition to editing subtitles, these software also allow you to synchronize the subtitles with the dialogues in the video. Editing subtitles is also quite an easy task and the software supports all the popular file formats. It has it own inbuilt spell checker and lets you preview subtitles on its interface in real-time.
The second function of this software is that, it lets you synchronize the subtitles with the dialogue deliveries. Apart from editing subtitles, the software also allows you to synchronize subtitles to audio. You can add new synchronization time ( in case they are out of sync) and save the subtitle files.

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