KVADPhoto+ is a completely free photo editor app for Windows 8 that has simple controls but it offers you powerful set of image processing tools.
In the interface you are presented with all the effects and editing options in the button part of the app window while the home and save buttons are located on top of the app window while the image is shown in the middle as seen above. When you click on a particular option from the button option menu you will be presented with a small dialog box as shown below in the screenshot along with the preview of the image; in this manner you can edit and enhance an image with complete simplicity. On the first look the app looks very simple, but it is a good and powerful Windows 8 image editor app. One thing that I liked about this Windows 8 image editor app, is it shows instant preview of whichever effect you are adding on the image.
Simply click on Select Image button, Select the image, add the effect; and once you are done, simply click on the Save button to save the image. It provides multiple photo adjustment tools such as touch up, focal blur, color splash, blur, sharpen, Denoise, red-eye, whiten,  and the like. FX Photo Editor is also one of the great photo editing app for Android that includes good photo editing effects. The good part of this Android photo editor app is that, it allows you to save the edited photo in three sizes, which include small, medium, and large.
The app allows you to edit photos in four ways which include adjustment, effect, overlay, and border. Best part of the app is its multiple photo effects available to get the best photography experience.
Import photos from your existing photo gallery or click a new photo and give effects to it in real-time.
Pixlr Express makes your photo editing experience a wonderful one by giving your number of photo effects on Android.
Clicking the link will automatically re-direct you to the Windows Store from where you can download and install this free photo editor app for Windows 8. This kind of interface and layout makes it extremely simple and easy to edit your favorite images with complete ease.

This is not the full version of the app hence some of the things are locked but nonetheless the amount of options provided in the free version are really good and allow you to get really good results with this free photo editor app for Windows 8. The best way to use this Windows 8 image editor app is, add an effect first, save it, and then reopen the edited image and add another effect. There’s just one screen in the app; from where you’ll select the photo, edit the photo, see instant preview, and save the final output. The app allows you to pick the photo from your existing photo gallery or you can click a new photo and give effects to the same on your Android. But when we compare both these apps (FX Photo Editor and Pixlr Express app), Pixlr Express app proved to be the better app among the two. Now get the photos according to the size which you require and do photo art on your Android for free.
If you have a scanner app installed, then scan the QR Code below and get the download link of the app directly on your Android. The interface of the app is extremely simple to operate while the app has some powerful tools hence this app is useful both for the professional as well as the amateur user.
After installation from the Windows Store just run the KVADPhoto+ from the start screen and you will have the interface in front of you as shown below in the screenshot. So select anyone of these ways to import photo into the app and then you will have the interface in front of you as shown below.
In the above screenshot I have edited the image by adding a filter and a frame similarly you can produce really nice images with complete ease.
The app works on the three primary colors Red, Blue, and Green, and there are two main basic effects, Brighten and Darken.
This Windows 8 image editor app has only 4 effects, and they include: Brighten, Darken, Grayscale, and Invert Colors. The app brings you total four ways to give effects to photos which include adjustment, effect, overlay, and border. Likewise, there are multiple overlays and borders available which you can select and put in the photo which you select.

Giving photo effects with this Android photo editor app is a nice experience as now you will get more photo effects with advanced options available.
On top of this, you can even share the photo with your friends and family directly from the app.
But the photo effects in number are less in FX Photo Editor app and more in Pixlr Express Android app. These alone are sufficient enough to turn your normal looking photo into a beautiful image.
This is used to undo all the manipulations and jump back to the state where it was originally.
The effects are good, but I wish that the app would have included some more effects and also the ability to add two or more effects. I myself replaced FX Photo Editor app with this Pixlr Express app on my Android photo to provide multiple new photo effects to photos.
Besides that, you can also invert the color and turn the photo in to grayscale, with a single mouse click.
But there is a thing, which is more like limitation of this Windows 8 image editor app and that is you can add only one effect at a time, and save it.
To locate the app use the Windows 8 Search Charm and type “Img Editor”, or you can also click here.
So, in place of using the inbuilt effects, where you can’t edit the effects and simply add them, you can use these slider and generate any effect that you want.
Firstly edit photo with one effect, save it, and then reopen it and finally add another effect and save it.
All though the image preview updates fast, but, if the image is in big size with good resolution, then it takes bit longer to update.

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