GIMP is an open source image editor for mac os x, xp, vista and linux and it’s as good as Adobe Photoshop.
Textual is completely new from the ground up and combines all well-liked features with lots of great new functionalities to every part of Textual.
In addition to being the most powerful text editor for Mac, Texual 4 now provides an unique set of tools, such as document management, bookmarks, find in files, full text translations and direct online searches, which all together bring you an unmatched user experience.Besides all fundamental text editing operations you can now seamlessly organize your documents, quickly find important content even in large files, translate paragraphs and documents with one click, leave comments in your writing and keep your fingers on the keyboard by using keyboard shortcuts.
Textual 4 delivers now several options for maximizing the editing space for any screen size.The standard Textual environment balances the main elements of the user interface, the text editors and the additional tools for managing documents, translations, search results, etc.
Now it's easy to quickly translate your content and documents directly from Textual, because the power to translate is now inside Textual.You will be able to translate text between over 50 language, such as English, Chinese, Arabic, French, Russian, Polish, Spanish, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Japanese, and many others. Textual supports over 200 coding languages by default, including  syntax highlighting, folding and auto completion. The insert menu provides access to several time saving items for inserting HTML and PHP elements. Asking which is the best pixel-based photo editor for Mac OS X may sound like a simple and straight forward question, however it is a more complex question than it may at first seem.There are lots of factors to consider when deciding which is the best photo editor and the importance of the various factors will vary from user to user. I am focusing solely upon pixel-based image editors that are used for editing and adjusting raster (bitmap) files, such as the JPEGs produced by your digital camera. It was the original image editor and initially was only produced to run on the old Apple Mac operating system. Its development, particularly since the introduction of the Creative Suite versions, has been evolutionary, rather than revolutionary. Everyone, who wants to develop websites, needs an HTML editor or rather a development environment. CotEditor is a relatively new and fresh development for everyone who doesn’t need his editor on a daily basis and simply wants a good editor with syntax highlighting.
Another significant advantage of Brackets are the expansions, which you can use to customize the editor to your needs. Sublime Text 2 is the minimalistic favorite of developers, because it can easily be completely customized to one’s own needs by using a JSON file. The Aptana Studio is one of the best known and most versatile development environments there are. Some of the best HTML editors for Mac OS X are free or available as an evaluation version with no enforced time limit. This free image editor has most of the features that you need to process an image from crop, resize, transform and etc  . Working steps that previously had to be done through various programs, now find their way into one central application. But when you’re looking for some elbow room while editing text, you can hide any panel without having to manually disable each tool, and show them again if you really need them.

And even insert the translations directly into any of your documents without leaving the editor.
Because of that, picking a single application must involve compromises as what is right for one user may be too basic, too complex or too expensive for another. It is seen as the industry standard image editor and with good reason.It is a hugely powerful application with a wide and well considered feature set that means it is just as at home editing photos as it is producing creative and artistic raster images.
There are, of course, several fee-based editors of high quality, but if you do not need your development environment every day, a free application will be perfectly fine. For example, when used in combination with Adobe Creative Cloud Extract (=preview) it can read design data such as colors, types, histories etc.
Even the information on the website of the editor is rather sparse, which may be down to the fact that it is still in its beta phase. It is a powerful tool, which supports the most important coding and markup languages, such as HTML (including HTML5), CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and Ruby. I have tried all of the above options except Sublime Text but heard really good things about that editor.
If you are a blogger and need to do a lot of image processing, GIMP is more than enough for you. This help you work without distractions, structure your thoughts, and get your done in less time.
GIMP is often spoken of as a free and open source alternative to Photoshop, though the developers deliberately discount this.GIMP is a very powerful and flexible image editor that can be further extended through many free plugins.
It provides, besides a viable code completion, a very good search-and-replace function, a split view to partition the editor window in several fields, good syntax highlighting for 40 programming languages and comes with eight themes. For example, a must-have extension is Package Control, which you can use to easily find and install extensions and plug-ins from right within the editor.
It is not a pure HTML editor, but a combined WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) and text editor. With Git integration, a debugger for Ruby and JavaScript, an inbuilt terminal with the option for extensions, Aptana Studio is equipped for any purpose.
I can’t think of a better editor and I love using it as it focuses on good code but also fast workflow.
However, it isn't able to match Photoshop in several ways, including the lack of adjustment layers to make non-destructive edits to images and also the flexibility of layer styles. One of the best development environments is available as permanently free evaluation version. Likewise, you can extract layers as images, use the information from the PSD as variables in a preprocessor, and easily determine distances and proportions of elements – all without exiting the editor. To describe the full extent of features of Sublime Text 2 is rather difficult, as it can do, through its plug-ins and extensions, basically anything you need it to do.

You can Extract parts, transpose for different instruments, and play your music as you originally conceived it. None-the-less, many users swear by GIMP and in the right hands, it can produce creative results that can match work produced by Photoshop. Together with the right extensions and Adobe Creative Cloud (Extract), this editor can even cover the needs of a professional. As an example for a useful plug-in, look at the Bracket Highlighter (for finding connected brackets and tags), Emmet (previously Zen Coding – for extremely fast coding) and Sublime Linter (draws attention to mistakes in the source code). The editor is available as an evaluation version without enforced time limit, so that you may use it for free permanently. Google Web Designer is supposed to generate correct HTML5 and CSS3 code from the graphical interface.
Encore graphically displays and plays back dynamic marks, repeats, multiple endings, pedal marks, or any MIDI controller.
Nonetheless, you should purchase the license for fairness sake if you are certain that you will keep the editor on permanent rotation. New Features Gvox VSTi Host Toolbar Now displays all tools Preroll click option New Score Wizard Over 30 Templates and unlimited user created template Transposed or "C" score option. Beginning measure number offset Preset Tab tunings option Added menu items Auto Spacing when dragging notes, barlines and systems Enhanced MIDI playback Garritan Personal Studio ready Simplified Accidentals option More shortcuts MusicXML import and export Full DLS and Soundfont support Handwritten Music Style option Bonus - Hundreds of works by J.S. Offering most of the features of Photoshop at a fraction of the price, it is certainly worth considering for home users, hobbyists, and even for some professional work where advanced features are not needed. The fact that it is free means that absolutely anyone with an internet connection can use this image editor.
While it isn't the most powerful or best featured app, it is certainly near the top of the table.
Guitar tablature symbols palette contains all the markings and symbols needed for notating tab.
Despite that though, basic users can also use GIMP for simple jobs, without having to embark on the steep learning curve to make full use of every feature.
Key commands to change note durations, sharps, flats, naturals, enharmonics, and MIDI velocity. Display and play back nested repeat structures, including variable bar lines and multiple endings.

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