Furthermore, many gaming support centers are now requesting for supporting videos of submitted reports like hacking, scamming, trolling, and more. Aside from recording your entire screen, Ezvid can also record your voice in case you want to add some commentaries in your game play. This software records what you see on your screen including pointers, menus, and other objects on your desktop. Hypercam allows you to tweak the compression quality of the video when saving your output file.
This game recording software can use your webcam to capture your own video while playing games. Aside from these free software, there are also other awesome screen recording programs that you can buy at reasonable costs. If you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment or subscribing to the RSS feed to have future articles delivered to your feed reader.

Using this tool, they can easily upload the video on social media and share their achievements to friends and fellow gamers.
The maximum capturing frame rate of Movavi is 36 fps and it can record up to 60 minutes without stopping. You can tweak its settings to record specific areas or you can go for the default option to record the whole screen. It’s simple to use and easy to install because it removes other features of Ezvid such as zooming and editing tools. It has a wide list of customization options ranging from cursor style to advance recording setups.
Similar to Free Screen Video Recorder, this software can specify areas to capture instead of recording your entire screen. You can also set the recording frame rate and the specific area you want to include in your video.

You can also choose the program window recording option to perfectly capture your game even in window mode. Some of them also offer free trial period which you can take advantage of in case you’re still undecided to buy. Furthermore, all videos are saved in AVI format for better quality at the expense of file size.

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