Sanna Ehdin has lectured to more than 100 000 people and been elected Sweden's most popular speaker. She has 12 years of biomedical research and has studied Self-Healing and holistic health for 25 years, and her 12 bestselling books have sold a million copies in ten countries. The goal of Sanna Ehdin's lectures is to make people aware of their own, inherent self-healing powers and to inspire them to strengthen this power to have a life of vitality and excellent health.
Simply start to change your lifestyle to a healthier one, and you can create a wellbeing you never dreamt of. The lecture The Self-Healing Human is filled with encouraging and practical information on how to improve your self-healing abilities to feel better than you could ever imagine. Sanna Ehdin Anandala gave this lecture in Los Angeles on Feb 14, 2010, at the Life Consciousness Expo in Los Angeles, Ca, USA. Since the first book The Self-Healing Human was published in Sweden in May 1999, Sanna Anandala has given 500 lectures to the public and business sector.

She taught many courses in immunology and physiology at the Lund University, Lund, Sweden (1984-91). It covers everything from vitamins and healthy food to emotions, thoughts, spirituality, and energy (qi).
This is essential for the paradigm shift as it elevates our personal energy, which speeds up the process. There is, however, no marketing for her lectures so the inquires come through recommendations or from reading Dr. She is frequently in media, and her blog was voted best Swedish Green Health blog in 2011 and 2012. The Self-Healing Human presents the state of the art in health and self-healing for the 21st century. Our brain is wired for spirituality and we have a spiritual intelligence - SQ - that is important for our existence.

The key is high energy, achieved not only by a healthy diet and lifestyle, but also by releasing the past and epigenetic social heritage. It has received great attention thanks to the unique comprehensive view with which Sanna Anandala presents the new health awareness. A new health awareness is emerging and by integrating wholeness, we can achieve health and wellbeing.

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