The advanced logo design maker and icon maker contains expert color wheel, helps making colorful logos and vector artworks like experts. Before downloading the free logo maker software below, take just 5 minutes to read the information on this page because it may save you a lot of time and money whilst increasing the chance of success for your business! Custom logo designers work to a design brief agreed with the client and come up with a set of concepts based on the aspirations and desired goals of the business. The obvious differences between the custom logo design examples above and the free logo maker examples are that the custom logos are clearly designed for a certain business, rather than being a reusable image (icon) where text and color has been applied. These custom logo designs were provided for just $149 with no extra fees and 100% copyright ownership.
Provide 8 styles of effects to apply to image and text objects directly; customize the effects to get the best logo design.

Benefiting from color schemes, drawing tools, special effects and build-in templates, it becomes fairly easy to make logo for web and print. Of course it is possible to shoehorn any design and text together whilst adding a splash of color but is that really enough to build a lasting brand? Each design is hand drawn and then fine tuned with a vector drawing program like Adobe Illustrator. Continue reading to see why spending a little money on a custom logo design could save you money. These custom designs can be applied to any marketing materials and web without fear of having to re-brand in a short space of time.
Further savings are made because the custom designed logo has a much longer lifespan when compared to a free logo.

Re-branding is very expensive as you need to replace all your marketing materials and try to rebuild new brand recognition. To build a business for the long haul, it does not make commercial sense to use a free logo design because of all the limitations and future risks and costs associated with it.

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