It can also enter comma, question mark, exclamation point, smiley, etc., just by hearing your voice. Speechnotes is surely better than any other ordinary speech recognition application or software. AkelPad is a simple text editor which comes with all the standard as well as some new features one can ask for. The simplicity as seen in the way we use this free text editor can also be seen from the way one installs the particular software. When launched the greenish feel to this free text editor reminds you of the basic text editor that comes pre-installed on your Operating Systems. The AkelPad also supports various plugins such as the auto-completion, keyboard macros, syntax highlighter, etc.
Besides providing the above additional features the software works in the same way you would have used your favourite text editor or the MS Word before. Next to this tab you have the option ‘’View’’ where you can select your preferred language, Display mode, and the options to add plugins. Overall, the simple yet effective features AkelPad text editor comes with make it a pretty handy application.
Text marks that are associated with volta brackets behave in a similar manner to free text. Text marks that are associated with crescendos and descrescendos behave in a similar manner to offsetting text. Drive Notepad is a free text editor that lets you view and edit documents in your Google Drive. Drive Notepad has been developed keeping in mind proper security measures for your documents, with version control support to go back to the previous versions of the file like you do with Google Drive. Drive Notepad is a free Google Chrome extension and can be easily added to your Chrome browser like you add any other extension. After you authorize Drive Notepad to use your Google Drive account, it will become the default app to open, view, and edit your files. You will see a drop-down there, listing options like rename, save, print, open, and some formatting options like change font size, word wrap, and syntax highlighting.
Drive Notepad also supports a wide range of keyboard shortcuts to quickly perform actions on files.
Summary: Pimp out your old and boring pics with several effects, filters, stickers and many more.
Photo text Editor is a free photo editor android app that will enhance your photo with various stylish and funky frames, stickers and effects.
This cool Photo editor app or digital camera app is a complete photo lab that also gives you the option of sharing your creations to all the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter. Boxer is extremely powerful, but remains easy to use for both beginners and experienced users.

So whatever you will speak using the microphone present in your headphone, it will recognize and try to write it perfectly. It automatically saves your session, so that you can access it later using the same browser. Make sure there is no background noise, otherwise it won’t catch what you are saying. The basic motive behind developing this free text editor has been to provide a small and fast open source editor which adds more than the basic text editor available. You would be required to visit the download page here and click on the download link available.
The entire screen presents you a blank area to type with the menu bar at the top having all the options to open, close, and access options for using this simple text editor. Further you may even select the Preview option to have a look at the document you are typing and the way it would get printed from your printer.
You also have the settings option from the drop down where you are provided both general settings and advanced settings for text editor.
Further being available for free it is a great alternative to the age-old text editors which we had been using. Unlike offsetting text, free text may horizontally overlap objects that follow, and even pass the end of the bar. It’s a handy and lightweight Google Chrome extension that supports large number of text file formats and some mime-types. After that, we will discuss how you can use this free text editor to view or edit your Google Drive documents. There you will see an editor-like interface with line numbers on the left and file content in the center.
It provides a simple-yet-powerful text editor to view and edit wide variety of file formats online.
Dont wait, download this app and write text on your photo just like in instatext and share it.
In comparison to other free voice to text software or apps, it catches the speech more accurately. Moreover, you can copy the text to the clipboard, and also save it to PC as TXT and DOC file.
Moreover, it’s a nice addition to provide new software in the field of some handy text editors available. Clicking on the view tab could help you split the main window into 4 parts adding convenience while you wish to use or type multiple text documents.
While you type the row you are on and typing the text is highlighted by an olive-green color to help you locate where you currently are. Further clicking on edit lists down various options such as using the feature of finding texts, replacing them, inserting character, inserting date, etc.

Finally the last drop down has the help option which provides you a help manual, update option, and about section for the details of its release and the developers.
Offsetting text will never overlap objects on previous or following notes, and so is ideal for lyrics. It works like any good text editor and offer features such as syntax highlighting, word wrap, and keyboard shortcuts.
Drive Notepad comes handy in these situations since it lets you not just view, but also edit documents that you store on your Google Drive.
The document will be opened in Edit mode and allows you to edit the files online from anywhere. Moreover, it offer features like syntax highlighting and keyboard shortcuts, which makes it even more promising. This online speech recognition text editor can also be used as an alternative to Dragon NaturallySpeaking software (the most popular and paid speech recognition software). The next step would be to run the setup file downloaded and follow the step by step process to install the simple text editor on your system. There are other handy options in this drop down such as the Newline format where you could change the UNICODE to a DOS, WINDOWS, UNIX mode depending on the system you wish to use this on. Care should be taken to avoid excessively-long free text, as it may pass the end of the page when published. This will begin a download and once the extension gets downloaded, it will automatically be installed in your Chrome browser. If you are interested to try some more text editing software, you can check out EditPad Lite, Caderno and Notepad X reviewed by us.
You can enhance your photos by adjusting the brightness, saturation and contrast, clean up blemishes. The HTML Color Chart makes it easy to select colors and insert the associated HTML color code into your website files.
The editor have color syntax highlighting and all basic characteristics of standard editor of IDE (Integrated Development Environment).
New in this version: Workspace view to handle a file list, Project and Files views to navigate in file internal objects, tabs to navigate between files. Other features are html shortcuts, CSS editor, a full FTP client, html preview, spell checking, sync edit, email support and much more.
The editor is focused on drawing up documents, where strict conformity of data blocks (text, images, tables) with certain styles is important. Text Monkey operates on text as it resides on the Windows clipboard, so it is compatible with all types of email clients.

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