That said, the key to successful, usable Web site design is always trying to think from the point of view of the user. Free website design layout in PSD format are offered by Quality Web Programming for its clients.
Everyone has seen ads for them; “Use our service to create your business’ own free website!” As a small business owner struggling to get noticed in the marketplace, this seems like a gift from above.
When shopping for products online, consumers are bombarded with a number of different sellers for whatever particular product they are looking for. Potentially the most damaging consequence of using a free web service, especially if your business is a B2B provider, is the message it sends customers about your faith in yourself.
Although these free services are useful for those looking for a quick page for an event, or for a personal blog, they are not meant for the business world.
CAPTCHAThis question is for testing whether you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. Now you can compete online with your biggest competitors, and finally start to build up a clientele and grow your business.

What differentiates your business’ website from those of your competitors, amongst other things, is legitimacy.
So, the next time you see an ad for a free website service, think again before considering it; you may end up hurting your business rather than helping it. However, these free website services are dangerous because they often do the exact opposite: they DAMAGE the reputation of your business!
Especially when doing the actual purchase online, consumers are always concerned about the legitimacy of the business they are giving their money to. For all of you non-developer types, this means that Google will treat your business’ page as a page within the free service you are using. By investing in a professional website that accurately reflects your brand image, you are showing customers that you are proud of your business, and that you have faith in its abilities. Although it may seem like a pretty expensive purchase, a professional website is an investment in your business, that will help build a customer base and your image in the local business community. This ready-made solution will help you start your online business and stand out from your competitors.

Using a free web service, with a cookie-cutter template and ads for other services all over, will push your customers away to your competitors who have invested in a professional site to call their own.
The first thing your visitors will pay attention to is the stylish layout of this theme and its effective color scheme.
The jQuery slideshow in its header, jQuery slider below it and the thought-out arrangement of the content blocks will help you put the necessary accents on the certain parts of your page. Its live demo will show you the rest of useful characteristics of the theme presented here.

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