Here are 25+ vintage wallpapers which you can set as wallpapers on desktop screens or in mobile phone screens or you can share it with your friends who are interested in vintage wallpapers. 1.2K Share on Facebook Email Print Share on Facebook Print Email Preparing a presentation for business purposes is actually not as easy as we imagine, there are a lot of important things we have to consider, one of which is the design of slides in PowerPoint.
Parched is a Powerpoint Template using playful retro elements great for presenting your company or project. This old book texture pack contains eight huge hi-res textures, each about 3000px on its longer side, on transparent backgrounds. Dig in to Playingwithbrushes awesome collection of 253 various images of vintage textures and objects.
This set contains eight varities of high quality vintage textures like old paints, grungy walls, wine label, etc. These beautiful and colorful vintage textures are contained in 10 packs and presented in a stylish flash menu where you can preview textures from each pack. These beautifuly grungy old wallpaper textures were made with layers of fabric, paper, grunge effects to produce such gorgeous results. Here are five must have high-resolution victorian grunge style wallpaper type textures that you’ll definitely want to use.
Dying Beauty Stock Photography has a total of 38 textures and backgrounds available in gallery but 5 of which are not vintage but still worth having as spare images for future use.
Wow… thank you so much for collecting this (not so) little lot together, and sharing it! Social networking is the buzz of the modern times with people all over the world spending most of their time interacting with online friends.
Hope you found a unique background that will help you show off your personality to those who visit your Twitter account.
Good designed template and well-organized slide will increase audience’s attention and vice versa, badly designed slides with too much text can be boring and your audience may walk on by.
NoteBook presentation contains 12 slides which are appropriate for a personal, business, corporate and creative use.

Creating high quality slides is truly a difficult task though, especially if you are not used to design PowerPoint presentation slides.The whole idea in using PowerPoint presentation slides is to make a presentation as effective and clear as possible by visually supporting the spoken word.
A mixture of various kinds of textures mostly vintage letters, grunge walls, photos and papers. Finding just the right background texture is always more difficult than it seems like it should be, so anywhere that we can find inspiration is always helpful. There are different vintage wallpapers like old car, old clothing fashion, old sketches or different paintings etc. In this site, we have collection of ppt backgrounds and clip art for your great PowerPoint presentations. The purpose is to send a clear message to the audience and make all of them remember the essential parts. You feel pleasure if there is wallpaper on your desktop background that is of your choice and taste. Some people like vintage wallpapers on their desktop screens. These wallpapers are different than others different types of wallpapers. This is why your PowerPoint template design should be given proper consideration.Most people do not have the knowledge and expertise to design their own PowerPoint templates effectively. There are innumerable themes available for Twitter with the vintage-style ones being some of the most searched for backgrounds. Although some individuals manage the basics of creating layout slides, few have the skills and experience to create a design that will effectively represent their company. When the wallpaper is of your own choice, then you find it comfortable and relax working for many hours on computer, laptops etc. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of PowerPoint presentation slides available online.When you decide to use a PowerPoint template you need to find one that is well suited your message and your company brand.
Given below is a collection of some of the coolest vintage Twitter backgrounds for you to choose from. It is important to consider how it communicates the values of your company, as well as the products and services you are known for.In this post, I have collected a list of useful PowerPoint templates designed for different business purposes.

They can be used directly or as inspiration and starting point for creating your own unique template.
The template is easy to print, and there is wide and standard version in pptx and ppt formats.Utopia PowerPoint Template – MORE INFOThis template is a contemporary and stylish design that can be perfect for corporate, business and personal use. An ideal template for any kind of statistical analysis or survey presentation that can be original and enjoyable for your audience. This template is ideal for all kinds of social media and web marketing concepts and other business requirements. The elements are separated so you can manage them any way you like.Teamwork presentation (free) – MORE INFOInspire your team to work together as a unit explaining the fruits of team work with this Team Work PowerPoint presentation.
The template contains slides for table of contents, information layout slide with table, information layout slide with a bar graph, information layout slide with a pie chart, and a thank you slide. The table of contents slide contains a video of a second hand moving on a clock.Loft PowerPoint Template – MORE INFOThe Loft PowerPoint set contains 20 custom animation and unique slides.
The slides could be changed easily without using Photoshop – perfect for personal and business use.Group Discussion!I like to know what you and your colleagues think of these PowerPoint presentation slides.
He is into WordPress topics, Web design, Web-development and also interested in SEO and Online Marketing. I agree with you that PowerPoint presentations have to be simple so that they do not steal attention from the presenter. I always keep in mind to use bullets and short sentences, but I think it is a privilege to have a pre-designed template like the ones mentioned in this article.

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