Our specially designed & configured servers are 100% compatible with WordPress that ensures maximum security, performance and higher level of stability for your WordPress powered websites. All our Shared WordPress hosting plans are backed by Cloudflare (CDN) Content Delivery Network to boost faster loading pages of your WordPress powered site, for a great and smoother browsing experience which helps in increasing your search engine rankings. We offer 1 Click WordPress install in our control panel, in just single click your WordPress site is ready to go live. Disclaimer : We try our best to ensure that the information on this site is accurate and up-to-date. We are a website that receives compensation from the web hosting company whose hosting services we review. Our FFMpeg supports all scripts requiring the use of FFMpeg such as, Clipshare, PHPmotion and more! Not to mention, you also get instant access to over 200+ of the most popular applications online with just 1 click installation! This is not the largest disk space offered in a free hosting plan, but it is not the smallest either. So you can choose where you want your website to be hosted according to the location of your targeted audience.

Since you are allowed to have unlimited accounts on their website, you theoretically can have unlimited MySQL databases.
However, we are human and are fallible, and we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information on this website. We test each product thoroughly and give high marks to only the very best webpage hosting services. Our servers are fully optimized to run FFmpeg flawlessly and stream your videos instantaneously. Get started with your WordPress blog on your own domain with customized Themes and plugins with ibOomz Hosting. When you host your site on their servers, you may notice that the storage capacity you get is smaller than 1.5 GB. With this generous feature, you do not need to worry that your free-hosted site will be suspended due to the bandwidth overuse.
If you are targeting the USA market, you may want to host your website on a server located in USA. Another feature you may like about their service is that they provide phpMyAdmin which you can use to manage your databases easily.

We may receive compensation from some of the hosting companies and advertisers that appear on this site if you use the links on our site. We are independently owned in Powell River of BC in Canada on the Sunshine Coast and the opinions expressed here are our own. Our unlimited web hosting plans include a host of FREE features including a free site builder, free website templates, free file transfers and cPanel control.
That is because the space your site gets on their server depends on how much web traffic your site gets. If you plan to make a free forum or weblog, you may find the One Click Autoinstaller is handy for installing scripts such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Mambo, phpBB3 and SMF. However, if you have a very popular website having heavy web traffic, they will show their ads on your site. However, we do not sell reviews, and the presence of compensation does not influence any of the material that we publish.

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