Maximize Your Social Media Presence through Blogging, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, etc.
Whether it’s articles, blog posts, or copyediting work, I can provide the rights words to help deliver your message to your intended audience.
In order to get regular work you constantly have to market your services using your own website, brochures, phone calls, brand creation etc. All of this can prove time-consuming, stressful and expensive with no guarantee of work at the end.
Complete the enquiry form at the top of the page, submit it to us and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Once you have expressed an interest in working for Global Proofreading and Copy-editing we will call you for a short informal interview to discuss your experience and what kind of work you would like. We will then ask you to send us a copy of your passport, CV, two references, any certificates showing educational qualifications and a letter showing proof of address. Global Proofreading and Copy-editing will do everything possible to make sure you have work which matches your experience and preferences.
We know that life as a freelance proofreader or copy-editor can be tough, especially when you are first starting out. Even if you do find various freelance proofreading or copy-editing jobs your profits are constantly used up by the other aspects of running your own small business.

We can arrange for as much or as little work as you would like and even match different kinds of work to your speciality or preference. We are great believers in forming long-term professional relationships with our freelance proofreaders and copy-editors. You will receive payment once a month on a day of your choice either by cheque or directly into your bank account.

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