A global financial services company was facing challenges in meeting its monthly collection target for a period of three months. Among the key activities that Genpact executes for clients are cost and process benchmarking, assessing different target operating models for the client, and estimating change management implications.
Click here to learn how Genpact helped transform a client’s existing setup into a finance center of excellence in Europe.
Bain Capital Private Equity brings extensive experience and resources to help management teams assess and capitalize on business opportunities. Leading global provider of business process management and technology services, focused on finance and accounting for corporations.
To retain and provide more value to its customers, Genpact did something unusual: It cut IT costs.
NxtGen adopted VCS Fabric, which enabled them to transition gracefully to elastic, highly automated and cloud-optimized networks. Amrita University’s Computational Neuroscience Lab adopted the accelerated computing platform to design prediction models for neurological disorders and understand neural circuit function. Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without express written permission of IDG Media Pvt.

Global Business Services (GBS) Strategy: A key tenet of enterprise agility Many CFOs of large enterprises have responded to volatile market conditions by transforming their roles and functions. Only 14 percent of organizations surveyed by Genpact make more than 95 percent of vendor payments on time. We conclude our efforts by producing a final business case that details the transformation path for the organization.
Our Smart Enterprise Processes framework is built on this approach, driving our differentiation. Since 1984, we have completed over 280 investments across a broad array of investment types, business life cycle, industries and geographies. The aim is to help pioneer treatments for brain disorders and dysfunctions and support developments in engineering and robotics. The rise of the Global Business Services (GBS) model, where multiple F&A processes (and, often, other functions) are shared in a unified global operating entity – an industrialized operation – demonstrates how CFOs can lead enterprise strategy by enabling a new operating model. Receive an 80G tax receipt & feedback report on the utilisation of your donation by these Indian charities.
A look at its operations—spread across 17 countries—and a workforce that’s over 54,000 strong is enough.

Standardizing data-gathering and mandating key analyses across businesses and geographies will improve timelines, improve uniformity of forecasting, and enable planners to focus on business-impacting activities. The real benefit is a more agile enterprise and stronger process-management skills that can be deployed in many other enterprise operations. However, the highly variable results to date indicate that both strategy and execution aren't easy to master.
This paper describes a more scientific, granular approach grounded in successful practices refined for more than a decade.
This strategy would impact servers, databases, storage, network, desktops, bandwidth, and telecom.

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