Windows 8 users face many problems as they are not acquainted to the new features that are varied with respective to the earlier versions of Windows OS.
A freeware named Start Screen Animations Tweaker enables secret animation in Windows 8 but at the same time it can also configure the animation to your personal preferences. This freeware Start Screen Animations Tweaker tool has the ability to change only a bunch of registry values, but it doesna€™t replace any of the original system files.
Start Screen Animations Tweaker is one of the easy to use utility program and the interesting thing is it doesna€™t require an installation.

This tutorial will help the new users to customize Windows 8 and help you to use the OS in a friendly way. However, I need to know how i can get animated gifs on my desktop, mainly for … look of Altimit OS which so far Windows 7 can do very well minus animated gifs).
This freeware allows you to configure the user name slide animation offset value, user picture slide animation offset value, right-to-left animation offset (for tiles) value and left-to-right animation offset value (for tiles). To help users to be more friendly with the Windows 8 OS, a new software is developed that can customize the Modern UI.

You can always get back to the original Start screen by simply clicking on Reset to defaults button. If you are a new user of Windows 8 and want to customize your computer then this software is useful to you.

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