This site uses cookie including third parties cookies which helps us provide and improve our services. Information and communication technology markets are among the most challenging in the world.
IDCa€™s broad and deep technology market insight enables us to help you to identify hot spots, customer motivations, competitive threats, and pathways to success. In today’s world of increased economic connectedness and a steady lowering of trade barriers across countries, enterprises are constantly seeking to replicate their home-country success in newer geographies.
PSD Global’s Market Entry practice offers a service spectrum that caters to every need of an international enterprise planning to enter new country(ies).
Market entry process of an international enterprise can be divided into 4 phases: Strategizing Phase, Business Set-up Phase, Business Development Phase and Growth Phase.
PSD Global can offer the entire end-to-end range of services to guide international businesses navigate market entry minefields successfully, or provide individual services for businesses that wish to engage services of the specialists for only certain sub-sets of overall activities. Headquartered in Washington, DC with associate offices in Miami, Munich, New York, Toronto, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Mumbai, Tokyo, Seoul and Melbourne, PSD Global is well positioned to meet the needs of our clients across North and South America and Europe. In addition to own-office network across key global markets, we have a strong partner network across much of South America and Europe.
We understand that in today’s competitive world, a business strategy that identifies, incorporates and accounts for a new market’s major and unique characteristics, consumer, industry and competitive trends, pricing and positioning of the company’s products and services is critical. Our consultants constantly monitor progress of the execution and step in to fine-tune the strategy if required, along with the clients. Rajput Jain & Associates, a Chartered Accountants firm has staff strength of nearly 30 in India. PAN (Permanent Account Number) allotment process will undergo a change from 3 February 2014. JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser. Rapid technology development and convergence, shifting market dynamics, and fierce competitive pressure force you to act fast.

However, each country’s market is unique in its underlying economic, demographic, cultural, business etiquette and regulatory factors.
For instance, we can provide only Customized Research, Physical Infrastructure Set-up and Lead Generation services for clients based on their requirements.
Our local offices enable us to offer the personal touch we’re known for, with our expert associates providing sector- and industry specific expertise and valuable contacts of regulatory bodies and the government, business partners, potential clients and investors.
We get if right every time, because we bring to the table, deep insight about the industries, markets, competition, the end-consumer behavior, a rich database of C-level executives’ contacts and a rich experience in guiding over 1000 businesses get a foothold and grow in a new market. One of the key strength of the firm is its ability to provide value added services to its clients on an All India Basis. The official release mentioned that an applicant of PAN will have to submit self-attested copies of Proof of Identity (POI), Proof of Address (POA) and Date of Birth (DOB) documents.
The Weismann study further concluded that the FCPA, designed by Congress as a self-regulatory model of corporate governance, failed to achieve the regulatory goal of deterring global bribery by U.S. Our extremely experienced business consultants, marketing and channel experts, and proven methods help you identify and act on new market opportunities.
Successful international enterprises often find that, despite investing millions, success is elusive in a particular country if they do not read the pulse of the market correctly. Additional inputs are constantly sought from our network of partners across the globe, our India based market research back-office and third-party research. The applicant will also have to produce the original documents for verification at the counter of PAN facilitation centres.
The notification also said that the POI, POA and DOB documents attached with the application PAN form will be verified with their original documents at the time of application submission. The current article addresses the reasons that the FCPA remains an ineffective measure to control bribery as a global market entry strategy despite the highly publicized 2006 Department of Justice initiative to increase prosecutions and tighten enforcement efforts.
If you are an international firm looking to accelerate growth by expanding into the Americas, EU or Asia or multiple-new countries in these geographies, PSD Global has the network of contacts, proprietary methodology, market credibility and record of success necessary to accelerate your path to profitability and revenue growth. It also said that the original documents will not be retained by the PAN Facilitation centre and will be returned back to the applicant as soon as it is verified.

The failure arises out of both the increased use of informal dispositions of case prosecutions, (including non-prosecution and deferred prosecution agreements), which has made “getting caught” merely an increased “cost of doing business” and the failure to close the regulatory gaps in the statute that permit violators to slip through the enforcement net.
The article updates and compiles the case prosecution data for every reported case prosecuted between 1977 and 2011. Goldman Sachs chief economist Jim O’Neill coined the term, but couldn’t have imagined its impact. That data are then compared to the results of a 2010 integrity risk survey performed by Deloitte Financial Advisory Services and Forbes which reveal a widely held global business perception that compliance and integrity risks appear to be rising sharply and that the FCPA is ineffective in deterring bribery and corruption in foreign markets.
The article aims to serve as a predictive tool for policy makers and business professionals in assessing risk in the global markets, particularly as commerce intensifies in the BRIC countries, notable for bribery and corruption.
Phase 2, Report on Application of the Convention on Combating Bribery of Foreign Public Officials in International Business Actions and the 1997 Recommendation on Combating Bribery in International Business Transactions. Follow-up report on the implementation of the Phase 2 recommendations on the Application of the Convention and the 1997 Recommendations on Combating Bribery of Foreign Public Officials in International Business Transactions. Transactions, consultation paper: Review of the OECD instruments on combating bribery of foreign public officials in international business transactions ten years after adoption.
Phase 3 Report: United States report on the application of the convention on combating bribery of foreign public officials in international business transactions. Corporate governance at the 2003 conference on bank structure and competition, Chicago, IL.Response of the United States.
FCPA digest of cases and review releases relating to bribes to foreign officials under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977. The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act: The failure of the self-regulatory model of corporate governance in the global business environment.

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