We leverage our innovative analytic techniques and technology to support our clients' evolving business needs. Our ROI Genome Project goes beyond benchmarks to provide an in-depth perspective and understanding of business drivers. Analytic Partners is recognized as a Leader in Forrester Wave Report: Marketing Mix Modeling 2013.
Our exclusively in-house teams foster the adoption of insights through collaboration and partnership. What we deliverAnalytic Partners delivers results-oriented strategic consulting services, marketing analytics and software tools to support our clients business planning and strategy needs.
Our client-centric approachOur organizational model and operating culture is one with a basis of collaboration. UNIQLO's research and design (R&D) centers continually research analyze the latest fashions and lifestyles from around the world as well as look for new materials. UNIQLO can secure stable, high-volume supplies of top-quality materials at low cost by negotiating directly with materials manufacturers, and placing large-volume orders.
UNIQLO deploys about 400 staff and textile takumi (skilled artisans) to offices in Shanghai, Ho Chi Minh City, Dhaka, Jakarta and Istanbul. As UNIQLO expands its global reach, we have formed business relationships with partner factories in China, Vietnam, Bangladesh and Indonesia.
The Inventory Control department maintains the optimum level of store inventory by monitoring sales and stock on a weekly basis, and dispatching necessary inventory and new products to fulfill product orders. Each season, UNIQLO conducts promotional campaigns for core products such as fleece, Ultra Light Down, AIRism and HEATTECH.
In addition, UNIQLO is forging ahead with its strategy to open global flagship stores in major cities around the world. Executive MBA students can complete global electives at Kellogg partner schools abroad, where homegrown faculty share rare insights into local business, culture and politics.

The Kellogg-HKUST Executive MBA program brings leaders together in an intellectual quest that encompasses six continents. Exempted Course at Non-local Courses Registry, Education Bureau (Reference number: 460503).
We work with our clients to help drive action and fully benefit from the insights identified through our work. UNIQLO negotiates directly with materials suppliers around the world, placing large orders to ensure steady access to world-class natural materials. On these occasions, designers meet with representatives from the merchandising, marketing, materials development and production departments to discuss and finalize concepts for upcoming seasons. After meeting with the R&D designers, merchandisers then apply the concepts for each season to product plans, materials and designs. We will also look at expanding our global manufacturing base by developing relationships with factories closer to UNIQLO stores in Europe and the United States.
At the end of each season, merchandisers and the Marketing Department help coordinate the timing of markdowns and limited-period sales (typically 20-30% off the regular price) to ensure that inventory sells out. During these campaigns, UNIQLO advertises these core products' unique qualities and noteworthy features on TV and in other media.
Since the opening of the first store outside Japan in 2001, UNIQLO International has expanded to 798 stores, including 467 stores in Greater China (Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan), 155 in South Korea, and 108 in Southeast Asia and Oceania.
Of that total, 174 stores are located in China, 16 in Hong Kong, 90 in South Korea, 25 in Taiwan, 8 in Singapore, 6 in Malaysia, 6 in Thailand, 2 in Republic of the Philippines, 10 in the United Kingdom, 3 in France, 2 in Russia and 5 in the United States.
New global flagship stores in Taipei, New York Fifth Avenue and Seoul in fall 2011 have successfully boosted UNIQLO's brand appeal in their respective markets. Scenery and national anthems will vary, but the same philosophy and top-tier education unites the students and faculty in all our programs in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the Americas. It is a matter of discretion for individual employers to recognize any qualification to which this course may lead.

Then UNIQLO's R&D centers prepare designs and refine samples until each product is finalized. Our in-depth research and experimentation generates multi-layered improvements in the functionality, feel, silhouette and texture of our clothes. Next, they decide the product lineup and volume for each season, paying close attention to a detailed marketing strategy.
Customer concerns regarding quality are communicated immediately to production departments, and then improvements are made. In Japan, for example, weekly flyers in the Friday editions of national newspapers, which are delivered to most households, promote the apparel that will be discounted through Monday.
UNIQLO operations in Asia are developing into highly profitable businesses and therefore a more aggressive new store opening policy has been pursued in the Asian nations of China, Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan, with 100 new stores scheduled to open for business in the Asian region in fiscal 2013. UNIQLO is known and loved by consumers worldwide for its ability to challenge the conventional wisdom of clothing.
For example, we source denim to specific spinning standards and dyeing specifications from Kaihara Corporation.
One other important task for our merchandisers is to decide when to increase or reduce production during a season. We also develop materials with our strategic partner Toray Industries, a synthetic fiber manufacturer, to create HEATTECH. Any decisions about adjusting production in line with demand are made jointly with the product planning department.

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