On one of my many trips to China, I noticed that almost every Expat and big businessman that I came in contact with owned a Buick.
For the first entry in this Global Marketing Strategy Blog, it seems suitable to simply address the topic of “Global Marketing Strategies” in a broad sense.
A global marketing strategy that completely globalizes all marketing activities is not always desirable – and is definitely not always achievable. Integrated Global Marketing Strategy: Companies, such as Coca Cola, utilize this strategy, where most of elements of the marketing strategy, such as the communications strategy, pricing and distribution, segmentation, and positioning have been globalized. Global Product Strategy: Companies that utilize a global product strategy have essentially globalized their product offering. Composite Global Marketing Strategy: In this strategy, companies implement several generic global strategies and run them in parallel. To this day, multinational companies are still trying to determine whether a marketing strategy is best globalized, regionalized, or localized. The real issue with global marketing, as it is often practiced, is that we need to get better at execution at a local level.
The second big issue with global marketing teams, based in HQ, is that the brands are more often than not composed of the same people rotating through the brands. Bien sur, there are good counter examples, but these are typically going to be brands whose mother ship is also the singular commercial brand (Apple, Samsung, IBM come to mind). One of the greatest opportunities for global marketing teams is to use digital to get closer to the countries (i.e. Moreover, by enabling a more fluid and open digital communication within the company throughout the subsidiary marketing teams, there are ways to ignite new cycles of innovation. For those who are just about to start a small business online, here is a video you could find useful to start off.
Here are the great tips on how to market your business online, these tips will help you expand your marketing and gain more clients. Expanding your marketing efforts to an international audience can be a great opportunity to grow your company and reach potential customers that may not otherwise discover your brand, products or services. Before kicking off your international digital marketing strategy, consider the following five tips on how to successfully market to an international audience. If your business has already begun to optimize your online presence for a global community, add your own tips for online international marketing in the comments below. Having your site translated into other languages is a huge advantage to marketing to an international audience, but having a deep understanding of your own and other’s cultures is also important. The first step to improving cross-cultural competency is understanding the cultural barriers within which you and others in your business operate.
Only after you understand your own culture can you begin to learn about other cultures and make note of differences. While studying abroad in China, for example, a schoolmate taught me some Chinese Internet lingo for chatting on QQ and MSN Messenger, the instant messaging platforms of choice among young Chinese at the time.
Think about how your country or region’s cultural norms differ among age groups, genders, geographical areas and so on, and then consider these differences among consumers in other cultures. When possible, talk with, learn from and spend time with people who represent the audience you’re hoping to reach. When marketing to a global audience, your business should be aware of regional regulations on products, advertising and sales tactics. Advertising Regulations: In some regions of the world, advertising related to certain types of products are subject to approval by various governing bodies. Furthermore, comparative advertising is treated with varying degrees of hostility across the world. Product Laws: If you sell your product online to an international audience, it is subject to product development laws regarding chemical makeup, safety, performance and packaging designs, including languages, sizes and materials used. International search engine marketing is a mixture of choosing the right search engines, localizing content and understanding keywords.
Choose the Right Search Engines: Figure out which search engines are used by the particular markets you are targeting. In many cases, the first portal for your online communication with potential customers will be your website.

Currency Conversion: If you are in the e-commerce business and offer international shipping, make sure you also enable users to convert their purchase amount into their own currency. Loading Speed: Check out the Yahoo Developer Network for some best practices on speeding up your website. If your company already serves multiple markets and your site sees a lot of international visitors, you should consider looking into ways to reach your global audience via social media.
Creating multiple regional Pages increases the localization of each Page, but this method requires more time to customize, as various logos and text should be created for each one. Twitter: If you expect to tweet in multiple languages, you should create multiple Twitter accounts. In the end, the goal is to widen your audience by making it easier for them to access your content. This article intrigued me because it doesn’t simply state that successful global marketing strategies include analyzing foreign markets, competition, cultural differences, and the other major elements that most articles discuss. The article states that global marketing leaders admit that they initially underestimated the importance of addressing their organization structure and processes . By focusing on the internal structure of a marketing organization, a company can eliminate roadblocks, confusion, and duplication, and they can find new ways of working to enable the brand vision to be translated into reality. This is the first time I have heard about developing a global strategy and tailoring the structure of your department to meet the needs of that strategy.
This chart shows the percentage of each country's internet population who have bought something online. Countries have too many differences in cultural tastes and preferences, there are varying degrees of government regulation when it comes to marketing and advertising, and product uses are not necessarily the same from one country to the next. Though it discusses many different types of Global Marketing Strategies, I only want to discuss a few that I find to be useful, and logical, strategies to implement on a global level. This means that key aspects – such as product use conditions, expected features, and required product functions – are mostly identical so that few variations or changes are needed. This means that a company might follow a global branding strategy while simultaneously running local brands in certain areas. Localized and regionalized strategies can create brand identity issues, while globalized strategies limit creativity and can cause complacency.
The video was published 2011 but still it’s recommended that you watch this informative video some of this tips may not have been encountered by you.
Reaching an international audience, though, entails understanding regional cultures, laws and online behaviors.
Having a grasp of the cultural assumptions and biases that you hold will help you identify cultural differences that may jeopardize business abroad.
Learning about and respecting other cultures will help you localize your brand’s message.
For example, in many countries, advertisements for pharmaceuticals must be approved by local health ministries. Make sure your desired promotion tactics don’t conflict with local laws before running them. While you can reach many English-speaking customers via search by advertising on the top three search engines in the U.S.
Instead, work with native speakers trained in search marketing to figure out native keywords that would be best associated with your website and its content.
In most of Europe and the Americas, for example, white is associated with purity and marriage. It’s particularly important, when it comes to reaching a global audience, to use a Content Delivery Network (CDN), which is a collection of web servers around the world.
You’ll have to figure out the right option for your brand, but considering your strategy before launching is a good start.
This minimizes confusion with readers who don’t speak all of the languages you tweet in.
Our findings consistently show that organization, roles and responsibility, and global behaviors are without doubt one of the knottiest global marketing leadership challenges out there. Rather, this article discusses the importance of analyzing the internal structure of a company – the roles and responsibilities of employees, and the importance of approach and communication efficiencies.

From there, he shifted focus to reconnect personnel to the role of the marketing department, and made sure that role was fully understood. According to the press release, Gap typically enters the new market with brand-building “flagship” stores, followed by outlets and other smaller stores in outlying areas.
Is Gap being too cautious by slowly entering these markets at first or are they pacing themselves appropriately given the risk? 40.4% of the worldwide internet population will make a purchase through a digital channel this year.
Therefore, I concluded that complete standardization of a marketing strategy is not achievable. Among my Chinese classmates, it wasn’t universally used, which makes perfect sense — even in America, only certain age groups and types of people use cutesy emoticons and shorthands to communicate online.
Remember that keywords aren’t words, but instead shortened thoughts used by Internet browsers to find particular types of content. While it may be impossible to eliminate all graphics with text, read up on other design options made possible by the rise of web fonts.
Instead of serving your site from one location, you can improve load times by offering it from the server nearest to your site visitor. On the positive side, users will be receiving targeted updates in their news feeds, and they will still be gathered in one place.
Dell’s Direct2Dell corporate blog, for example, has Twitter feeds in English, Norwegian, Chinese, Japanese and Spanish.
He then made sure that the marketing department reconnected with the company as a whole, as well as with its stakeholders. Gap reaffirmed its goal of growing total sales outside of North America and online to about 30% by the end of its fiscal 2013. Once these stores pick up, the Company may decide to apply a franchise model to increase expansion in the regions. Western Europe's online population is very engaged in terms on online purchases, but countries in the Asia Pacific have significant room for growth in coming years.
Through researching this topic, though, I found that companies do something that makes a little more sense . A multinational company MUST have a global strategy, but it cannot be completely standardized. My shortsightedness and excitement to fit in abroad had led me to overlook the fact that not everyone in China communicates online in the same way. Often, local markets are best served via local search engines, because the English-language search engines don’t always suffice for niche, local content. But don’t be fooled — in Westernized Asian cities, white weddings are becoming more common.
There are quite a few currency conversion API tools to choose from, but they can be difficult to sort through — check out Exchange Rate API for starters.
The downside is the possibility of confusing users who visit your Page and find updates in multiple languages.
Once the department was reconnected, he knew that he had to prepare it for the growth of the new more global marketing organization. If you have a global marketing strategy with extreme potential, maybe the best way to be successful is to tailor yourself to meet that strategy? Moreover, the Company plans to bring the first store of its Old Navy brand outside of North America to Japan within the next 1-2 years, and plans to “nearly triple” the number of Gap stores in China from 15 to about 45 by the end of 2012. Beyond colors, make sure any icons, logos or graphics you are using are acceptable and looked upon in good light in areas you wish to reach. By opening just a few flagship stores early on, you sort of test the waters of the market without having a huge investment. If the flagship stores fail, the Company can reassess its decision to fully commit to entering that particular international market.

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