A good editor has both wide-ranging and specialized knowledge to be able to pick up factual errors. Not only must a good editor love the written word, but she must also have flawless knowledge of grammar and style. Telling an author that there is a major problem with the manuscript that they have devoted months or years of their life to creating is like telling a mother that her child is funny looking. Style guides provide guidelines on such topics as use of hyphens, captilization, and reference format.
I never thought I would be typing this, but Selena Gomez has the potential to sit comfortably among the alt-R&B kids of today — fka Twigs, The Weeknd, BANKS, Tinashe, etc. Get an eyeful of even more pop music coverage, from artist interviews to exclusive performances, on Idolator’s YouTube channel.
I was on a panel at Readercon about masculinity in fiction, which was nearly derailed when one of the male editors on the panel said he really wanted to get more diverse work, but no one was sending it to him.
It was Aidan who came to me and asked for a post about women in combat, and the reality that women have been part of every fighting force. This is what I mean when I say that building a better future, or a more inclusive genre, isn’t just about writers writing better, more inclusive stuff.
Startling in its openness and honesty, The Geek Feminist Revolution will captivate you from the first page with its wit and gravitas, its rage and its joy, its tactical profanity and moving eloquence. As you grow as a content creator, your projects (and the editors attached to them) will rise and fall in priority. Much like we tend to guide and grow writers with the intention of building a group we can count on for our content needs, you need to find reliable editors who help you get your bills paid. Good editors understand that no matter who or what you’re writing for, the words, tone, and story are particular to you. To that end, though, the burden is also on your editor to accurately explain the content goals. An established content program should already have a style guide or some other set of guidelines, so feel free to ask. Content Marketing Storytelling Techniques: What’s the Line between Vivid and Verbose? While there’s certainly something to be said for getting your feet in the door, most editors will tell you that what really matters is what you do with the opportunity once you’re on the other side.
If you’re not a morning person or have other obligations to take care of before work, plug in during your commute. Less important than where you mark down those RSVPs is finding a solid system that works for you. If possible, Perez recommends timing those stories so they’re a natural extension of your everyday life. WHIPPERSNAPPER WISDOMDownload a magazine’s media kit from its website (often in the footer) to get insider info before your interview.
The Good Men Project is looking for a few good editors — to head up and lead sections on Politics, Education, and Humor.
For Politics, we’d like an editor who can look at provocative topics in any political debate thoughtfully.
For Education, we are looking for an Editor who can help us find the stories that help change the problems and inequalities in our Educational system.
Since launching 2 years ago, The Good Men Project has become a leader in the discussion of men’s issues and men’s stories. Sailing the DistanceLauren Camp honors the creative accomplishments of a California man who also happened to be an illiterate immigrant. New Rochelle Football Captain Gets Loud About His Team’s ChancesRochelle’s football captain plans on leading his team to success. This Pneumatic Post Driver is Simple and BrilliantDriving posts for fences is a pain, and this automatic pneumatic tool makes it painless. Viking Invaders Struck Deep Into the West of England – and may Have Stuck AroundThere’s something in the water.
Married Bliss Comes and Goes Like the Tide – 6 Ways to Keep the Tide INThe honeymoon never lasts forever, but you can keep that loving feeling going every single day. Millions Spread out Across the Entire LandscapeDown low in the fields of gold the ground hugging layer of tiny herbs may be found. She has to be a bit of a Renaissance person a€” and she is usually a really good Trivial Pursuit player.
If you are late in one stage of the process, it causes a chain reaction everywhere else down the line.

The ones that I use for a specific project are either requested by the client or are chosen based on the intended audience. Some of the books I use are: The Chicago Manual of Style 16th edition, AMA Manual of Style 10th edition, Scientific Style and Format 7th edition, Editing Canadian English 2nd edition, The Copyeditor's Handbook, The Canadian Press Stylebook with CP Caps and Spelling, MLA Style Manual and Guide to Scholarly Publishing 3rd edition, Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association 6th edition.
The singer uses her whispering vocals (Janet Jackson would be proud) to echo and coo over the tune’s delicate-as-crystal, electronic-based production that sounds nothing like what’s happening in pop today — and gladly so! Another editor on the panel pointed out that if you want diverse work, you need to go out and find it.
Analog I never bothered with, but for years I submitted to The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, in vain.
Because those venues are, to my memory, if not actively hostile to work like mine, then simply not friendly to it.
It’s about everyone at every level of the industry actively going out and requesting and looking for work from more diverse writers, on more diverse topics. And if you asked every one of those editors if they just sat back and waited for diverse and wonderful stories to come in, I suspect they would laugh and say that no, they actively look for new writers, invite writers to submit, and have welcoming, inclusive guidelines. The longer you work on the best ones, the more familiar you’ll become with each editor—and the more vital it is to nurture that relationship. It’s solitary and requires some motivation hacks, as the Content Standard writer Emma Siemasko describes in a recent story. Writing is a very personal endeavor, especially when it asks the writer to tell honest, tough stories.
The best editors know how to balance those elements with what they or their client is looking for.
They have to have a solid understanding of the publication’s audience, voice, style, and any other particulars that make the brand what it is.
Yes, the editor-writer relationship is professional at its core, but a people-person editor is more likely to want to help you find more work if she enjoys hearing from you. She is a freelance writer and editor with a master of arts in publishing and writing, and her work has appeared in the Content Standard, Boston Content's #BosBlog, Rue La La, and Redivider, among others. When it comes to a publishing office, you can typically guarantee some peace and quiet if you’re able to get in a little earlier than your coworkers. In addition to a color-coded Google calendar, Univer insists on jotting down appointments in her Moleskin. This perspective shouldn’t be middle-of-the-road, pandering to both sides or drawing false equivalences, but we believe there is a place where we can debate the individual issues without engaging in further polarization of sides or name-calling of candidates of people in office. We ’d like to start with education of boys — how they are taught, what they are learning, how our education system is working for them or against them. We’d like you to develop relationships with other editors and work with them on cross-promotion.
It takes a look at men from multiple viewpoints and challenge existing stereotypes in a way that no other media outlet does. Just Look at What We Have Helped to ChangeWe’re the guys who eat stereotypes for lunch.
For any parent who has contemplated tossing their kid's artwork, bribed their tots with candy, decided not to breastfeed or breastfed "too long," these essays are both candid and cathartic. I have copy edited hundreds of medical and scientific journal articles for both authors before submission and journals before publication.
She is often a bit of a grammar guerilla: tiny mistakes in the newspaper seem to immediately jump off the page. Hit-Boy and Rock Mafia’s production is crisp and innovative, each verse is laced with clever wordplay and the chorus is catchy on a quasi-subliminal level. But for now, here are my thoughts on the role of editors in building a brighter future for SFF. The only venue publishing work like mine, back when I was actively submitting a lot of short stories, was Strange Horizons, and that’s where I made some of my most memorable story sales (The Women of Our Occupation, Genderbending at the Madhattered). Aidan has done a great job of this at A Dribble of Ink, in particular the last couple of years, highlighting work from more diverse artists and requesting work from a variety of writers. And though circulation will never be what it was, I see a far healthier short fiction market than there has been in some time now with the proliferation of online magazines, which are getting funding through all sorts of innovative sources. What we need are the folks curating work to actively go out and find it, and let us know they’re open to it, and they want to build the future with us, too. As such, you want to find an editor who serves as a lifeline, a source of happiness whose name you don’t mind seeing in your inbox. In this piece for Hello Humankindness, Dwilson describes how her husband used to sleep on the floor next to their sick kitten.

I start with the Mediabistro Morning Media Newsfeed, which is an email roundup of the big media news from the day before.
Rather than looking at politics as a team sport or a horse race, we want to shift focus past the names and figureheads to the issues that affect real people. With over 7 million visitors since the site launched, and upwards of 3.5 million pageviews every month, The Good Men Project is has indeed sparked a lively, provocative and relevant discussion about “What does it mean to be a good man?” – the goal and mission for the project that was established from day one. Dirt is Good for You reveals the age-old truth that, despiteour imperfections, our kids are growing up just fine.
I regularly edit for a number of journals and have experience editing textbooks, dissertations, clinical practice guidelines, medical testing reports, books on health and nutrition, and magazine articles. I have chaired book fairs, organized author talks, coordinated a Reading Buddies outreach program, and designed a project using QR codes on library books and linking them to student video reviews (check out The Canadian Children's Book Centre if you also love children's books). She has an appreciation for the Oxford comma and knows that despite what we were taught in school, it is not a mortal sin to leave a participle dangling. She also needs to be flexible because there is an inevitable bump in the road with almost every project. The 22-year-old exudes newfound confidence, but there’s still a lingering vulnerability that connects this era to her earlier work.
Yet it has since been reprinted in Lightspeed Magazine and the upcoming Mammoth Book of SF Stories by Women. But it had become a monolithic dinosaur, always looking back and back and back, full of nostalgia. If you’re freelance writing for a couple of Skyword programs plus creating content for other brands, the answer is probably at least a couple. A skilled editor goes into a story like this—one that discusses life and death, particularly regarding a living being the writer loves—knowing there’s a heavy burden of responsibility: How much should she change, if anything?
I also check the media section of the New York Post and always read Keith Kelly’s column. I love seeing everything together on paper, and honestly, nothing feels more gratifying than physically crossing things off a list,” she says. If you work online, using tools like Omniture to monitor page views and unique visits and Chartbeat to monitor how well social media posts are performing daily is the best way to stay informed. In particular, as a men’s magazine with a distinct social conscience, we want to think about the laws and policies that most affect men. We want debates, thoughtful policy pieces, and how our educational systems affect everyone — with, of course, the emphasis on boys and men. Tone can run the gamut from slapstick to sophisticated, as long as it ties back to our core brand of stories about, by and for men.
After my children were born, I worked as a freelance writer in mostly the health and science fields. I also had the pleasure of being a judge and chair for the Toronto Book Awards (2010a€“2012). She also knows that when the right words are put together properly, they can be as beautiful as a work of art. Basically, all four of us dissect a particularly noteworthy pop event, and give it a rating out of 10. While the rapper does very well with mainstream collaborations, his verse seems tacked on and interrupts the tune’s smooth nature. You don’t have to name names, but you likely enjoy working with some (or even just one) more than others. If the piece needs revisions, how can she approach it in such a way that the writer understands that the story isn’t at fault? Custody laws, support for dads who can’t pay child support, health care initiatives, same-sex marriages, homelessness, prison, guns, the lobbying sector, war, are just a few of the political issues that affect men in unique ways.
You are also, of course, welcome to talk to other Editors here to ask what they have gotten out of working at The Good Men Project and what results they have and expect to receive.
I then decided to immerse myself in the study of books and did certification programs in Publishing and Library Studies concurrently. Other issues, like economic and regulatory struggles, have broader effects that can affect men’s lives in subtler, less direct ways. What kinds of policy have worked in the real world to address these issues, and what issues are still going unaddressed?

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