When planning your AdWords and Bing advertising campaigns, you will need to identify and select the specific “networks,” or combination of networks, that your paid ads will be shown in.
Both Google AdWords and Bing Ads have a couple networks to choose from, each offering its own unique marketing opportunities, advantages and disadvantages. Google allows you to advertise on two types of paid-advertising networks that they have labelled as the “Google Search Network” and the “Google Display Network.” As an AdWords advertiser, you have the option to run PPC campaigns in one of these networks, both, and even a combination of the two.
The Google Search Network is the group of search-related sites, including Google Search and search properties like Google Shopping and Google Maps, where your ads can appear. If you select “Search Network Only,” your campaign will only show ads on the Google Search Network. One thing to note about Search Partner sites that are included in the Google Search Network is that those sites don’t necessarily need to be search-oriented sites.
At times, opting out of Search Partner sites can help reduce spend and filter out unwanted clicks. When you are creating a display campaign in AdWords you will be met with a few campaign types to choose from. On the display network, you have the option to run a variety of different ad formats using a variety of different targeting options. Google no longer allows users to create new AdWords campaigns that target both the Google search network and the display network at the same time. The search network with display select option allows your ads to appear in Google’s search engine results page (SERP) as well as on relevant webpages that belong to Google’s display network. According to Google, the search network with display select campaign type uses an improved algorithm to predict at what time and on which websites your ads will perform their best. Once you have done all of that, you will be taken to the next campaign setup screen where you can input your campaign network type and respective budgets. If at any point you would like to change the network targeting of a particular campaign that you’ve already created, you will not be able to modify that setting for the entire campaign after you have finalized creating that campaign.
It’s important to take time to review each of the Bing networks and make a clear decision about which networks you would like to advertise on. The Bing Content Network includes Bing and Yahoo owned-and-operated sites as well as syndicated partner sites that are typically focused on specific interest categories like sports, finance, or technology. You need to select the Bing content network during the campaign setup phase (the second option in the above shot).
Remember, to adjust your network targeting after previously creating a campaign you must make the network change on the ad group level. Now that you know the process for selecting your network targeting in both AdWords and Bing, the next step is to assess the opportunities that each network can provide and to determine if it makes sense to run differentiated campaigns based on different network types.
It is important to understand each network type and the advertising opportunities that they present to your business. Potholes: Marketing Support for Entrepreneurs – Business Oceans™ Phone 678-744-4811Marketing Support for Entrepreneurs is Unique in America.
Are you unsure whether you should be spending your advertising budget with Google AdWords or social media advertising through networks such as Facebook? If so, then what you might need to help you make the decision is a way to compare the costs between the two. Before we get started, here are a few things you’ll need to keep in mind during this process.
Most advertising platforms, especially Google AdWords, based the cost of a click on your ad on a variety of factors, including the keyword(s) you are targeting. Paid search advertising generally only allows you to target your ads based on keywords searched, location of the search user, and language.
Depending on how you set up social media ads, you could be charged for more than just a click to your website.
You can control your costs on all advertising platforms by setting the maximum bid amount for each click or interaction with your ad, as well as a daily maximum budget and maximum overall budget.
With these things in mind, here’s how you can compare estimated costs of your advertising budget with search vs. The best way to estimate your advertising costs for Google AdWords is to use the Keyword Planner tool to estimate the CPC for the keywords you are targeting, whereas on social networks, you will have to set up your ad to find out the suggested bid price. When you click Get Ideas, you will then select the Keyword Ideas tab to see the details about each keyword you searched.
Beneath this, you will also get additional keyword ideas that you could target, each with estimated search volume plus a suggested bid amount.
To estimate the cost of a Facebook ad for the same business, you will go to Facebook Ads and select Clicks to Website or Website Conversions (if you have conversion tracking in Facebook set up). Next, you will set up your ad as you would want it to appear on Facebook and configure the settings, including demographic targeting of your audience.
Once you’ve set up your Campaign and Budget, you can select the option under Bidding and Pricing to manually set your maximum bid for clicks.

This means an advertising campaign that received 100 clicks could range from $27–$58 dollars.
A true test as to which ad platform is best for your business is to run ads on both platforms at the same time with a small but equal budget and see which results in the most traffic and conversions on your website using Google Analytics goals.
We specializes in proven and profitable Pay Per Click (PPC) Google Adwords advertising management services for business throughout San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles.
We not only offer pay per click campaigns management we consider all aspects from strategy to execution including SEO and appropriate keyword research, modification in keyword list, custom and unique creative writing, Professional account management, structured campaign management, improving ROI, creation and expansion of ads, budget management, monthly reporting, improvement of quality score, bid adjustments, landing page testing technologies and much more. We spend hours on reviewing your campaign and making every possible change and improve it to make your PPC campaign successful from your competitors.
PPC management services through social media acquire a technical approach of keyword revision and analysis along with regular monitoring, constant updates and conversion. In this post, I’ll define each PPC advertising network that is available to you when using Google AdWords and Bing Ads. Which networks you choose to target with your campaigns depend on your marketing goals and campaign strategy, as well as how much you are willing to spend. The Google Search Network also consists of Google Search Partners, which includes websites like AOL than can also display your ads. As you can see, you have the option to exclude “Search Partners” from your Search Network-targeted campaign if you would like.
Always seek out more information particular to your account before opting out or into a particular network.
The Display Network (formerly known as the Content Network) is a collection of websites and Google properties (Gmail, Blogger, YouTube, Google Finance, etc.) that show text, image, video, and rich media ad formats.
It is best to select “all features” so that you can always come back and enable a new display network targeting option if you would like. Users can now opt-in to “Google Search Network with Display Select” if they desire to show ads on both the Google search network and the Google display network simultaneously. When your ads are shown on the display network using the Google search network with display select campaign type, bidding is automated and your ads are shown selectively by Google based on the search criteria and search context.
Ads will be shown to a smaller group of users who will likely be better qualified to click and convert on your offer. Bing’s two advertising networks are called the “Bing Search Network” and the “Bing Content Network.” As a Bing advertiser, you have the option to run paid-advertising campaigns in one of these networks, both, and even a combination of the two. Be sure to adjust your network targeting before you finalize creating your campaign to make sure you are not advertising on a network that you would prefer not to target. You can only adjust your network targeting after creating a campaign by changing the network targeting for individual ad groups in your campaign.
These properties include websites that are owned and operated by Microsoft’s and Yahoo’s search partners, an almost identical setup to that of Google’s search partner network.
Your ads will display based on the keywords that you are bidding on and whether or not those keywords are featured on the page(s) of websites within the content network.
Each network has many layers to discover in terms of more refined targeting options and optimization techniques.
You can see below, we managed the account and got it down to $15.00 per click making it a more efficient advertising tool.
Or Call 303-521-5119 or Email to set up an effective traffic increasing, internet marketing campaign. While one business may only need to target keywords that cost less than a dollar per click, others might be targeting keywords that are $20+ per click.
Social media advertising generally allows you to target by deeper customer demographics such as location, gender, marital status, subjects they like, and who they are connected to.
Social media networks often charge based on engagement, meaning people who see your ad, people who click on any part of your ad (but not necessarily the link itself), and people who engage with your ad through likes, comments, and shares. You can effectively choose any bid amount you want, but if another company is bidding a higher amount for the same terms or targeted audience, their ad will be shown instead of or above yours.
Here, you will see the estimated search volume along with the suggested bid amount per click.
For the example business, they take advantage of targeting options under More Categories that includes selecting expectant parents and parents of children ages 0–3. When you do this, you will see a suggested bid amount appear under the Audience Definition box.
Alternatively, an advertising campaign with a total budget of $100 could receive anywhere from 172–370 clicks. This should give you a good indicator if one advertising platform – AdWords or Facebook – works best for your business. Their click ratio is really good as my ad was delivered right in user’s email with regular content. With several years of experience in Pay per Click management we can assure you increase of sales of your product and services that will attract more customers.

When you are selecting your campaign network targeting in Bing, you will have the option to opt-out of the search partner network, just as you would in Google AdWords.
I highly recommend advertisers spend some extra time understanding the features of both the Bing and AdWords networks so that your advertising dollars see maximum return while generating qualified business opportunities.
The high of unexpected wins; when your plan comes together and a cohesive vision is created. Whether these companies are primarily using search ads to generate leads for mobile plans or whether they’re selling phones and other hardware, it appears that AdWords is working for them.The finance industry has the second highest average conversion rate – as well as the highest cost per click (CPC) of the bunch. We’ll use the example business of an online store that sells baby clothing in the United States. This means an advertising campaign that received 100 clicks could range from $101–$229 dollars. To get there is a diversified road of research, creating, envisioning and actions filled with potholes…Knowledge […] TWe Are Getting into Virtual Coffee and Organic TeasHi Everyone, We have been doing business coaching and digital marketing consulting for many years now, generating 100?s of thousands of dollars for many clients. 29 Image: How to Build a Stress-Free and More Productive Workplace How to Build a Stress-Free and More Productive Workplace 29 What Role Do Entrepreneurs Have in an Economy? Alternatively, an advertising campaign with a total budget of $100 could receive anywhere from 43–99 clicks.
Some people feel frustrated when they do not found any reliable management services and do not achieve their targeted business goal. By taking our PPC management services you are free to spend your time and energy on other aspects of your business. This could be because people tend to shop around a lot before pulling the trigger on travel purchases like plane tickets and hotel rooms. Our team can start a new pay per click campaign on AdWords, Bing and Yahoo for our client’s new website. If you want to start an online advertising campaign then keyword advertising can bring countless opportunities for you. Average Conversion Rates by Industry by Larry Kim November 4, 2012 Twitter Facebook Google+ LinkedIn Flipboard 4 213 SHARES Marketers are always looking for benchmarks and averages so they’ll have some idea of what to shoot for when conducting and measuring their marketing campaigns. Coffee is the second highest traded valuable commodity on the […] The post We Are GettingLocal Denver Business Grows 288% Year-to-Year Internet MarketingFor years, we’ve been serving others by connecting real world business with the new, required digital marketing world.
When it comes to Google AdWords, some benchmarks are easier to come by than others – for example, when asked “What’s a good click-through rate,” Google reps have recommended aiming for a click-through rate of 2-5%.
But as for what’s a good conversion rate, it’s pretty much anyone’s guess – as least until now.We recently conducted what we believe is the most extensive study of the economics of the Google AdWords model to date.
By crunching data from our AdWords Performance Grader, which has analyzed over a billion dollars in aggregate spend, we were able to determine averages and benchmarks for top-level key performance metrics across the Google search and display networks, including conversion rate and cost per conversion. Note that for most industries, cost per conversion is lower on the display network, but not in every case.So What’s a Good Conversion Rate on Google AdWords? Their  target client is someone with a dog and enough income to hire some yard support in Denver Metro. We also drilled down into the top 10 industries that spend the most money on Google advertising to determine industry benchmarks for AdWords conversion rate and more. If you work in one of the above “top 10” industries, use the industry-specific averages as a benchmark.
Some businesses use AdWords to generate leads, and they may count a range of different activities as leads.For this reason, it can be helpful to break out the average conversion rates by industry.
If you work in the finance, Internet or another industry with high average conversion rates, aim for the higher end of that range.A good cost per conversion will vary widely based on your particular business model and the lifetime value of a newly acquired customer. For example, in the finance and insurance industry, advertisers generally use paid search for lead gen, so filling out a form to “get a quote” or to contact the company would count as a conversion. A cost per conversion under $10 is great – but many businesses can afford to pay much more than that for each conversion (sale or lead generated) and still get good ROI form paid search.Find Out How You Compare to Other Advertisers In Your IndustryStill wondering how your own AdWords performance measures up?
We analyzed data from 2,600 AdWords accounts, examining key metrics like the total number of number of clicks, impressions, costs, etc. It’s a fast, free way to see how you compare to other advertisers in your industry and with similar budgets. When determining conversion rates, I ignored data for accounts that didn’t have Google conversion tracking enabled, which was roughly half the dataset.
Click here for the full methodology of my study.As with any benchmark data, it’s best to take these numbers with a grain of salt.

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