In their quest to provide a more personalized and custom user experience, Google has recently integrated another section to the page one search results. The good news is that this presents another opportunity to showcase your business on page one of Google and improve the visibility of you website and business. In optimizing a website to rank well for the traditional organic Local SEO listing section, a strong emphasis is placed upon presenting 100% unique content to Google. To ensure that only legitimate, reputable and popular local businesses are showcased in its Local Maps Listing section, Google places an emphasis on finding as many identical references of that local business as possible. As with the organic listing Page One section, there’s certain practices and features which Google expects to find to secure a spot in the 7-Pack box.
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We are a Boston SEO service specializing in helping you take full advantage of the exploding trend in consumers going online and depending on Google to find local products and services. We offer highly customized campaigns for small businesses that include local listings, social media, press releases, blog posts and many other effective cutting edge approaches to helping our clients attract the right clientele. Our social media marketing takes your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus accounts to new heights with more followers and more genuine leads directed to your website. En Espana nos hemos convertido en pocos anos en personas que, si no tienen el telefono movil a mano, se sienten desnudos.
Esta tendencia a que el movil sea insustituible en nuestras vidas, tambien ha traido aparejada el desarrollo de la geolocalizacion y las redes sociales, que rapidamente ha sido adoptada por algunos profesionales del marketing para promocionar los pequenos negocios locales que esten dentro del area geografica donde se encuentra un determinado movil. Como no podia ser menos, Google tambien se ha unido a esta fiebre por lo movil, permitiendo gracias a una aplicacion de Google Maps que los negocios locales puedan aparecer resaltados siempre que esten cerca de donde se encuentra geograficamente un telefono movil. Si un usuario de Google Maps busca, por ejemplo, “restaurante chino” aparecen varios anuncios de Google Ads en los cuales se destacan restaurantes de comida oriental que se encuentren en las proximidades del lugar en el que se encuentre en esos momentos el internauta que accede a Google Maps en movil. Esta nueva clase de anuncios seran como los demas de Google para marketing online: tendran un titulo, una descripcion y un enlace a la direccion exacta.
Esta nueva tendencia que hemos explicado y, que ya utiliza Google, parece que sera el futuro de una publicidad y un comercio electronico que se tienen que acostumbrar a que dentro de poco la gran mayoria de los accesos que se realizaran a internet seran desde dispositivos moviles. Recently, Google has modified their search engine to include a map display for broad searches.
Hit Exposure’s extensive knowledge of Google Maps will surely work as an advantage to your business. With our expertise, you can rest assured that our Google Maps optimization services are trustworthy. These citations tell Google that your company and address, contact information is consistent across its main local directory websites and you get elevated value for your local business rankings. First, you want to get your website address into the format that search engines will read the easiest.
I would highly recommend Michael Cordova as an expert in website search engine optimization, web design and web development.
I have been working with 21st Century on my SEO work for well over a year and the results are larger prospects and bigger opportunities for my company. Harnessing the power of the digital space for your business doesn’t just mean learning how to use Facebook or Yelp.
If you have ever wanted to look up directions or where a particular business was located, there is a good chance that you used Google Maps before. From here, you can type in the business you are looking which will then show you a list of all the businesses that fit that keyword in the area you have specified in the earlier step.
The results that are shown are a combination between paid advertisements by the businesses and local business listings from Google Places. Once logged in to your Google account and on the Google Places page, you will be able to build out your businesses listing page where you can customize information such as contact information and locations. If you are looking to take a bigger step in the direction of Google Maps, you can also consider using Google AdWords which is Google’s pay-per-click advertising platform.

Before jumping into AdWords, we suggest first setting up your Google Places account and seeing if that is a good enough bump for your business. Remember that Google Maps isn’t necessarily the solution that will lead to booming traffic, but that it is important to any marketing strategy online.
This entry was posted in Loyalty and tagged Google Maps, google places, local marketing, local search, optimization on May 23, 2012 by Yu-kai Chou. Google local listing becomes one of the important marketing strategy today and without being properly understand we really can implement it.
Google Maps allows your company to appear when people are searching for a service in their neighbourhood or places they’re planning to visit.
Known as Google Local Maps or Google Places, the intent of this section is to accommodate the increased trend in searchers relying on search engines to reveal local products and services. There has always been speculation that Google has a duplicate content filter to guard against displaying websites that scrape or mirror other content and don’t provide any additional value to the searcher.
So, the criteria for qualifying for a top Local Maps slot become finding a businesses’ exact same profile (address, phone number, company name) on many trusted business and local directories, review sites, personalized maps, local publications as possible. As with Local SEO, we have the ability to reverse engineer and dissect the Listings well positioned in the 7-Pack. Tech savvy consumers are now letting their fingers do the walking on their keyboards, tablets and smart phones instead of the through Yellow Pages or newspapers. Our clients earn double listings (maps and organic results) thanks to our unique multimedia approach. Studies have shown more than 79% of clicks and calls come from this type of search results. Ademas con la aparicion de los moviles inteligentes, el uso de internet y moviles es masivo: conectarnos a las redes sociales, conectarnos a internet, sacar fotografias y hasta escuchar musica.
Las posibilidades de lograr ventas mediante esa tecnica es mas que evidente y esa geolocalizacion tambien la utilizan ya varias redes sociales. Al mismo tiempo, tendremos informacion de cuanto tardaremos en llegar a pie hasta el establecimiento. This map includes local businesses that may carry the product or perform the service the consumer is looking for. At Hit Exposure, we don’t just post the listing of your company on Google Maps; we make sure that your business is highly exposed to local consumers. As our client, you can depend on us to provide you with top quality service, regardless of the size of your business.
The decision to hire Hit Exposure has been one of the best we've made since launching our on-line shop. If you are serious about Google local marketing then you need to create your citations correctly. This post explains how to do citations that are most important to your local SEO marketing. If you want 21st to list your website in the top 300 local directories for free then click the previous link, read about our local SEO services to boost your local SEO rankings then contact us. We create custom applications like maps, contact management and website customizations that are beyond the skills of other companies. It also means learning about the different ways by which customers may find and engage with your business. If you are business owner, Google has a special place called Google Places where you can customize and optimize our business for searches.
To use Google Maps, simply enter in the address or location (ex: City) and you will be shown a map layout of the area.
Remember that the more complete you are with your listing, the better results you will have when people search for key terms related to your business. Using Google AdWords you will be able to make search customizations such as having your ad show up only for users within a specific region.

These are known as citations which are the equivalent of backlinks in the natural SEO world. We can leverage the same citation and customer review strategies which these businesses employed to achieve these coveted rankings.
Your business needs to adapt to this trend to capture and profit from it or risk being left behind. Major search engines, like Google, effectively execute the task of displaying business information through their map applications. When a consumer searches a service or product on Google, a visual of listings is sometimes displayed on the screen for the consumer to view.
For example, if a consumer searches something broad, like “sandwich,” Google will include a map of local businesses that serve sandwiches, on the first page of their search results. Cell phones are now used for activities like checking e-mail, reading news, and purchasing products online.
We use Google Places listings to help your business gain consumer attraction on Google Maps. We will use this knowledge and understanding to boost your company’s rank in the Google Maps listings. We will do whatever it takes to ensure that potential consumers can easily locate your business online with a simple search. His work to optimize the TransMagic website not only produced an 8-fold increase in lead generation, but it also stood the test of time. Furthermore, as would be expected, a high number of customer reviews from independent sources contributes to increasing the ranking of a Local Business Listing. Such proven techniques as increasing the content density of your listing as well as the citation and review count will be pursued to advance your local listing. Google Maps, a map application created by Google, now leads all other map applications in quantity of searches. These listings consist of local businesses that carry the product or offer the service that the consumer is looking for. Our years of experience have guided us to discovering the best scheme to approach Google Maps optimization with.
Google Maps is a potent tool already used by many businesses, both big and small; so why not get started now? Recently Michael helped us to re-do our website and SEO to take advantage of more sophisticated techniques in his knowledge base. Both direct reviews submitted to Google Maps and indirect review found on sites like SuperPages and CitySearch are critical to have.
This is another reason why Google Maps optimization is imperative for a business to raise exposure.
In fact, there are approximately 150 million consumers using the mobile version of Google Maps! Hit Exposure’s combination of knowledge and experience in this area will give your business the competitive edge it needs to succeed. To enhance the results, Google has displayed and oriented these Google Local Business Listing results on a map (refer to the diagram above).
Advantages such as these make Google Maps an excellent option for businesses looking to increase exposure in the market.
Google Maps optimization is a great way to help your business reach this consumer audience.

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