Information on streets, parks, monuments and train stops in the capital of Pyongyang showed up on Google Maps’ formerly blank map of North Korea this week. The revision came just a few weeks after Eric Schmidt, Google’s executive chairman, visited the country as part of nine-person delegation to North Korea. Through Google Map Maker, a service launched in 2008, users can add data to maps of places lacking accurate and detailed maps, like Pakistan and Afghanistan. The map of the North Korean capital offers more details than other parts of the country, including the names of streets and the location of the square named after the country’s late founder, Kim Il Sung.
The rest of the country remains mostly blank but some airports, highways, universities and major streets are marked.
The map also marks at least four places where North Korea’s government is suspected of operating prison camps. The group said it believes there were five prison camps in North Korea before one was shut down in mid-2012 based on its analysis of satellite images and testimonies from former prisoners. Nazism has mostly disappeared but its "blood-sister", communism still remains in NK and its concentration camps with it, yes concentration camps . We've sent you a confirmation email, please click on the link in the email to confirm your subscription.
Seoul Map : Explore detailed Map of Seoul, Seoul travel map, view Seoul city maps, Seoul Satellite Image, Seoul sketch, road map of Seoul and information Seoul destinations. Seoul regional highways maps, leaflets, road situations, transportation, lodging, guide, geographical, physical information can be found with Seoul interactive map.

Victoria Cruises, which operates on China?s Yangtze River, is slashing their 4-night cruises by half this coming January and February.
Until Tuesday, the isolated communist regime was the last place on Google Maps where no data was available beyond the capital city’s name. An average North Korean would not likely be able to contribute, however, since only a select few have pre-approved Internet access.
Local residents can update maps of their communities with details like new bike paths that governments or other authorities can’t easily track. With Seoul Map all states, regions, cities, towns, districts, avenues, streets and popular centers' satellite, sketch and terrain views are available. The folks who canceled White House tours to save money need to get out their history books. People, families get emprisoned there, in some camps it's for life, to "purify" the country.
I bet the CIA is finding out all sorts of things from the entries of a bunch of regular guys. You can find desired maps by entering country, city, town, region or village names regarding under search criteria. But if we must handle it, then do a preemptive strike, a very LARGE preemptive strike, and tactical nukes will have to be used at the very start. Suicide is forbidden in those camps and bring punishment (torture) to one's family if one commits it.

On upper left Map of Seoul districts (+) beside zoom in and (-) sign to to zoom out via the links you can visit. Roads outside the beltway are sometimes red, but that usually due to an accident or backup. There's at least 4 million or more people in Seoul alone, that will be the first to feel the fire, if things go bad.
When my last tour in Osan AB was over in 1995, they were worried about two renegade generals in North Korea that wanted to start the battle and get North Korea's loss over with, so the people of North Korea could get out from under the dictatorship, and begin to rebuild. Last week, the Obama administration launched a rhetorical counterattack against Pyongyang and widely publicized the deployment of strike aircraft, U.S. South Korea was worried about having to support all those starving people in North Korea when North Korea collapses. Navy surface combatants and ballistic missile defense assets —including two sea-based radar platforms and ground-based missile interceptors to Guam.

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