Instead, what Google has created is a guide to many of Google’s services, including, in addition to Hangouts, Google Play, Google+ for iPhone and Android, the Google app for iPhone and Android, Google Docs, Google Knowledge Graph, Nexus, Chromebooks, Google Shopping, Maps, and more. For those already familiar with everything Google, there really isn’t any new or interesting information contained here, as it’s clearly meant to introduce Google’s services to mainstream users who will hit up the search engine after stuffing themselves with turkey in order to get details on Black Friday sales. That being said, there are some good examples in this guide to impress those with less familiarity with Google’s offerings. This isn’t the first time Google has used its homepage as advertising space for its own properties, but it’s the first time so many different Google properties have been featured all at once.
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With Google unveiling their conversational search last week, the web is taking yet another turn towards the future. Despite the limitations, Google advertises, “You can ask anything, anywhere.” I tested this out with YouTube in mind, but could not get the search to recognize vlog as a word, so I could not get any information on Vlogger Fair coming up soon, or any vlogs at all for that matter.
Still, considering voice applications when choosing names and titles may seem a little preemptive seeing how limited voice searches are right now, but mobile phones have been doing it for two years now, and it’s only going to become more popular. Feel free to check us out on Twitter and join in the discussion both on the blog and on Facebook. Opportunities We're currently looking for community volunteers to help us write blog posts and build up an authority site.
Google Search is a browser search tool for Windows 8's Modern UI. Google lovers using Windows 8 will be happy to know that Google Search will let you search with your favorite search engine instead of having to use Bing.
If you want to try an early build of Google Chrome with Instant Search, you can get them here and here. To do this in Windows, right click on Google Chrome shortcut, select Properties and append the flag to the Target value. As a matter of fact, Google Chrome had an instance of Instant Search since it was released.

Anurag Upadhaya is a FOSS enthusiast, Counter Strike gamer, Tech blogger and 24x7 netizen from Bangalore.
Today Google announced a new streamlined mobile version of its search results page in India. Between little updates like this and Android One, it seems that Google is making a commitment to bring the best Android experience to India, which should definitely benefit the company long-term. One especially fun demo is of Google’s semantic search integrations collectively known as Knowledge Graph. In the past, we’ve seen other homepage ads for things like the T-Mobile G1, the Droid, the Nexus One, the Nexus 7, and Google Chrome, for example. Across the 3 psoriasis studies, insert the needle straight down production and increase infliximab concentrations. If you use Chrome and have the latest update, you will notice a little microphone in the right of the search box on Google’s search page. Google also suggests that using the voice search is easier when you don’t know the spelling. The support for Instant Search is extended only to Firefox until now and support for Google Chrome will be added officially soon.
When you type a query into Chrome’s address bar, the browser shows suggestions from Google search for that query.
This update came as a result of increased mobile internet traffic in India. In order to speed up the process, Google will only display images and maps when specifically needed in order to reduce the amount of bytes needed to process search results. Actually, when you pronounce your channel name or video title, does a compute recognize the spelling of it? Despite trying to enunciate and pronounce it multiple ways, the only results are of “argo” “ her go,” “herb go,” or “ergo.” Occasionally near the bottom of the page there would be a link to something actually by Urgo, but it normally didn’t work. Unfortunately, their search does not seem to consider how to take into account usernames and Internet jargon yet.

Ask about the height of a building, or where a city is located, and I also got clear, spoken answers as well as the usual website hits.
For the YouTuber in for the long haul, that means considering how searchable your content is by voice. Then log in and all of your Google stuff will be there waiting for you. Google Search is more than just a box for a Google page.
This smarter search feature will cause the user to both receive quicker search results and use less data.
A search for Detroit Lions’ Matthew Stafford includes the entire team’s roster pinned to the top of Google’s search results page, in a scrollable, clickable lineup. In fact, I can already see a new trend in YouTube videos where we get to hear and see the results to some of the more clever questions out there. It might also mean making sure when you keyword, that you start using words that are phonetically similar as well as topically similar (i.e. Results show up as you type and links open up within the app. Voice search also makes it into Google Search for Windows 8. There are also instant previews that show you screenshots of each site so you have an idea of what you're looking for, even before you click. The biggest reason to download Google Search is that it can replace Bing as your default search app in Windows 8.
Users can activate a search using Google Search from the Charms Bar or from a keyboard shortcut. Having this level of integration with the operating system makes Google Search a must have app. If you prefer Google over Bing, you'll definitely need to download this app.

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