Jeg har, efter at have indtaget top 3 pa Google, malt i antal registreringer pa hjemmesiden pa 1. Hvor stor forskel var der imellem side 2 og 3 – det synes jeg faktisk kunne v?re lidt sp?ndende at hore, nu hvor de sammenlagt star for 74%. Sp?ndende test – Men hvis man skulle tale om egentlige valide resultater burde man jo undersoge hvordan den enkelte side performer pa en 1. Selvom siderne synes n?rmest ens, kan der sagtens v?re sma variationer, som pavirker konverteringsraten.
Det er en interessant observation som du har gjort – og omend datamaterialet ikke er voldsomt, sa er tendensen dog relativt klar og ret overraskende (for mig i hvert fald). Nar du siger call-to-action, sa er det vel kun i form af knapper, og ikke vejledende eller s?lgende tekster?
Hey, Ja jeg har ogsa set nogenlunde det samme, lavede ogsa en lignende test for ca 2? ar siden. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Mobile friendlyness is not only about having a mobile-menu (menu that collapses and shows on mobile devices), but also it has to do with image-sized and them resizing according to your screen-size, font-size being suitable for reading with a mobile device, buttons and links working properly on mobile devices.
Also if your website is not mobile friendly, it will affect negatively to your ranking on Google search results. In 2014 Google introduced “Mobile-friendly” tags in search results, when user is searching with a mobile device. In February of 2015 Google announced that “Starting April 21, we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. Firstly search your website with a mobile phone and check if Google has marked it as "Mobile-friendly". Easiest and most economic method of making your website mobile friendly is definitely using a Content Management System (like Wordpress or Joomla) and a good quality template (theme) that is already responsive - mobile friendly. Anyone charged with the responsibility of a website today is likely familiar with SEO or search engine optimization. Behind the list of results Google suggests in response to your keyword or phrase, is a complicated algorithm (actually algorithms, plural) that assess each possible website across a dizzying array of parameters for the query at hand. Luckily today all our sites are built incorporating the WordPress CMS engine and WordPress is designed to be SEO-friendly. Well, as much as you like, but a well-informed web developer that not only knows the ins-and-outs of building a site optimized for search without sacrificing design is all important.

And in a way, isn’t it great to know that SEO is related more to your content than to arcane techie tricks? Jeg har lige en anden SEO test, jeg skal have afsluttet sidst pa maneden, sa overvejer jeg kraftigt at arbejde videre pa denne.
If these are not working, it is likely the site visitor will bounce off the site and not continue reading. For example if the site is using Flash and our phone does not support Flash , then Google will show “Uses Flash. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results. Google Mobile Friendly test will also tell you what points you need to fix to make your website more Mobile Friendly. Responsive means that the template adapts to the screen size of your device (desktop, mobile, tablet etc). The main algorithm and bolt-on algorithms are being tweaked and modified regularly to keep black-hat SEO’s from gaming the results and to take into account changes in how content is judged to be relevant. There are a lot really smart people out there however, who test all kinds of parameters, from the words in your posts, to the file name of a page, to bolded words in your text, to links to your site, and on and on to see how sites are affected when changes in the algorithms occur. So if someone approaches you promising that you’ll be in the top three results in a few months, you may want to treat that appeal with a healthy dose of skepticism. On top of that, there are several amazing SEO plugins that take care of a laundry list of must-do’s while you get to work creating new content on your site. At the same time a basic understanding of SEO will also help you to create content that is useful to your audience and incorporates search terms and phrases that visitors are actually using to find you. We have to get the thousand-and-one little things right and most importantly, your job is to create great content for your audience – not robots. Det er derfor ret besynderligt, at n?rmest fuldst?ndig ens hjemmesider giver flere leads, nar de er placeret pa 2. Hjemmesiden pa forstepladsen tr?kker som det forste medie den besogende ind pa hjemmesiden og giver vedkommende et indblik i produkt og pris. Indexed pages is not the same as search engine visitors.All my current websites were either built manually by me or are running under WordPress with the WordPress SEO theme (Stallion Responsive) I develop.
If you want your website to be as discoverable and as accessible as possible, you need to make sure your site is mobile-friendly.
You can also use Google Webmaster tools to get more detals of the mobile friendliness for your website.

Smarty pants researchers provide some pretty good insights such as the SEO Cheat Sheat, below, by search firm, MOZ.
It’s executing on the many, many things we do know regarding search in the building of your site that is the foundation of all your post launch efforts. Sa tjek din konkurrents (som ranker hojere end dig) design, priser, brugervenlighed, call-to-action osv., og gor det sa bedre end vedkommende.
I know precisely how Googlebot will find my sites and spider through the sites link structure.
Understanding the basics will actually go a long way to improving your organic search results for different keywords.
De besogende har altsa i 74% af tilf?ldende valgt at handle hos anden eller tredje hjemmeside. Men det har absolut givet mig stof til eftertanke – og det haber jeg ogsa, at SEO testen har gjort hos dig. There are no URLs on any of my sites that I want indexing in Google that Googlebot can’t easily find without a sitemap. Currently there’s around 30 WordPress posts and a few static pages, so a small site that is going to be easily spidered by Googlebot (easy to check if less than 50 pages are indexed). If a comment is short, on this site I have it set to only add the link for comments with 400 or more characters in the comment body text the link isn’t added.
Basically select up to 20 posts to add to the slideshow and it shows an image with a short excerpt of each post in a slideshow. That tells me it’s an easy long tail SERP and will be interesting to see what happens when the Google spiders and indexes the Super Comment URL.Will the main article still be ranked for the above SERP, or will the Super Comment URL with no backlinks be ranked? After Google indexed this comment and the comment I just changed the title on there will be at least 4 pages using the above text.
Google lists just under 10,000 pages found (remember no site other than this one uses the exact phrase) and the first listing from this site is the main Google XML Sitemaps article (which is linked multiple times), not the unlinked comment.

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