Google ride sharing: in arrivo un nuovo servizio di trasporto automobilistico privato per sfidare Uber? Secondo quanto affermato dalla popolare agenzia di stampa Bloomberg News, Google sarebbe pronta a lanciare il proprio servizio di ride sharing: Google ride sharing. Google sarebbe quindi intenzionata ad affacciarsi anche in questo mercato, forte della grandissima disponibilita di capitali da investire, andrebbe quindi a minare la leadership di Uber nel settore dei servizi di trasporto automobilistico privato. Bloomberg News ha inoltre diffuso la notizia che proprio David Drummond avrebbe gia informato Uber di cosa Google ha in mente per quanto riguarda il futuro servizio Google ride sharing. Naturalmente, se il progetto di servizio di trasporto automobilistico privato targato Google dovesse andare in porto avrebbe tutte le carte in regola per sbaragliare la concorrenza, dominata al momento solo da Uber e a suo modo da BlaBlaCar. Google ride sharing potrebbe inoltre contare sul progetto di creare auto senza conducente al quale Google sta gia lavorando nei propri laboratori di ricerca, unire le due idee potrebbe essere l’asso nella manica di Big G. Google has been customizing the sharing (on Google+) options for some of its products, adding more relevant data to the snippets below your actual post. The company has also made it easy for other websites to implement the +Snippets microformat, so that sharing on Google+ contains just the relevant info. Already, links to Google Books, Offers and Product Search pages shared on Google+ contain relevant and specific information for any of them, via +snippets.
What’s wonderful is that loans are made from your network who are inspired by your pitch to back your new startup business. This way, there is no attention paid to the loan by the SEC and the whole process of acessing money is greatly simplified. Appreciating the dedication you put into your website and detailed information you present. Will Keyser, the Startup Owl, is a wise old bird who has done several startups himself, and helped many others see the light of day: an arboretum, low-tech communication, green retailing, online fitness among many others. By the middle of August, Google Latitude will be gone with the expectation that users will go to Google+ Location instead. If you’re interested in sharing your location with others, you have to go into Google+ Location and pick who you want to share your location with.
Tecno Boom J8 Unboxing + First Impressions; More RAM, New OS, Better Sound and Bigger Display. Until now, I can’t believe how hard, time-consuming and costly it is to share directions with a friend or family member or even a business associate.

The physical structure is so messed up that in some cases, it is hard to give even the simplest directions. To share your location, simply fire up the Google maps Apps which will show your current location. Whatsapp just didn’t change messaging alone, they are also changing location sharing.
Per Big G e stato un grandissimo investimentento, il piu importante mai concluso in quel periodo e da allora David Drummond, capo dell’ufficio legale di Google, e entrato a far parte del consiglio di amministrazione di Uber. Uber, appresa la news, avrebbe chiesto le dimissioni di David Drummond dal consiglio di amministrazione, per evitare uno spiacevole confilitto di interesse. If you share a map on Google+, your friends will be able to get much more detailed info on in, as well as open your saved directions, searches and places from Google Maps. Your packing list probably includes driving directions, hotel information and a list of nearby wineries. You get a link to the Google Maps page, regardless of what that is, but different info for driving directions, place pages or searches. But rather than having to give away equity or get saddled with regular interest payment on a loan, the investor is repaid once the new company starts to make sales.
If you want to learn a lot more about many other ways to use bootstrap finance, go to the Bootstrap Finance page of Startupowl.
They have accomplished this be moving a huge swath of their features into Google+ through a series of slow, yet deliberate, moves.
Google Latitude is the latest of those features, and here’s what you need to do in order to use the service after August 9. Tapping this tab will take you to a service that looks very similar to Latitude, with the faces of your friends and family members strewn across a large map. You can share publicly, so anyone with a Google+ account can see your location, or you can choose to limit your sharing to specific circles and people.
Google has rolled the other Latitude features, like the location history tracking, into the Google Setting app on Android phones. This is predominantly because of two reasons; lack of proper urban planning and the lack of regulation from the relevant authorities.
Google has literally digitized our entire planet with every single corner of the globe accurately placed on a digital map.

Long-tap on the location indicator at which the App will get your location details and give you an option to share with the available sharing Apps on your device.
Among the multi-media options that Whatsapp offers like sharing images, video, audio messages, Whatsapp also enables you to share your current location. It’s mainly used by those who like jogging, biking or similar activity that requires recording a route or track. Each quarter throughout the duration of your investment term, you will log onto ProFounder to report your quarterly revenues.
Their latest update to Blogger allows you to use Google+ as a comment platform, while their review system for restaurants and businesses in Google Maps now requires a G+ account. You can zoom in and pinpoint their last reported location, but you can’t ping them for a check in like you could in Latitude. If you’re an active Google+ user who uses the circle organization system, this process is really quick.
Google maps knows the main roads and streets as much as it knows that walkway to your gate. I like to email, SMS or Whatsapp the location and If a public place, you can tweet the location. However, you can also use it to record the direction to your place and then share with your close family and friends who will follow the track straight to your doorstep with much ease. Based on these, Profounder will pull the percentage you’ve chosen to distribute proportionately to all of your investors. As long as your friend is reporting their location, however, you will see them move on the map. If you have everyone dumped into one circle, you basically have to either put the people you want to share with in a circle and choose that circle or select each individual and share with them. Your users will receive the location details and open with Google maps which will give them an option of showing the directions to your location.

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