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Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. If we want compelling staff bios on our nonprofit website, most of us are going to have to do a little work. If you’ve spent any time in the world of nonprofit copywriting, you’ll have heard the maxim: people give to people, not causes. But many nonprofits forget that the same applies to our own organizations as well, not just our fundraising materials.
Bio page from Cross-Cultural Solutions – short and sweet bio, and you can click for more. One of the cardinal sins of nonprofit staff pages is not having a bio for your staff members at all. Plus, subconsciously, you’ll communicate the same thing about your donors: they aren’t real, dynamic people.
Ok, here’s the one exception to the rule of always having a biography: if your biography is boring, kill it. Trying to be impressive to funders: We worry that grant-givers don’t give to organizations that are not professional and serious about what they do.
Trying to be impressive to individual donors: Ok, when individual donors click on your about page they care about two things. Not having to try too hard: It’s really easy to write your job title and how many years you’ve been in the organization and where you went to school.
Back on My Feet’s bio page pictures are polaroid-esque photos that incorporate the running theme into them. Most of us walk around with little high-resolution cameras in our pockets, so you’re out of excuses for not having a photo of yourself on your website.’s bio pages have personality that matches their target demographic’s sensibilities, as younger kids. Again, people only want a couple things of your staff biographies: they want to know you’re real and that you’re someone they wouldn’t hate to be associated with. In the nonprofit world, literally every time you answer the question “So what do you do?” you’re given a chance to tell a story about what you do and why your work matters. Unless there’s some specific reason your school affiliation would resonate with or legitimize you with potential donors or constituents, I wouldn’t even mention it. Always make your communications more personal, more genuine and more human, and you’ll never go wrong.
Newborn to three – Books with lots of pictures and very simple words.  “Goodnight Moon”, “The Little Engine That Could”, and “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” are some great starter books. Ages three to six – Books with more of an actual story that have messages to them, like “The Giving Tree”, “The Cat in the Hat”, “Green Eggs and Ham”. Ages ten and up – These are books the children can fully read on their own such as “The Chronicles of Narnia”, “Star Wars”, “The Hobbit”, and “Harry Potter” books are all great choices. Whether it’s books on the internet or from the bookstore, there are so many Children Short Stories available that kids will enjoy reading with mom and dad or by themselves when they get a bit older.  Encourage them to read and enter which opens up whole new worlds of exploration for them.

If you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment or subscribing to the RSS feed to have future articles delivered to your feed reader. A short case study Jun 26, 2015 by Jawwad Farid in Athletics Building a great marketing video. A) Whether you are run by real people, and B) If you are the kind of people she would be friends with.
Take the time to pull out a smartphone, have someone who understands photography just a little bit take the photo and then upload it to your website. Allison is a native Oregonian and has worked in the nonprofit community in Portland as an Office Manager and Program Coordinator for the last six years. Inspired at a summer camp led by the Audubon Society of Portland, Allison quickly developed a deep passion for charitable work.
The tone is casual, and we’re told a STORY of Allison’s journey, not given a marooned a list of facts. Seuss books – just be prepared to read these with the different voices and rhythms, and have as much fun with them as the kids.  Put in some short stories in which they can help stretch their imagination or even figure out how to solve a mystery. His main original work in the CDRI was the evaluation of memory enhancing effects of selected plants of Ayurveda, which led to the development of Memo Plus Gold.
Don’t put up a wall between people and get them to stop thinking of you not as a real, breathing person who cares about the world. Believe me, if funders aren’t sure about giving to your organization, your impressive biography is not going to sway them.
It’s way better to be a little weird and remembered than being boring, safe… and totally ignored. She received a BA in Community Development from Portland State University with a focus in community organization and change. This resolve stuck with her through college, leading her to get her BA in Community Development from Portland State U. In the following series of articles, Dr Singh will tell anecdotal and factual events related to his research.
If you have a picture, people are much more likely to believe you exist, and to feel connected to you. Allison developed a strong sense of devotion for the nonprofit sector as a beneficiary of an informal youth development program at the Audubon Society of Portland nearly 16 years ago.
Over 16 years later, Allison provides support to our Capacity Building Services team and is happy spending her days keeping Oregon an amazing place to live, one program at a time. Say why it’s important to you individually.) It’s likely your motivations are similar to potential donors’ own motivations, so it’s a great chance to connect on a deeper level. How is it different from writing copy for your bill board advert, putting together a book as an author or completing your programming project?Common themesLike all projects worth doing, putting together a documentary or a marketing video also requires a fair bit of planning and ground work.
This experience gave her a deep appreciation for how nonprofits seek to improve the quality of life for our region; one program at a time. Like a technology project it requires you to use a design process to refine what you really want to say.
If you have never done a book or a screen play, you need to think in terms of images, text, copy, voice over and back ground music on a scene by scene basis. Story boarding tools such as Twine or any other mind map tool are actually quite useful in putting together an initial layout that can then be refined and firmed up later.

But it may not have a direct call to action because you may not have anything to sell at that point.
It is a surprisingly powerful medium that allows you to express yourself in ways you never thought possible. We wanted to do a kick starter campaign for fund raising as well as a documentary showcasing the work the club was doing. While one hopes that one is operating under a grand plan, in reality, it is random impromptu footage that you just shot for fun, that comes in most handy.
For instance identifying who won the last gold medal, where and which event is a little piece of information that done right drove the entire segment. Rather than going out right and saying that Moheet will have a shot at winning at the Asian games, we let the audience decide how far they felt Moheet could go? First viewers like first readers are great at identifying dead footage and annoying little details that you may have missed because you have so focused on editing the clip.At midnight when I finished with the first pass, I showed my better half the raw clip. Stuff that I thought provided contrast but she felt killed the momentum built in the first few frames.On the flow front, just before the final cut, when we ran the clip it ended very abruptly. They would send you back a few hundred dollars but they are well worth their weight in gold because you don’t have to worry about the score. The question is would it be better to just put it out there or have one of your characters or role players say it. Audiences generally respond better to voice and a face rather than scrolling of disappearing text.
So even if you have text in the first few cuts, get one of of your characters to say it out loud before you do the final release.Effort estimationThe day we decided that we were going to do a documentary we started shooting. Then the story boarding started and took much longer than expected mainly because creative work requires the right mindset and it took a while for us to make all the right connections. Then a final day of editing before we were happy with the teaser and the teaser was released first on Facebook and then later on other social media properties.The end productHere is what the final clip looked like. While its too early to say that it was a hit, the teaser certainly passed its goal for day one. Views within the first 18 hours stood at just over 600 by leveled out at 700 at the end of the first 24 hours. It’s not that they tell an interesting story that their target audience can or cannot relate to. A political message, blog post or meme, released to a community of followers can easily score upwards of a few thousand views in a few hours, if done right.
No additional or serious follow up was done on any other media property to drive exposure or traffic.
That would require a combination of re-editing the two segments, adding more relevant and engaging content, fixing some of the flaws that have already been pointed out but much more importantly focusing on release timing, distribution, coverage and audience exposure.
Working with clients on four continents he helps bankers, board members and regulators take a market relevant approach to risk management.

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