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Use the form below to delete this Enter Coupon Code GSWSJune50 During Checkout To Instantly Save $50 image from our index. Use the form below to delete this Green Cosmic Abstract Background Digital Generated Image Stock Photo image from our index. The blue or green screen is used for Chromakeying, which is one of the most often used special effects in the movie industry. Green Screen Wizard have recently released version 6 of their green screen (chroma key) solution for Windows.
For this review I will concentrate on the functions and features that apply mainly to A., the standalone editions.
For the purpose of creating a more challenging test regime, I’ve deliberately chosen to shoot the sample image, to be used in this review, under less than ideal lighting conditions. Fortunately, GSW provides several handy tools that can deal with exactly these kinds of little problems. One of the biggest problems facing anyone working with chroma key is a tendency for many of the images to look fake. GSW Pro Event (Batch) edition takes the basic version of the software and adds a number of tools to aid the workflow of a busy event photographer. In the event multiple backgrounds are saved in the background folder, one interesting feature is that GSW will merge each of these backgrounds with each subject image being uploaded into the hot folder. Within the Event module, GSW offers the option of sending an email copy of the image direct to your client immediately. The Airbrush Editor is another incredibly useful feature that has been introduced in version 6.

The Airbrush editor also allows you to apply selective contrast, blurring and sharpening to the image. GSW is arguably not the fastest chroma key removal application on the market and as is almost always the case, the trade off is quality. As can be seen in fig.8 however, Green Screen Wizard does a better job of chroma key extraction than its rival, Darkroom. In summary, the speed at which GSW performs chroma key extraction slightly disappoints but its redeeming quality is its superior chroma key extraction.
If the subject wears green, then the background will literally shine through the subject’s green clothing. CAn you send us demo cd of Greenscreen Zipper for additional information regarding your product?.Any action taken will be highly appreciated. Trial Versions of the different editions of Green Screen Wizard software can also be downloaded. If you would like to receive our RSS updates via email, simply enter your email address below & click subscribe.
British Journal of Photography News FeedJapanese photographer Kikuji Kawada given retrospective at L. This updated version includes some nifty new features, many of which are now also aimed at the market for event, leisure, school and sports photography. You load the foreground image, then you load the background image, you select the dimensions of the photo you want and that’s it, job done!
The subject was lit directly from the front with a single soft-box to introduce shadows and to highlight the wrinkles in the backdrop. With just a few simple tweaks using the right tool you can improve your green screen images significantly.
For the purpose of this review however, I will just stick with the options that apply to our test example. 5, GSW handles problems typically associated with chroma key photography, fairly easily and produces subsequently excellent results.
By using the batch tool, it is possible to get the application to watch a hot folder into which you would be shooting your green screen (foreground) images. This means that you can offer your clients a choice of different images with various different backgrounds without you or your assistant having to lift a finger. This could be particularly useful if you were using the system for something like Santa’s Grotto or a photo booth because you could then run it as a one-man or one-woman operation. The email section allows you to define the SMTP settings so that GSW can talk directly to your email server, assuming that you've got an internet connection at your event.
This gives you an excellent way of allowing the customer to choose which background they would like to be set against. It too generates a series of thumbnails, but instead of changing the background, each image is rendered using slightly different settings.

It has a variety of different brushes, such as a skin-softener for carrying out classical airbrushing techniques.
When working on the image in the editor, it is possible to opt to work on either the foreground image, the background image or the combined image. Traces of the background creases and the green tint remain visible in the Darkroom example as opposed to the example produced by Green Screen Wizard. This means that GSW produces results that often require very little (if any) tweaking but in the event that they do, GSW also provides an extremely fast and comprehensive set of tools to do the job.
We will post the link on here in the next couple of days as soon as the new demo site goes live. Your actors may feel like they are standing on the Sun with that much light pointed at them. The technique has been used by the likes of Hollywood and the BBC weather team for donkey’s years. Upgrading from GSW FULL to GSW PRO Event (Batch) for example, will roughly set you back the difference in price only. There are no complicated menus to navigate as pretty much all of the controls are accessed via a series of simple buttons that appear on the right-hand side of the application window. Fortunately, GSW has options to generate its own shadows which can be adjusted so it looks as if these shadows are falling either on a wall, the floor, or both.
During the construction of the batch you simply select the appropriate background folder that contains the background image (or images) that you want to use for the event you are shooting. If however there is no other way, make sure the background screen is evenly lit and ensure that the background is a different shade of green than that of the subject’s clothing. Selecting this option will remove the unwanted green tint from the shirt and arms, just as it says on the tin! The results are impressive and certainly make a great deal of difference to the believability of the final photo. At this point you would also select or create the destination folder for the merged, chroma key photos. By using this tool, selecting a sample colour (say of the sitter's hair) and then brushing over the image, GSW manages to extract far more detail than is obtained by using the standard extraction techniques. As new pictures arrive in the hot folder, GSW automatically creates and saves them in the destination folder.
With any overlay function, as long as your imagination knows no bounds, then the sky is practically the limit.

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