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Hotel Kappara is conveniently located within walking distance from the University of Malta Campus. Click here for a photo of past and present group members from the 50-50 dinner in Summer 2004.

The aim of this group is to work to improve the position of the voluntary and community sector in Derby, to ensure a thriving sector is able to best meet the needs of the communities of Derby. Liaise with the Community Action Board of Trustees to inform the development of serviceMembershipWe want to make sure that the Group is able to operate at the senior level, so attendance is by invitation, although if you know of a senior manager who would want to engage please feel free to pass on their details. Not pictured are: Nate Stone, Claire Landowski, Tom Coffey, Ben Kaur, Tom Laetsch, Rich Thompson, and Charles Prewitt.
Their enormous popularity in recent years has made them the most popular and successful girl group in South Korea, and indeed all of Asia.
Special rates are offered to students who choose to reside at the hotel for the duration of a full semester or the entire academic year.

For further details and latest offers, please contact us on [email protected] or +356 2733 4462.
For shorter stays for students, kindly contact us on [email protected] Accommodation is provided either in a standard sharing room (twin) or in a single room (all rooms are en suite).

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