It's special indeed when the sight of a two-headed gorilla isn't the most bizarre thing in a film. Director Slatan Dudow brought together an exceptionally renowned set of artists, including co-author Bertolt Brecht, cameraman Gunther Krampf (Nosferatu), composer Hanns Eisler, noted workers’ movement balladeer Ernst Busch and the actress Hertha Thiele (Girls in Uniform). Info : Sridevi-with-husband-Boney-Kapoor-at-APSARA-FILM---TV-PRODUCERS-GUILD-AWARDS-2012-at-Yash-Raj-Studios-in-Mumbai.

Ray Milland stars as a racist old man who, when he discovers he is terminally ill, implements a plan to have his head transplanted onto a body supplied by a willing volunteer. After Anni’s brother commits suicide in despair, her family finds itself forced to move to Kuhle Wampe, a lakeside camp on the outskirts of Berlin, now home to increasing numbers of unemployed. But when Buddy’s estranged sister is framed and jailed in New Mexico, the two men take Philbert’s rust-wrecked ’64 Buick ‘war pony’ on a road trip that makes some very unexpected stops along the way.

When Anni’s relationship with Franz ends, she moves back to Berlin and gets involved in the workers’ youth movement.

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