Not all Samsung phones can play HD videos such as MKV AVCHD MTS, so just check whether your Samsung Android smartphone just has got enough grunt.
MoboPlayer: One of the most popular video player apps for Samsung and any other Android devices with ARM and x86 architecture, supporting video formats comprehensively without conversion. MXPlayer: A welcomed Samsung Video Player App especially useful for multi-core processor users because of its multi-core hardware support.
There are countless free Android apps on the market for video playing on Samsung, but how to play Samsung videos on Windows OS (means playing the videos both accepted or shot by Samsung phones, or playing any movies on Samsung laptop, notebook, etc)?
WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe is a simple-to-use program which comes with advanced features for encoding video files. To deal with such issues and get rid of all the worries in playing HD videos on Samsung, you might have to take the advantage of some professional HD video conversion or compression software. Both PC and Mac versions to are available here to help you convert HD Videos for Samsung phones and tabs. Still have trouble about top free Samsung Video Player Apps or how to play HD video on Samsung?
Leawo Free HD Video Player is one of the best and free HD video player software programs for people to play movies on Windows . On the home interface of this free MOV player software, you can see two options: Open File box and disc box. This professional free MOV player software allows you to set subtitles, video and audio for easy enjoying.
PowerDVD tras los anos se ha hecho merecedor de miles de usuarios que utilizan sus productos de reproductores multimedia, convirtiendose en el programa favorito para reproducir DVD y hoy en dia Blue-Ray. De seguro alguna vez lo utilizaste y como bien sabras no solo sirve para reproducir DVD y lo ya mencionado en sus novedades, reproducir Blue-Ray, sino tambien soporta distintos formatos tradicionales como AVI, DIVX, FLX, MKV y 3GP. Para reproducir Blue-Ray, esta opcion y soporte se encuentra disponible para la version de PowerDVD 10 Ultra. High-definition video, with high resolution in video and image, is one of the most popular video types in the market. You can free download this wonderful HD Video Player software from this webpage and install it on your computer, and then you can launch the program to open the main interface as below.
After launching the program, you can click "Open File" button in the main interface and open your local disc to select HD video to import to this program. After importing the HD video to the program, you can begin to watch the HD video for this program would play it automatically.
If you want to display in full screen, you can click "Full screen" image button at bottom right of the main interface, or you can click "Video" item at top of the toolbar to open the drop-down list, and then choose the screen size you want to switch like "Full screen size", "Half size", "Normal size", "Double size", and "Fit to screen size". Cool DVD player dual-core version is a high definition media player which supports a wide variety of video formats.
The HD DVD Player dual-core version adopts the advanced dual-core(multi-core) decoding technology, makes the perfect support to the multi-core CPU and become the perfect resolution in multi-core CPU time. Powerful capture function: adopt BICUIC-BSAMPLE technology zoom freely, clear and sharp and it also can browse and save the pretty pictures from your favorite movie.

Smart Stretch let you enjoy any movie with 16:9 aspect ratio on any screen mode, without distortion. Powerful audio effect, completely supports AC3, DTS ,MPEG,LPCM and other encoding formats, also spectrum enhancement later effect added. Powerful image color temperature adjustment function, including luma, contrast, UV chroma and saturation. The HD DVD Player dual-core version Supports resolution 1280 x 720 (720p) or 1920 x 1080 (1080p), high resolution ratio reaches MPEG-2 Video and WMV-HD (Windows? Complete wrong correction, Do the best from disk reading, disk navigation, decoding and playback.
Many kind of playback software will be halted and lead the system to non-responding because of the low-quality and the bad track of the disc. The HD DVD Player dual-core version adopted the direct disc reading technology which can avoid the deadly reading, non-responding of the system and the exiting of the disc.
Super DVD image optimization offers high strength smooth playback by removing screen burrs and dithering.
The HD DVD Player dual-core version》multimedia player supplies multi-core CPUs system. Generally the distribution of multimedia player's computation task on each filter isn't average, major part of computation task concentrates above the video decoder. The HD DVD Player dual-core version internal video decoder can do dynamic creation of decoder thread according to the counts of CPU. Applying The HD DVD Player dual-core version to any dual-core laptop, 1920X1080i HD programs can be played smoothly. It supports popular subtitle formats such as SRT, ASS, and SAA, as well as subtitles built in MKV, MPV, MOV, etc.
In addition to playing Samsung friendly video formats and vieos shot by Samsung devices on Windows PC. For example, the HD video files might not able to be played smoothly on Samsung or they are too large in size to be stored in. The Blu-ray movie provides the high definition video with BD zealots, and more and more well-known digital companies such as Samsung, Sony, and Panasonic, etc.
However, it is difficult for us to find a great HD Video Player to play the HD video, even the 1080p HD video. Also you can click "File" item at top of the toolbar to open the "File" drop-down list, and then press "Open Filea€¦" to add HD video file to the program. You can click "Fast forward" button and "Fast backward" button to handle the video part you want to watch. It can put the super computation capability of dual-core CPU into full play and the latest dual-core decoding technology makes your PC the perfect HD video and audio playback platform.
The HD DVD Player dual-core version supplies the senior options which can effectively reduce the virtual images phenomena and bring the precise, soft and exquisite image. The entire player is a multithreading, but because many factors limit video decoder works in a singlethreading.

Push every video frames into a stream line cache system, through the complex data relevance judgment, will calculate and dispatch the duty to each available CPU. While the configuration of any computer or DIY computer is superior to the laptops, there will be no problem of hardware to play the HD programs. With full compatibility with all Windows OSs, it is the best free video player for Windows 8 and best free video player for Windows 10. You can even load external subtitles in SSA, ASS, and SRT formats to this program for playback.
Unique subtitles editor supports color changing, transparency, zoom, intelligent line break, subtitle boundary peaking, subtitle size adjustment, subtitle bright part edition and background part edition and subtitle precision processing.
Many media players will breakdown if the navigation information is damaged, but CoolDVD player dual-core version can automatic switching to playlist mode to play the media file in disk, still could continue to play the movie.
So on multi-core CPU system, the computation task cannot evenly assign to each core, thus it is very difficult to obtain the multi-core superiority. So on multi-core CPU system, the computation task cannot evenly assign to each core, thus it is very difficult for the sole player application to obtain the full capability of multi-core superiority. The dual-core CPU operation ability thus take effect, its computation ability is even equal sum of to the each CPU computation ability. Plus, if you want to play QuickTime or RealMedia movies, the must install the program first. With this MOV player, people needn’t to install any codec on computer to play back videos in various formats. Most commonly HD video involves display resolutions of 1,280A—720 pixels (720p) or 1,920A—1,080 pixels (1080i or 1080p).
Apart from playing Blu-ray Disc, Blu-ray folder and Blu-ray ISO image file, it can also has the capability to play any HD video and even 1080p HD video. The HD DVD Player can be extensively compatible with hardware, which is operated stably, smoothly under Windows 2000\ XP\2003\Vista system. Furthermore, we can enjoy any media file with this HD Video Player software with zero limitation. This enhancement is astonishing, for example Cool DVD Player dual-core version can do the soft decompression of MPEG-2 pair of road 1080i (1920*1080) on the dual-core system, or single-channel 1440P (2560*1440), or single-channel H.264 - 1080i (1920*1080). To get a satisfactory answer, as claimed by Microsoft Ansers Forum, people need to download and install the latest codec on the computer, and set all files as default in Windows Media Player, which ask for quite a lot of clicks. It is a free, safe and efficient MOV player to help you enjoy MOV movies on Windows easily.
The need for high resolution, color fidelity, and frame rate is acute for surveillance purposes to ensure that the quality of the video output is of an acceptable standard that can be used both for preventative surveillance as well as for evidence purposes. Now this guide would tell you how to play 1080P HD video with best HD Video Player software.

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