SponsoredLinX offers a number of different services to help drive more qualified traffic to your website. Our second step is making sure that your website is able to convert the traffic you receive into leads for your business. As you build up a customer base you need to make sure to keep engaged and retain your relationship. Sadly, we see landing pages belonging to small to medium business owners which are suffering from a disconnect. So many marketing activities online direct people to a business’ homepage and not a specific landing page, when the truth is your conversion rate could drastically improve if that traffic we being diverted to the correct landing page.
For this very reason we’re running an Optimise Webinar later in the month (27th April at 12:30 pm NZST to be exact) on The Anatomy of the Perfect Landing Page. Our attitude towards the Internet and how we interact with it on a daily basis has changed how we do business forever. A stunning website design and intuitive functionality isn’t enough. With the successful amalgamation of science and art, the anatomy of the perfect landing page can bring together a highly relevant stepping stone in your customer’s journey from research through to the purchase.
It never stops in small business, it’s like spinning plates; you just get one going and you have to run over to another that’s got a bad case of the wobbles. Get your Google AdWords account checked out by a professional and see where you can save money. Ben Bradshaw, SponsoredLinX Founder & CEO, will be dishing out his expert knowledge on all things related to conversion optimised landing pages, and the science and data behind why we do the things we do online. Landing page, Sales Pages, Cheap Price, Low Price, High Quality, Opt-in Page, Best Landing page design in low price, Squeeze Pages, Anti Snoring, App Landing Page, Auto Insurance, Beauty Product, Body Building, Business Opportunity, Car Hire, Credit Repair, Dating, high converting landing page designs, Debt E Book, Education, Electronics, Facebook Fan Page, Fashion and Modeling, Flogs, Google Money, Government Grants, Hair Loss, Home insurance, Landing Page for Sale, Loan and Mortgage, Make Money , online, Male Enhancement, Medical and Insurance, Miscellaneous, Product,review, Review Type Landing pages, Sales Page, Skin Care, Teeth Whitening, Video Landing Page, Web Hosting, Weight Loss, Work From Home in low prices World best landing pages. Free Website Builders are a group of Graphic Designers with a great passion to create unique Website Designs, Wordpress Theme Designs, Logos, banners, facebook fanpages and a whole lot more.
We have 24 high converting professional dating landing page design to use for your dating website or blog. Learn how Shawn uses his proven 9 Step Funnel as a foundation for creating profitable Facebook marketing campaigns. Welcome to the training on the foundation for creating a profitable 9 Step Facebook Marketing Techniques Facebook campaign. Each one of these has its own individual video or training along with it, but what I’m going to do is walk you through each step very quickly so you get an overview of the nine-step process. Step one is the market research phase, the competitor analysis phase or, as we like to call it, the spying phase.
All those are great tools, and you’re going to use those to learn everything you can about your audience and their affinities – people that like your page, people that like your competitor’s page, what other things do they like and what other types behavior do they do? When we get into step six, which is all about creating your ad, we’re going to get deeper into the targeting and research targeting. When people are taking a Facebook advertising course, what they want to do is learn all the Facebook tricks and hacks, but they don’t’ realize that the most important part is the actual funnel: the process, the lead magnet, the landing page, the thank you page.
That’s why this training is so important, all the stuff in here that you’re going to learn.
You need to get to know them, eventually go out on a date together, then lots of dates, then get engaged, and then become married. Discounts and coupons are great for local businesses or live events, and then you can keep them as a long-term lifetime customer.
Or maybe on the next page after they opt in, you have a 10-20 minute video, or a webinar registration where you can educate them more on your product or service, and move them into the sale.
They have so many different templates that are designed by marketers and designers all over the world, and only the best ones get inside LeadPages.
The thank you page is the page the visitor lands on immediately after they opt in to your landing page for your lead magnet.
We also call the thank you page the money page, or step two, or the next step after the landing page.

This is where you already have their contact information, they’ve already opted in, and now this is where you can deliver value and trust. This is also where you’re going to put your conversion and re-marketing codes, or Website Custom Audiences, which is basically Facebook’s version of re-marketing. Basically, in order to track conversions, you have to have the conversion pixel on the thank you page, not the landing page, because Facebook knows every click that lands on your landing page but the only ones that count as a conversion are the ones that land on the thank you page. We also want to have remarketing lists there so we have campaigns to target people who have already opted in but haven’t bought yet, and lots of different things like that. If you want to get in the News Feed, which is the best real estate on Facebook, you’re going to have to start that ad as a Facebook post. You’re a little bit limited inside the regular Ad Manager on text characters and stuff like that.
Or you can use the Power Editor to create a “dark post” or unpublished post, and that way you can run an ad to that post. Now what you’re going to do is either use the Ad Manager or the Power Editor to create an ad to amplify your post from Step 5.
You can place that right in their News Feed, or you can even have your post in the sidebar of the right column.
I have a lot of stuff in another video that is all about your target audience, baiting and budgeting, ad creating, and all of those types of things. A lot of times you’ll get cheaper clicks on mobile but if you don’t have your funnel set up right, or you’re trying to sell something on the thank you page, then you might be better off sticking to desktop. But the cool thing is that you can get into your reporting and find out not only which ads are working best where, but I can also find out which audiences.
You need to use e-mail to build that relationship, that friendship, and eventually turn them into a customer or client. Have you ever been to Amazon – or any big e-commerce site – to buy a product, then you leave that site and see an ad for that product and wonder what the heck is that?
You’re going to be using e-mail marketing and re-targeting to bring people back, to bring people that opted in but maybe didn’t buy yet, or to bring people that have been to your blog back to your landing page. We want to use Facebook to find our exact target audience, and then we have to use re-marketing, content, and e-mail marketing to build that trust. Once you understand this process and put this in place, then all of this turns into a lot of money and profits for your business. The thing is, with technology these days – with things like lead pages, conversion tracking, and how easy it is to create videos – you can put this process together so much faster and with a smaller team than you ever thought possible. So put this in place, and start profiting from Facebook Click The Button Bleow to schedule a No Cost custom marketing strategy session.
One of the most essential things you need to do for yourself is to choose a goal that is important to you. It means you need to invest in your online marketing now more than ever, and Convertopages is the perfect tool to use in addition with your Google AdWords campaigns. You have probably heard that your website’s bounce rate is a clear indication of how relevant and successful your website, and landing pages, are. He’ll be providing you with insights into landing page design and how it affects your marketing efforts. Successfully running a business in the digital marketing industry for ten years is an epic feat! I’m going to walk you through my nine-step process to create a successful Facebook marketing campaign. There’s a little bit of a redundancy here in step one because we’ll do it again in step six.
It’s the reason somebody is going to click on an ad, and it’s the reason somebody may be going to give you their contact information, their e-mail address, or their credit card for a small purchase.

Then we use e-mail marketing and re-targeting to nurture them along, and eventually bring them into our sales funnel to sell them the product or service.
We want to gather that lead and then, once we have that person in your database, we can deliver more value and education, and let them get to know us before we go ahead and try to sell to them.
Once you can get them to give you their contact information, now you can use e-mail marketing, and retargeting content to educate them more.
If it’s a purchase, then the thank you page is their confirmation page after they make the purchase.
So step one is your landing page, step two is your thank you page, and you may have step three as an upsell or cross sale. This is also where you may have a 10, 15, 20-minute video to get them to take the next action, or to sell a product or service. Like I said, the most critical part is having this process in place, and having a good place for them to go to. You can create a post a few different ways, which I’ll go into in more depth in other videos, but you can either create your post right on your business Facebook page, then go into the Ad Manager to create an ad around that post, or you can actually create your post inside the Ad Manager itself.
In some cases, you can even make it so it doesn’t show up on your Facebook page itself, it only shows up in the News Feed for the audiences that you choose to put it in front of. Re-targeting is when somebody lands on your website, landing page, or your blog, and then leave that site and go back to another site, such as Facebook or a news site. To build that trust, you have to have this stuff in place, or you’ll never get Facebook to work for you. This might look a little overwhelming at first, but I have training modules on each one where you can go deep into each step.
Ben Bradshaw, SponsoredLinX Founder & CEO, will be covering everything you could possibly need to know about how to create a high converting, optimised landing page. For our Q2 issue we’re celebrating and remembering where we’ve come from and how far our journey has taken us to be where we are today. Before you do anything else, you want to get in and learn as much as you can about your existing audience, your potential target audience, and your competitors. You don’t want to walk up someone in a bar, introduce yourself, and ask them to marry you, do you? In most cases it’s to give you their contact information, maybe their name and their e-mail or phone number.
Thanks to LeadPages, so many different businesses – both small and large – are way more successful because they can be nimble and agile. In some cases, we get cheaper click on mobile, but we might get less conversions on mobile because our landing and thank you pages aren’t optimized for mobile.
Then they see a banner ad or a Facebook ad about your business that brings them back into your sales process. Hopefully you can pick up some useful insights from our cover story feature on page 23 which can aid you in your business endeavours. I can’t tell you how many calls I’ve had with new clients where it takes us a while before we start running ads, because I look at their offer, their landing page, their thank you page, and I know almost immediately whether it’s going to be successful or not. You can also learn valuable information about your target demographics when you direct your online traffic to a high converting landing page, which can then inform decisions you make in relation to other aspects in your online marketing strategy. You can actually pinpoint what customer personas are converting well, and then you can devise new ways to target your marketing to them.

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