68-12 30 34Musik in hochster Klangtreue horen: Der hochwertige In-Ear-Kopfhorer ist der passende Begleiter fur HiRes Audio Player. 68-12 09 26Musik in hochster Klangtreue horen: Der hochwertige In-Ear-Kopfhorer ist der passende Begleiter fur HiRes Audio Player.
Lade die Musikmanagementsoftware rekordbox™ oder die rekordbox-App herunter, um deine Sets vorzubereiten.
Quantisiert Cues und Loops auf das Beatraster von rekordbox; so lassen sich Hot Cues und Hot Loops in perfektem Timing triggern.
Mit Pro DJ Link kannst du bis zu vier Player, Plattenspieler oder Laptops ganz einfach per LAN-Kabel anschließen.
Tippe einfach auf den Dreifach-Wahlhebel, um Slip Reverse, Forward oder Reverse zu aktivieren.
Verwende den quantisierten Beat Jump, um von der aktuellen Abspielposition genau einen Beat vor- oder zurückzuspringen.
The innovative continuous whole surface design, the hollow guard, the curved glass machining, the assembly of superimposed surfaces of glass and aluminium composite materials, the CNC machining and assembly to a severe test of specification, all of which are combine to make a beautiful and stylish enclosure. After many revisions to optimise system operation, player programming, and digital audio circuitry, Questyle Audio finally achieved a solution. There is fierce competition between High-Res DAPs and Hi-End smart phones, so Questyle Audio used their highly regarded flagship headphone amp, the CMA800R, as a reference point.

By testing nearly 100 versions of completed models (swapping out every component to find the perfect match), after analysing more than 500 pieces of data, plus 500 sonic tests and auditions recorded by Audio Precision, the perfect QP1r was finally born. The QP1r also employs a different PCBA, larger internal storage chip (32GB) and a different software version.
The helm style volume control and the machined aluminium hollowed-out protective crown, inspired by a fine watch design, protects against inadvertent volume change and accidental damage to headphone plugs, while carried in a pocket or a case.
The 3300Mah battery supplies up to 10 hours playback time whilst the universal micro USB jack allows charging anytime, anywhere and supports listening while charging.
Er zeigt dir alle Infos, die du brauchst, einschließlich Wave Zoom, Nadel-Countdown, Phasenanzeige und mehr.
Mit 2 Bänken zu je 4 farbig beleuchteten Hot Cues steuerst du deine vorbereiteten Cue-Punkte ganz einfach mit der Fingerspitze an. Und wenn du das Ganze noch mit rekordbox kombinierst, erschließen sich dir weitere Performance-Features und Track-Infos wie Beat Sync, Beat Countdown, Beat Jump und Phasenanzeige. A machined aluminium body is merged with a Gorilla glass, front and back, reducing weight while increasing durability and providing a better environment for EMI sensitive circuits. Playback of these file types reveals much more of the original sound recording than that of MP3 players or smart mobile phones.
Such a design, with an output impedance of less than 0.19 ohms, makes it easy to drive 8ohm in ear monitors through to 300ohm in dynamic headphones.

Die Schlüsselwortsuche und der Trackfiltermodus helfen dir, deine Tracks schneller zu durchsuchen und zu finden, damit du ganz easy performen kannst.
That was, to make it possible, for true music lovers and professional audiophiles, to enjoy the same Hi-Fi listening experience achieved in state of the art home based systems, in a portable body. As a hi-end portable DAP, the QP1r needed to reproduce audio from these files at the same high level as the studio recording, but at very low power consumption. The 3x clock integrated circuit with FIFO asynchronous structure and 3 voltage-stabilised power stages ensure accurate sound. With three gain modes low to high impedance headphones can be gain matched for optimal performance.
This means, the circuit design, the device, the system architecture, as well as, the industrial design and processes, must all be reconsidered all.
With the Cirrus Logic flagship DAC (CS4398) chip, this DAP is able to capture more detail hidden within the music. They looked forward to it, as not just portable Hi-Fi equipment, but, as the future of Hi-Fi itself.

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